A brand community is made up of all the parties that have been brought together by the brand, this connection is developed over the years and the good service rendered by the brand to its community will be a strong factor that will ensure the steady growth of the brand community until it reaches a very appreciable level meeting some set goals for the brand. There are many avenues through which the brand community connections have been developed, these are WHAT MAKES UP YOUR BRAND COMMUNITYthrough sharing common grounds like a similar culture, having the same needs that will be satisfied by the brand , the demographic orientation of the brand community, and how well the brand is able to provide the required needs to the community taking into consideration the quality of service, the time it takes for a service to be delivered and the system that has been put in place to ensure a good after sales support for the products or services offered by the brand.

The brand community is made up of the brand loyalists who have been collectively identified with the brand. The use of very effective management tools to manage the customer relationship with the brand is highly recommended to ensure a thriving brand community. The brand community has also been used effectively as a means through which corporate bodies get a better marketing edge in the competitive market for their brands. The brand community is made up of different categories of people; these people can be collectively graded into the following categories

  1. Help and assistance- these is the category of people who have joined thebrand community as a means through which they will be able to get readily available assistance as concerns the brand any time they need it, the brand community in many cases is a group that develops a unity and provides support for each other. This is seen in many instances where the brand customer care service providers might not be quick enough to provide the information needed by a user of the brand, but the user will be able to get their answers when they put the questions out there in the community, they will be getting their answers form the experience of the other members of the community, and this will be a guide to them through which they will be effectively able to resolve their own problems.
  2. The inquisitive members- this group is made up of those brand community members who are curious to know more about the brand and how best they can benefit from the brand. They will join the community for a long period constantly getting ideas from the other members who have had several experiences using the brand. Their curiosities will push them to ask very many questions about the brand and they will be regular participators in the community daily when they will be constantly gathering the information they need to satisfy their curiosities. This will be a very enlightening experience for this group of people who will benefit greatly from all they have learnt about the brand from the members of the community.
  3. The brand encourages many social media users to become a part of their communities; this is usually achieved by creating an awareness of the community on several social media platforms and encouraging the many users to become a part of the community. The promise from the brand will be a regular supply of the latest information and trends from the brand and the latest information on new products and free give away packages that the brand will conduct to reward the members of the community.

The brand community is also made up of a good number of people who are very loyal to the brand with records of long years of sustained patronage during which time they will have only good reports to show for their relationship with the brand. This is not surprising as it is widely known that a customer will stick to their favorite brands without any desires to change unless they get involved in an ugly situation involving the brand and the services or products rendered to the customer. The community will also be comprised of those customers who recently became users of the brand and they have had a good experience with their products, there is also the group of customers who believe they will need the brand in the nearest future.

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The brand community serves very important purposes, it is an avenue through which the brand can get better ideas and hints on the needs and the expectations of their users, this will influence their future decisions as regards the introduction of new products and promoting their existing products by focusing on the main features that are readily accepted by the brand community.

The brand community is effectively managed by the marketers hired to promote the brand and create the right amount of awareness needed to increase the sales revenue for the brand. The main responsibility of the marketers will be to encourage the many users of the brand to become a part of the brand community. This can be done by first enlightening the users of the various means through which they can become a part of the brand community, if it means assisting the users to set up their accounts on the popular social media platforms where the brand community exists, this can be done also, then the marketers will initiate a follow up program by ensuring that the brand community members are kept engaged in the community in a bid to discourage inactivity and a loss of the brand community members.

Accessing your competitive differentiation

Accessing your competitive differentiation is an exercise that will enable you to identify your marketing edge in the business world. Identifying your advantage from a good competitive differentiation for your brand will be very useful increating a special niche for your brand in the highly competitive market, it will become easier for the customers to locate your brand very easily in the open market, this will reduce the loss of sales from customers who will not bother to go the extra mile to locate a brand in the market instead they will buy the nearest option assuming your brand is not available at that time.

