Generally, whenever restructuring or constructing a network for an organization, a different change always take place. The main areas were these changes experienced in an organization, which manages is data i.e. information systems. Right from the top hierarchy to the lower department of the organization covers a data; all had their information that should be maintained. Any error in the system will always cause an extreme disturbance to the events of the complete organization. Combining two companies remotely need high security in order to avoid intrusions like virus, unwanted access, threat etc.Constructing a secure design module for remote network between two companies needs a proper secure design, which helps both the companies from data loss, avoid collision and minimize workload by providing separate access to each department. Each department in an organization remain independent and private i.e. data from one department cannot be accessed or viewed by other department. Some access policy has to set to access data between employees.This paper outlines a proposal that will ensure that there are no errors in the organization’s network system, particularly in the Active Directory Configuration. It also provides a faultless structure of how links between II head office in Houston, TX which works on windows server 2012 level, can be securely established with Media Guru Group based out of Richmond, VA which works on windows server 2003.


II has two sites, one in Houston, TX and another one in Richmond VA. Executives can manage and run their company. Account section performs market research work and account maintenance. Media department handle advertising, HR perform HR and financial, etc. This makes a necessary to safeguard compatibility on configuration structures by producing media, which will ensure the variance on configuration that does not, cause any failure. There are totally 110 employees in both Houston and Richmond sites. There are executives department to manage and run the company, account and sales department for performing marketing research and maintaining accounts, creative, media and production department for advertising, Human Resources and finances department for performing HR duties, IT department is for managing the IT for the company. There are separate Active directory domains for network equipment setup and security mechanisms like firewall, intrusion detection system are used to handle some vulnerable activities. But all the data cannot be protected by using the firewall and intrusion detection system. Additional methods are required to protect the data. The aim of this is to build an interface where communication takes place.


The objective of the document is to create a network design for the newly started Company Richmond, VA and to protect the data from all the vulnerable activities. The document contains the requirements that the design should follow windows server 2012.


The background of the document contains Server installation –windows server 2012, how to configure server, Active Directory installation, Assign employee system to the server, Antivirus installation, firewall installation.


Server configuration ensure how to integrate with newly joined company with existing factor. As for increasing business grows and number of employee that results in expand of server to store data and run application. Virtualization technology operates the OS in same similar physical hardware.

Planning installation

In order to install a server operating system a proper plan has to ensure where a right hardware to be place. Processor has to check because windows server 2012 will run only on 64-bit processor. Two versions of operating system are standard and data center. Both are similar but difference in maintenance of hardware and guest virtual machines.
Initial set-up provides implanting disc into the computer and switch on server. Booting system will start to load the software by getting common details like language currency, time and installation starts.
server, both can access server remotely using its user Id and password. Server consist of infrastructure server and application server where infrastructure server secure the traffic on network by monitoring virus and firewall whereas application server will used to access application related events like database access, network access to communicate etc.

Server manage and changing computer name

On installing server and windows operating system on a system, managing server a login access has to be done which requires Admin password to access. Server manage tab has a server events which changes from a II to desktop mode and click configure this local server on server managing window. In addition, each server has its own name and renaming is possible, this can be done at change server name. This allow restarting system.

Configuration of server with IP address

In order to connect with network, this server has to set with IP address, default gateway and DENS. Ethernet will allow configuring on network and there on double clicking on adapter will help to change address. Internet protocol version will allow adding all IP address.

Manage remotely with remote desktop

By setting remote desktop one, can access manage the entire server from another system i.e. inside or outside of the organization. Set remote desktop entry and select “remote connection to this computer” to remotely manage the server. If users are expended then by add a new user can added to the existing server.

Server Updating is simple and fast in windows and by keeps on updating will allow system to stay fast and managing easily. It gives an automatic update and manual update option to which and where to install.

Stimulate server

Last part of this work is to activate the server, server activation requires a product key and this allows configuring server and ready to use.

This Active Directory Installation helps the server to assign agent-managed computer to management group. To create Active Directory Domain Service (AD DD) some commands are used and it contains operations on manager management group.


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