Wireless Communications Using Matlab


Assignment Title:
Analysis of Digital Modulation Techniques for Wireless Communications Using MatlabNote: The grade is provisional until agreed by the Field Examination Board.

Work receivWireless Communications Using Matlabed after the date shown will not be marked and you will receive a fail grade for the unit.  The University will not accept responsibility for non-receipt of work unless the work has been returned by Recorded Delivery and proof of postage can be produced.

Please Note: Work presented in an assessment must be the student’s own. Plagiarism is where a student copies work from another source, published or unpublished (including the work of a fellow student) and fails to acknowledge the influence of another’s work or to attribute quotes to the author. Plagiarism is an academic offence.

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2nd Marker’s signature(where appropriate)

Note:    This grade is provisional until agreed by the Field Examination Board

All assignments must be submitted as electronic copy using “Turnitin” on Breoby 11:59 pm on Friday 11December2015.

Extension deadline

CAAS agrees that the assignment may be submitted  ____ days after the deadline and should be marked without penalty.

CAAS confirmation

All assignments must be handed into the Assignments Office by 4:30 pm on the due date.  Please leave sufficient time to meet this deadline and do not leave the handing-in of assignments to the last minute or you will have to queue.  Top sheets without module codes will not be accepted.  Students who arrive after 4:30 pm will not be allowed access to the Assignments Office.

CIS022-2 Wireless Communication and Networking

Coursework Assignment 1 –Simulation of Modulation Techniques for Wireless Communications Using Matlab

(Submission deadline: Friday, 11th December 2015)

The Task

Write a report of about 2000 words (+/-200 words) on the requested contents as explained below. Make sure to address every requirement. This assignment must be done individually.

You are expected to do an in-depth investigation in order to compare the performance of two modulation schemes: QPSK and 16QAM. You are required to discuss the following in your report:

  1. The working principle of these two modulation schemes which should include mathematical equations governing them.
  2. You need to code/model it in Matlab/Simulink. Graphs and figures should be generated in Matlab and included in your report
  3. Use matlab results to demonstrate: 1) vary the power of the transmitted signal to see its impact; 2)Compare the Bit Error Rate performance between these two systems.
  4. You need to summarise the advantages and disadvantage/limitations of thesetechniques in wireless communication systems.

Accompanied with the report, a Matlab-based program, with clear explanation of the code, that models the technique, has to be included in your assignment.


A report presenting your findings about your chosen wireless communication technique.

  • Your report must have an “Abstract” (of up to 150 words) on the front cover page of your report (to summarise the main points of your report), followed by a Table-of-Contents page (with clear section/subsection headings and page numbers) to show the structure of your report.
  • At the beginning of your report, an Introductionsection should be included presenting the aim of your study and also related background (i.e., literature review and evaluation).
  • Analysis of the chosen technique using Matlab should be clearly demonstrated.
  • Every page should have a footer with the page number and the total number of pages
  • Your name and student ID must be shown clearly on the top of all pages of your submitted report.
  • The Assignment Topsheet and the Assessment (Feedback) sheet must be attached to your submitted report.
  • Your report and Matlab based program must be submitted on a printed hardcopy to the modular office by the above deadline. You will also need to submit your report in turnitin on BREO.

Marking Scheme

Please note that this assignment must be done individually. This is not a group work, so no collaborative or cooperative work of any kind is allowed. Although working with others is an important part of computing, for your this particular assignment, if your answers (wording/program/graphs etc) are the same as your working partners or mostly the same as someone else’s work, then you and all others involved will fail the assignment and all of you will need to attend a plagiarism hearing.

The marks will be allocated as follows:

25% of the assignment mark will be for the summative parts of the report (Abstract, Introduction, contribution, Conclusions)

25% of the assignment mark will be for the presentation and communication, (including background knowledge, reference, structure and quality of the report)

25% of the assignment mark will be for the technical background of the technique you chose, including the theory and the applicable of the technique in the real world.

25% of the assignment mark will be for the simulation and result analysis.

Marks will be lost for poor presentation and for the use of material with incorrect or missing references.

A submission is unlikely to attract an excellent grade unless the following criteria are met.

  1. You must provide evidence that the work is done by your own, that references and quotations are given in the standard manner and that your report shows clear discussion and documentation.
  2. Your report should be logically well structured and clearly written/presented.
  3. Clear demonstration of understanding of the material presented in the literature.
  4. Critically evaluate your selected technique with a clear discussion on all key technologies involved. This should come along with an excellent identification and analysis on the advantages and limitations of your chosen wireless technique.
  5. A well designed program with related results/graphs is accompanied.

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