There are many ways to access your competitive differentiation for your brand, these methods when applied as they should be done will lead to a sustained increase in the sales revenue for your brand.

  1. Deliver only the best – this means that for every transaction that is carried out for your brand, you should ensure that only the best service is enjoyed by the clients and nothing short of the best service. This will lead to a long lasting relationship through which your client will regularly patronize the brand and introduce the brand to their friends and family, in this way increasing the customer base of the brand.
  2. Creativity – you have to get creative by employing your genius to improving your brand and including other products that can be leveraged on your brand to provide the right customer satisfaction for your customers.
  3. Being thorough is a good way to ensure customer satisfaction, this includes managing the quality assurance system that has been put in place for the brand and ensuring that every client will get the best service, also the use of the right medium of advertisement for your brand will effectively reach out to your target audience, this process might be gradual, but with time, you will be able to boast of a very huge customer base for your brand once these steps are applied professionally in the right manner.

The importance of your target audience / market

Identifying your target audience is one of the first steps to be taken towards ensuring a successful marketing campaign for your product. Knowing your target audience will give you a deeper insight on how the customers will use your brand, it will give a good guide to understand the approaches and the buying behavior of the potential customers out there in the market. The approach and reactions of the target audience to your brand can be influenced by a number of factors such as

  • The age group of the target audience
  • The values of your brand to the target audience.
  • The belief that your brand will meet their needs.
  • The ease with which your brand can be purchased and used.

Understanding your target audience is the key to your brand excelling in the market. Every business will succeed when there is a high record of loyal customers who will regularly patronize your brand, knowing your target audience will be a good way to position your brand such that there will always be a repeat patronage from your target audience.

The importance of identifying the target audience cannot be over emphasized, knowing who your target audience is will be very important during the plans for marketing and sales strategy. A good knowledge of the target audience will give the branding and marketing team the necessary information they need to style their marketing campaigns at the right audience, and this will only turn out very profitable for the brand. A good example is a product that is being designed to be used by young ladies in the society at large, the target audience once it has been confirmed, the products will be designed to be just what every young lady will need and desire, in terms of the colors that will be chosen for the product and the style that will be incorporated into the production of that product. With those attractive features that are known to commonly and easily attract young ladies, they will always recognize the product in the market place and the chances of making an instant buying decision will be very high.

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Financial intelligence

Knowing the target audience will prevent the case of a guess work by the brand owners which will lead to the unnecessary loss of man power and financial resources, this will be the case if the brand is introduced into the market targeting the wrong audience, there will be a poor turnout for the sales and the brand will not fare well, also the funds and manpower that has been put into branding and marketing the product to the wrong target audience will be lost. It is therefore important to know the target audience and produce the products that they will like and buy.

The consumer behavior

A proper identification of the target audience will lead to a better understanding of how they will behave and react to the brand in the market. A target audience will enable the marketing team for the brand narrow their study to this particular group which will be studied and every relevant information that is needed to push the brand successfully to this target audience will be discovered.

Setting the price

One of the important points to note of knowing the target audience is also that the information obtained from the target audience will become very useful in setting the price of the brand service or product. Price setting can be a very sensitive issue when it comes to selling a brand; you have to ensure that the price is set at a standard that will be easily affordable by your target audience and all other potential customers who will need the service or product. The agreed price will be arrived at after a professional study has been made to understand what makes the target audience need this brand, and identifying the reasons why they will part with their hard earned money to buy the brand, it will also be useful in identifying how much the target audience will be willing to pay for the brand. Once the right figures have been arrived at, the price will be set and in many cases it will be the right price easily affordable by the target audience.

Another benefit that can arise from knowing the target audience is that after a good study of the target audience buying behavior, more research can be made to identify how to make the brand equally attractive to other customers in the market there by increasing the sales revenue for the brand. A good example will be a candy brand designed for children of a particular age group to enjoy will be created in such a manner but this does not write out the fact that even many adults will love to have this candy and they will enjoy it just as much as the main target audience which is the little children.

