Zodiac College of Business and Computing

CASE : Zodiac College of Business and Computing (ZCBC) is a recently open college at the heart of London. They are currently running the following courses and units

EDexecl HND Computing and System Development

  • Zodiac College of Business and Computing
    Zodiac College of Business and Computing

    Business Skills for eCommerce

  • Computer Systems
  • Employability and systems Development
  • Management in IT
  • System and Analysis and Design
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Web Design
  • Networking Infrastructures

EDexcel HND Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • The Travel and Tourism Sector
  • Finance and Funding in the Travel and Tourism Sector
  • Marketing in Travel and Tourism
  • Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurs
  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management
  • Incoming and Domestic Tourism
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Business Health Check

EDexcel HND in Business (Management Pathway)

  • Organization Behaviour
  • Aspects of Contract
  • Business Environment
  • Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  • Managing Business Activities to achieve results
  • Managing Communications, knowledge and information

British Computer Society Certificate in IT

  • Information Systems
  • Software Development
  • Computer & Network Technology

The Course pages should include an overview of the course and should promote the course and the content text to be supplied.

There should also be a clear Apply Now button or ONLINE APPLICATION FORM where customers can apply for the course they want.  On clicking on the submit button, you should get the information they have filled on your email.

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More information page which would lead to further details.

  • Customers should be able to view your website in Mobile devices like Mobile phones and tablets without cutting off any edge. Therefore you should enable mobile version for your website.
  • The Course application page should include a feature whereby each course can be applying using e-commerce facilities.

Theme or master page items

Each page should have a consistent theme and style. The navigation system used should be in the same position and contain the same links and any effects added in all instances. The name of the organisation, Zodiac College of Business and Computing should appear in all the pages, you can make your own designs for display of the logo if you wish.

The background can be of your choice or left to appear white. If a graphic effect or image is used then this must not interfere with the legibility of content when pages are viewed across a range of monitor resolutions from 640 to 1600 pixels. At resolutions higher than 1600 pixels wide there should be no obvious indication or ‘cut off’ visible where a background image ends or repeats.

There should be a Page Title Quality and Affordable Education on each page that appears as a browser window title and in search engine results, and a Site description and keywords entered as meta tags to help the site appear in appropriate searches.


The Home page should feature prominently the three main courses offered with links from the course promotion graphics to their individual course description pages. You can include more courses if you wish.
The Contact page should include a functional inquiry form whereby interested parties can request information and submit contact details. It should also contain an interactive map which displays the location of the Centre and can be clicked to provide further information like directions from the map source provider like Google Map.


Research and chose two similar companies websites and identify and discuses how both companies meet the customers (end users) expectations by applying design considerations factors when design a web site.

LO 1 Understand website design concepts

 P1.1- Discuss the design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website for Zodiac College of Business and Computing Eg User requirements, target audience, content of the website, etc


LO2 Be able to design interactive websites for case study above

2.1 Design an interactive website to meet the requirements of ZCBC. Eg using flow chart, story board, or hierarchical model to show how to navigate from page to page

2.2 Evaluate website design with other Higher Institutions in UK such as ukcbc.co.uk, uel.ac.uk, qmu.ac.uk, etc


You are required to implement fully functional interactive website for ZCBC using your design specification (Task2) that will promote the courses that they are running there as specified

LO3. Be able to implement interactive websites

3.1 Implements a fully-functional interactive website for ZCBC using a design tool such as Google sites, composer, HTML, Dreamweaver or any design tool of your choice in line with your design specification in (task 2)

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Zodiac College of Business and Computing
Zodiac College of Business and Computing

TASK 4- You are required to carry out a practical research work and submit a report. Following publication of your web site for a client (Task3), you now need to use a range of techniques to review and test it, suggesting further development as appropriate, including the provision of onscreen help for users and a support manual for future site managers and answer

LO4 Be able to test interactive websites

4.1 critically review and test the website. General test of the whole website for functionality and navigation testing

4.2 Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies

4.3 Evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements

4.4 Create onscreen help to assist the users

4.5 Create documentation for the support and maintenance of the website.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Use a standard report structure, Word-process the report and use Normal script of a proper font size 12.
  • Produce an academic report, detailing the above issues with a word limit of 4000 to 4500 words.
  • Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity.
  • The Assignment sheet should be attached in the front.
  • Submit the document in a folder in the form of a file as well as a soft copy on the submission date.
  • It should be uploaded on E-Learning platform before the deadline and submitted to ——– and sign the submission form of the college.
  • Assignments submitted after the deadline will not be accepted unless mitigating circumstance and may be entitled for a late fee.
  • Collusion and Plagiarism must be avoided.
  • Start each answer on a new page and pages should be numbered. Highlight each question clearly.
  • Include a Bibliography at the end of the assignment and use the Harvard referencing system.
  • All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be fully acknowledged, such as books, journals, websites (include the date of visit), etc.
  • Try to give the page numbers, publishers’ details and the year of publication
  • In order to pass you need to address all the Learning Outcomes (LO)
  • In order to get a merit you need to address the characteristics of M1, M2,M3
  • In order to get a Distinction you need to address the characteristics of D1, D2 and D3.
  • Introduction (analyze the question.)
  • Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points)
  • Applied knowledge(Data Analysis)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations (summarizing the whole scenario keeping in view pass, merit, distinction criteria.)

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