Work Operations



Management skills are considered as part of the professional work life where people need to communicate with the team members, developed plan and organise operations related to the plan and solve the problem. Building skills and high-level communication in the day to day work operations of professional life is necessary for improving the skills, the sustainability and profitability. The ACA Travel Agency is known for their best quality of Services for their stakeholders. In fact, the organisation has the vision to reach at the top 5 travel agency brands that collaborate and innovates.  The organisation sets the value for caring about their customers and community, working as a team, acting with integrity and committed with the safety of every individual.

Section 1 – Communication with Stakeholders

Work OperationsTASK 1 Communication and Management Functions

  1. a) The organisation is ACA travel agency has two type of stakeholders one is internal stakeholders, and another one is external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders include the Board members, staff members, volunteers, investors, etc. However, the external stakeholders include the community partners, customers, clients, etc. There are various ways which can be useful for creating effective communication with both the internal and external stakeholders. There is two types of communication methods which might use for the interaction with a different kind of stakeholders (Chiouaet al. 2016). One is a formal method, and the other is an informal method. The formal techniques include meeting conference calls and use of email. The informal methods might consist of sports events, voicemail, lunch meeting, etc.

Meetings– for communicating with both the internal and external stakeholders meeting is the most formal way. In a meeting of this and travel agency, a message or agenda will be announced. With the help of the meeting the organisational plans, goals and objectives can be adequately explained by the leader to both types of stakeholders. The form of meeting is a dialogue. There are specific timing announced for the meeting in which the two-way conversation is made. The use of both verbal and nonverbal communication is evident in this type of communication process where misinterpretation is avoided (Freitas & Luiza Coelho Netto, 2017).

Email- email is one of the conversation strategies which are mainly one way.  But if the email receiver wants to reply, he can easily reply. This procedure is useful for giving any message, but misinterpretation can occur. In addition to that immediate feedback may not be possible in this type of communication process. There is also the possibility of losing information if the email gets deleted. This communication process is a written type of communication via both the verbal and nonverbal communication is absent.

Sports events- the organisation have thousands of external stakeholders, and for maintaining informal communication with them, the use of Sporting events is the very effective way of communication (Heyler, Armenakis, Walker & Collier, 2016). In this type of communication, the organisation needs to give a message by sponsoring the event from which the stakeholders can get a strong understanding.

Voicemail- at the case of emergency or excitement the organisation can easily use the Voicemail procedure which can be listening by the stakeholders. In this type of communication verbal used is prominent. But because of the solo voicemail, this type of communication is not considered as a formal type of communication for serial in ACA Travel Agency.

  1. b) The mentioned techniques which are identified in the above are beneficial for monitoring the quality service. The use of email is directly saved in the account, and this is a process of documentation. Similarly, the ACA travel agency is using the recording procedure for future uses. However, the Quality Services of the organisation include effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders (Karimi, Papamichail & Holland, 2015). therefore the process of communication which are mentioned will help the organisation in understanding the expectation of every stakeholder. By this understanding, the organisation can create the best quality of travel services and meet the interest of each stakeholder.
  1. c) The suppliers at the external stakeholder of the organisation and they usually visit the organisation for various requirements. For maintaining professionalism, formal communication will be conducted by the organisational Management. When any deal with the suppliers is done, documentation is needed. For example, if the organisation is developing any contract, then the use of legal Framework for the contract will be maintained for maintaining the professionalism.

The business Associates play a significant role in this organisation because they are associated with the legal framework and also the commercial work of the organisation. For instance, for maintaining professionalism with the legal advice given by them will be recorded before taking any decision related to the advice (Morales, Aijaz & Mahmoodi, 2015). For retaining the professionalism with the accountant they are provided with the report or developed report will be overviewed properly and the hard copy will be stored in the database of the organisation.

For demonstrating professionalism with the employees every organisational policy and procedures will be maintained at the time of taking decisions related to the Employees. The organisations have strong policies which indicate the behaviour of the employees and also of the organisation for their employees. Therefore the use of different laws will be maintained within the organisation like equal pay, equality act, anti-discrimination act, anti-disability act, gender equality act, etc (Newport & Newport, 2018).

  1. e) For planning work schedule within the organisation to practice quality customer service and gain maximum efficiency continuous communication process is the best way. The organisation needs to develop the work plan according to the availability of stakeholders to understand their perception about the quality. A feedback procedure for each of the stakeholders needs to be implemented within the organisation for getting the best advice. Sustainability practice is essential which include profit, people and Planet together. by introducing the sustainability practice, the organisation is going to contribute to the organisational development on the quality of customer care service and also to the environment (Swanson et al. 2015).

Section 2 – Decision making process

TASK 2Effective Process s and Consultation resources

  1. a) There are the different type of decision-making tools which can be used by Jane for taking this decision related to a given scenario. It has been identified that currently, new technologies are evolving for giving the best quality of performance in the business operations. Therefore using a combination of different new technologies can help Jane in taking decisions related to her work. Currently, her work not only affected the corporate client But also the organisational reputation is in the stake. However, there is a variety of new technology which might be used by Jane; those are online community, decision forum social media automatic call back live chat self-service sites, etc (Waste, 2016).

Overcoming this situation Jane might have to use the live chat process with the customer Mr Smith. Due to the Chaos in the Sydney airport, Mrs Smith wanted different flight for his arrival in the destination. But he does not properly explain Jane about the need and what is the circumstances he wants to change the flight. Due to this miscommunication, Jane was not able to understand the priority. Therefore if Jane will use a live chat, then she can understand the situation of Mr Smith could have taken immediate action. In addition to that, there are the online communities in which the community members are updating different News. This process also has a notification which directly came to the member’s smartphone. If she has enrolled her within the online community, she will get data about the Chaos in the Sydney airport and easily take immediate action for Mr Smith (Zhao & Ding, 2016).