Guide to action

That must have been a very interesting read, it should have been revealing to you enough to give you a good idea of how your brand community operates and how your brand community will react to the changes you make for your brands success. Properly understanding your competitive differentiation is also another advantage that you will have been well informed about after reading the chapter six. With all the information you have gathered in this chapter, it is time to take action and create a system through which you will get to understand you brand community and know how to put the effective management measures in place to give your brand the necessary boost it will need in the highly competitive markets.

The following questions will be aimed at testing your understanding of the chapter you have just read. You will become even more versed in the methods and applications described in the chapter when you take your notes as a dedicated manual for your inevitable success in the branding industry.

Can you identify your branding community?

The first step to creating a good management system for your branding community will be to first identify your branding community. After reading this chapter six, I have little reservations that you have a good idea how to go about this, you should also note that properly identifying your branding community can be a means through which you will save costs that would have been wasted branding and advertising your brand to the wrong branding community. When you are sure of your branding community, you will direct your focus at the right target audience thereby getting the best results. The importance of the relationship that will exist between the target audience and the brand products will be the basis on which the branding community will be created built and efficiently established. There are also many instances where the branding community has already been in existence due to the presence of similar products and services in the market, this is a situation that will involve your marketing team to win over the existing branding community to your brand, your branding team will find this very interesting as they will have to carry out a good study of the existing branding community noting their behavior and how they react to change. This will help your marketing team to guess the expected reactions from the branding community. With this knowledge the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the branding community only responds in the expected positive manner which you will need for your brands success in the ever competitive markets.

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Can you access your branding community?

Now that you have been able to confirm your ability to identify your branding community, the next step will be for you to devise a good way through which you will gain access to this community. A different situation would have been the case if your branding community was just being formed as you are introducing a brand new product into the market, this will mean you will identify this branding community and grow it by encouraging a good medium through which the community members will interact with each other and become even more closely knit sharing their interests in your brand as a common basis for their groups coming together. You can catch the attention of your branding community with various methods by using interesting activities to keep their attention, many organizations use the means of free give always at specific times to hold the attention of their branding community. The branding community will always be on the lookout for these free give away periods and you will be rewarded with a happy community that has gradually become closely knit sharing a common goal which is to derive the expected satisfaction from using your brands products and services.

As you access your branding community, you will have the task of creating a bond and an identity among the members of your branding community, they need to feel special every time and it will be wonderful if this special feeling that is a natural human craving will be obtained from using your brand products or services. A system where by your branding community members can easily identify themselves anywhere they meet will also be a good way to go, a good example will be the iPhone users, the iPhone users have formed a very strong brand community with a strong presence both online and offline. The iPhone brand community is so vast that it covers many regions of the world that is technologically advanced. The iPhone users share common needs as their phones can only interact with other brand products from the same label, the apple products, and the chargers are unique to only the apple products, this is will always be a bond between the iPhone users everywhere in the world. This is the kind of branding community that you should be targeting to establish for your own brand. The presence of strong brand communities have also been very valuable to the big brands and all brands alike when it comes to gathering information about the user brand perception. The use of the social media by the brand community members will be a very useful source that will provide an almost unlimited source of information about the brand perception, the needs of the community members, and the desires of the community members, helping the brand owners to know what the brand community is expecting from them and how they can meet these needs in the nearest future to come. This will be important to keep the members of the brand community and to grow it also, the brand community might become reduced if they member discover that the brand owners are not doing much to me their needs but the competition has already established the features that will meet those needs in their own products. The following reaction will be a huge exodus of the formerly loyal brand community members to the camp where they will get the satisfaction the have craved for a long time.

How effective is your reach within your brand community?

