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Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes: copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work.  Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by LSBF. Please see your student handbook for further details of what is / isn’t plagiarism.

Assignment Regulations  

  • Learners are required to submit their work using the LSBF Assessment cover sheet.
  • You are required to submit your assignment electronically on MyPage –
  • If you need an extension (even for one day) for a valid reason, you must request one, using a reasonable adjustment form available from the Academic Admin Office. Do not ask the lecturers responsible for the course – they are not authorised to award an extension. The completed form must be accompanied by evidence such as a medical certificate in the event of you being sick.
  • General guidelines for submission of assignment:
  1. All work must be word-processed and must be of “good” standard.
  2. Document margins shall not be more than 2.5cm or less than 1.5cm
  3. Font size in the range of 11 to 14 points distributed to including headings and body text. Preferred typeface to be of a common standard such as Arial or Times New Roman for the main text.
  4. Line spacing of 1.5 is to be applied to the main text.
  5. Any computer files generated such as program code (software), graphic files that form part of the course work must be submitted either online or with the documentation.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

The learner must:The learner’s evidence: 
M1  Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions·         Relevant theories and techniques have been applied

·         Effective judgments have been made

·         Complex problems and more than one variable have been explored.

·         An effective approach to study and research has been applied.

Answers reflect that effective judgments have been made about the specific content and the information. The answers show that an effective approach to study and research has been applied within the scenarios e.g. comparing concepts, theories and models.


M2  Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques·         A range of methods and techniques have been applied.

·         A range of sources of information used

·         The selection of methods and techniques/ sources justified

·         Complex information/data has been synthesized and processed

·         Appropriate learning methods/techniques applied.

A range of sources have been used to address the tasks
M3  Present and communicate appropriate findings·         Appropriate structure and approach has been used.

·         Logical and coherent arguments have been presented with technical language accurately used

·         A range of methods of presentation has been used

·         Appropriate media used

·         Familiar and unfamiliar contexts have been used.

·         It is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences

Logical and coherent arguments have been presented with technical language accurately used in all the tasks


D1  Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions·         Synthesis has been used to generate and justify valid conclusions

·         The validity of results have been evaluated using defined criteria.

·         Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success

Synthesis has been used to generate and justify valid conclusions when addressing the tasks


D2  Take responsibility for managing and organising activities·         Autonomy / independence demonstrated

·         The unforeseen has been accommodated

·         The importance of interdependence has been recognized

The importance of interdependence between various concepts, models and theories has been recognised
D3  Demonstrate convergent/lateral/ creative thinking·         Ideas generated and decisions taken

·         Self-evaluation has taken place

·         Convergent and lateral thinking have been applied.

·         Problems have been solved

·         Innovation and creative thought have been applied.

·         Receptiveness to new ideas has been demonstrated.

·         Effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts.

Innovation and creative thought have been applied in the essay

LSBF needs to recruit a Business tutor for its HND Business programme for the next semester.   As a Recruitment Manager, you were asked to prepare the Recruitment Procedure, job description and person specification to be followed to guide the other members of the Team and for documentation purpose. As part of the recruitment, you need to select two CVs from any job portals or website and analyse them in terms of candidates’ suitability for the job.  This example will illustrate the Recruitment procedure details which cannot be all written down.
1.1 Write the Recruitment Procedure, job description and person specification to select and recruit a new Business tutor.  AC 1.1.

1.2 Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process for above case if applicable.  AC 1.2.

1.3 Write a report demonstrating the selection process that took place in order to recruit a new Business tutor.  AC 1.3.

1.4 Evaluate your contribution as the Recruitment Manager in the above selection process.  AC 1.4.
Right Boss, Wrong Company

Brenda Hogan was continuously on top of things. In school, she had always been at the top of her class. When she went to work for her uncle’s shoe business, Fancy Footwear, she had been singled out as the most productive employee and the one with the best attendance. The company was so impressed with her that it sent her to get an M.B.A. to groom her for a top business management position. In school again, and with three years of practical experience to draw on, Hogan had gobbled up every idea put in front of her, relating many of them to her work at Fancy Footwear. When Hogan graduated she returned to Fancy Footwear. To no one’s surprise, when the head of the company’s largest division took advantage of the firm’s early retirement plan, Hogan was given his position.