  1. b) The use of modern technology is changing the business structure of every industry including the travel and tourism industry. The use of digital technology is not only useful for developing communication but also a quick procedure for getting immediate results. In the process of decision making this new technology is playing an important role. In the given scenario these tools of developing online community or using live chat procedure are not only associated with developing best decision by Jane, but also this is an effective way to understand the situation of Mr Smith (Chiouaet al. 2016). The organisation is associated with a contract with Mr Smith but due to the wrong decision was taken by the customer service the reputation of this organisation is disrupted.
  2. c) In this tourism organisation, the use of new technologies is increasing in every sector. Therefore in the process of management and monitoring using this digital technology is not only helpful for the team members for developing better performance within the organisation but also helpful for achieving the organisational objectives more easily. It has been found out that the daily work plans can easily achieve by using the digital technology as part of the decision making related to the professional life. Scheduling the work plans in the automated process will help in memorising the exact works and also helpful for meeting the plans in an appropriate time.

Section 3 – Key Performance Indicators and Key Results Areas

TASK 3 Identification, monitoring and task delegation of KPI/KRA with management involvement

  1. a) There is a different type of key performance indicators which can assess Jane in her ability to make appropriate and timely decisions to reach the necessary performance standard based on the issues. In this scenario the two types of key performance indicators which is helpful for hard is the fast response time and the employee engagement (Freitas & Luiza Coelho Netto, 2017).

The fast response time is one of the stable determining areas which is associated with customer satisfaction. Quick answering to the customers are giving them quick remedies is counted as one of the beneficial types of key performance indicators.

Except that, employee engagement is considered the best way for the employee to show a long-term employment relationship with the organisation by maintaining the high performance with the enduring levels of employee motivation.

  1. b) For meeting the KPI’s different delegate will be given to Jane. This includes the efficient processes within the maintenance of customer care. Giving Jane proper training for maintaining the customer service, after that the difficult customer service calls will be delivered to Jane at least one in a single day. For solving the problem of the customer a specific time will be provided to her (Heyler, Armenakis, Walker & Collier, 2016). This process will help in improving the performance vomiting the two key performance indicators which have identified. The first response time will help her in tackling more than one customer at a single time by giving them appropriate decisions related to the customer service.
  2. c) There are different internal and external conditions which might affect Jane’s overall operational performance. There are various political, social technological, economic and legal conditions which might appear at the process of Jane’s performance. It has been identified that this external factors can easily affect the performance of Jane. There are some internal technical problems which might arise at the time of James performance (Karimi, Papamichail & Holland, 2015).
  3. d) If Jane was not to meet the targets other employees who are associated with customer service and experience about more than one year will be addressed to the issue. For solving the issue, the organisational policies and guidelines will be provided to the management team member. However for alternative solutions, as a manager the problem or issue will be solved by me.

Section 4 – Workflow plan

TASK 4 Contingency plan

  1. a) A contingency plan needs to develop by this travel agency what different type of customer service related problem. Delay and time difficulties are one of the issues which need to adequately monitor by this agency. Sometimes customer service employees were not able to give the solution in an appropriate time which might affect that time of the client. Therefore the organisation will include a policy if the service employee was not able to give a proper solution to the customers within the time of 15 seconds, then they have to overtake the problem to other employees or the managers. For the problematic customer care situations, the organisation will develop guidelines for the employees which need to follow at the time of stressful situation. The financial resources are one of the critical areas for any business, and therefore the organisation will be using business bodies or accountants who will be associated with different financial resource problems with the organisation (Parmenter, 2015). When the organisation is needing an economic resource, this Accountants will be related to contacting the proper investors for this agency. The technical failure or equipment breakdown is one of the internal problems which needs an adequate contingency plan. For this type of scenario, the organisation is going to develop a proper contract with the closest equipment suppliers. In the time of need, this supplier will provide this organisation with a replacement for the old equipment.
  2. Product development and marketing is a area where the organisation might fail. Therefore for developing best quality of marketing and service development process the organisation is going to use the digital technology as well. The use of standard marketing and promotional techniques like TV Advertisement, poster, banner, radio advertisement is part of the marketing process for this agency. But the introduction of digital technology out the use of social media and YouTube will be beneficial part of the contingency plan (Pesina & Solonchak, 2014).
  3. b) For increasing the performance strategy to foster and maintain the business relationship between ACA travel agency and Clarendon College, the organisation has to take legal advice from their legal Advisors. As there is a contract between the college and the travel agency it will be difficult for the organisation to solve this problem with the common conversation. Therefore using the process of negotiation with the college is the best way for improving the relationship.
  4. The organisation is best known for the reputation of the best quality of services and the college one of the big and corporate client of the organisation (Rudow, Janky, Allen & Howard, 2017). Therefore; the process of negotiation with legal Advisors from both the parties will be helpful for developing a better relationship.The college has to understand that there are difficulties which may arise due to the external and internal effects. The organisation has to develop the more accurate policy for maintaining their clients like Clarendon College.


In light of the above study, it can be concluded that managing communication within the workplace is directly associated with the management of ACA travel agency. There are different difficult situations which arrival in the process of management for this organisation.  For developing the performance and maintaining the vision and value of the organisation the use of contingency plan will be beneficial.


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Appendix 1

The several characteristics of Jane’s personality are:

  • She is an enthusiastic person and also associated with travelling different destination in her personal life.
  • She generally was not able to get extreme workload and difficulties in managing works.
  • She is too fast paced and requires a monitor who can track her work and performance on a daily basis
  • The initial time she has only get one-week training which includes the policies and procedures of the organisation.
  • Therefore her training process might include proper training for using the guidelines and policies of the organisation.

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