Hogan knew the pitfalls of being suddenly catapulted to a leadership position, and she was determined to avoid them. In business school, she had read cases about family businesses that fell apart when a young family member took over with an iron fist, barking out orders, cutting personnel statement, and destroying morale. Hogan knew a lot about participative management, and she was not going to be labelled an arrogant know-it-all.

Hogan’s predecessor, Max Worthy, had run the division from an office at the top of the building, far above the factory floor. Two or three times a day, Worthy would summon a messenger or a secretary from the offices on the second floor and send a memo out to one or another group of workers. But as Hogan saw it, Worthy was mostly an absentee autocrat, making all the decisions from above and spending most of his time at extended lunches with his friends from the Rotary Club. See more about : Wide Area Networking Technologies

Hogan’s first move was to change all that. She set up her office on the second floor. From her always-open doorway she could see down onto the factory floor, and as she sat behind her desk she could spot anyone walking by in the hall. She never ate lunch herself but spent the time from 11 to 2 down on the floor, walking around, talking, and organizing groups. The workers, many of whom had twenty years of seniority at the plant, seemed surprised by this new policy and reluctant to volunteer for any groups. But in fairly short order, Hogan established a worker productivity group, a “Suggestion of the Week” committee, an environmental group, a worker award group, and a management relations group. Each group held two meetings a week, one without and one with Hogan. She encouraged each group to set up goals in its particular focus area and develop plans for reaching those goals. She promised any support that was within her power to give.
The group work was agonizingly slow at first. But Hogan had been well trained as a facilitator, and she soon took on that role in their meetings, writing down ideas on a big board, organizing them, and later communicating them in notices to other employees. She got everyone to call her “Betty” and set herself the task of learning all their names. By the end of the first month, Fancy Footwear was stirred up.
But as it turned out, that was the last thing most employees wanted. The truth finally hit Hogan when the entire management relations committee resigned at the start of their fourth meeting. “I’m sorry, Ms. Hogan,” one of them said. “We’re good at making shoes, but not at this management stuff. A lot of us are heading toward retirement. We don’t want to be supervisors.”

Astonished, Hogan went to talk to the workers with whom she believed she had built good relations. Yes, they reluctantly told her, all these changes did make them uneasy. They liked her, and they didn’t want to complain. But given the choice, they would rather go back to the way Mr. Worthy had run things. They never saw Mr. Worthy much, but he never got in their hair. He did his work, whatever that was, and they did theirs. “After you’ve been in a place doing one thing for so long,” one worker concluded, “the last thing you want to do is learn a new way of doing it.”
Answer the following questions:   
2.1 Explain the skills and attributes needed for leadership.  AC 2.1.

2.2 Explain the difference between leadership and management.  AC 2.2.

2.3 Compare the leadership styles of Mr. Worthy and Ms. Hogan.  AC 2.3.  

2.4 How do you think the people under Ms. Hogan can be motivated? Explain how Ms. Hogan can motivate the staff to achieve the objectives.   AC 2.4.
You currently work as a customer service officer in a busy customer service department.  At the moment the company is looking to recruit a Department Manager who can effectively run the department in order to improve the customer satisfaction by 15% by the end of 2014.  As part of the selection process, the candidates should demonstrate their ability to work in a team.  Therefore you were asked to answer the following questions:

3.1 Assess the benefits of team working for the above mentioned organisation,  AC 3.1.

3.2.  Discuss how working in a team as a leader would differ from working as a team member.  Your answer should include working towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations.

3.3. Suggest how you will review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the above goal. AC 3.3.
Task 4
You are the HR Manager at LSBF and need to prepare a report to the board of directors regarding the progress of the members of the Vocational School.
4.1 Explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance for the above member.  AC 4.1.

4.2 Make a plan to assess the development needs of individuals and how to implement itAC 4.2. 

4.3 Evaluate the success of the assessment process.  How will you assess the success of the assessment process with respect to the goals.  AC 4.3.

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