This is a very good question that you should answer to yourself as convincingly as you can. Your reach within your brand community will be the medium through which you will be able to hold your brand community together and create very good activities that will bring the members of your brand community even closer. You can determine the effectiveness of your reach within your brand community in many ways, the response you will get when you send a message out can be a good idea and also the response to the introduction of new products into the market will also be a deciding factor to know how well you have held the attention of the members of your branding community.

The influence you have on the brand community will also be a means through which you can determine and increase the level of values your brand community members will be getting from patronizing your brand products and services. Getting value for their money is what many of your brand community members will always have at the back of their minds whether they have purchased from the brand or if they are planning to purchase from the brand. This value addition will be the reasons why your brand community members will remain loyal to your brand for as long as they continue to get the desired results from your brands products and services. The secret to securing a good brand community will be a regular and sustained branding communication between the brand and the brand community members.

Do you know your competitive differentiation?

I can categorically tell you that the bulk of your success when it comes to recording good sales will come in when you know your competitive differentiation and you have fully understood how it works and how you can use this factor to improve your sales and market share index. Businesses and brands that offer very similar services and products will always have a tight competition when it comes to securing the loyalty of the customers, but there is always something more that you can do to differentiate your own brand from the rest. It might take a while to discover the trick, but with focus and a single minded dedication, you should be able to identify this avenue and use it fully to your advantage. You brand can be different, your brand can stand out, you can find ways to create a better perception that will be biased and favored only for your brand, this is possible. Knowing the possibility of this competitive differentiation, I will urge you not to give up ever trying to find out how you can make your brand different from the rest of the competition.

You should take timing into consideration when trying to find out how you can make your brand stand out from the rest brands that are posing as a competition. One basic fact that has been confirmed by many studies carried out is that a big percentage of the consumer base will be impressed when they can get a good service in a very short time; there have been customers who have actually timed the response time it will take to get their services delivered. The response to a quick and efficient deliver has always been a good show of appreciation for a job well done and a stronger force of loyalty for the brand and other products affiliated with the brand. You can tap into this information and ensure that your brand services are delivered in record time always, this will impress your customers and it will keep them coming back to patronize your brand products and services. Another factor to consider will be the cost of your services; they should be affordable and not more expensive than the other brands that form your competition in the business. Always look for opportunities to give incentives to your customers, this way you will make them happy and the news will move quickly through your brand community. As much as you will desire to give out incentives to keep your customers very happy, it will be important to note that you should also ensure you are making profit with every sale or service you have rendered to your customers, this is important to stay in business. You are in business to make a profit that should be considered as you are even more dedicated to deliver a good service every time.

How can you identify the members of your target audience?

The target audience is your market; you should identify this group of people and then do everything possible to get their attention, once you have secured their attention you will need to use your knowledge of branding and marketing strategies to keep this attention. Your target audience will be the group of people that your brands products or services will interest so that they will make the needed buying decision and remain committed buyers of your services and products. Your target audience might be restricted to a particular age range, but it can also be observed that you can actually present your goods and services if they are of a versatile nature to a wider group of potential consumers who will be able to buy and use your goods and services to get the needed satisfaction they need.

What you need to do, study your brand very well, understand every feature of your brand and then you will be able to easily identify the groups of people that will benefit from using your brands products and services.

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How can you focus on your target audience?

It will be very easy to focus on your target audience when you know exactly the group you are to focus on, this means your plans to identify and access your target audience must be very effective for you to know the group of people you are supposed to focus your attention on. You can focus on your target audience by strategizing to deploy some good advertisement that will be entirely targeted at your target audience, depending on the size of your organization you can also create a dedicated department that will be responsible for getting in touch with the target audience on a regular basis. This department will be entirely made to focus on your target audience to identify their immediate issues and help them resolve these issues at the point of sale or after a sale has been made. Your target audience will feel very happy with an arrangement like this, they will be able to easily connect with your customer care help center and get the required help and every form of assistance they will need to get the satisfaction for which they have made the decision to patronize your brand. I once walked into a convenience store where I was looking for a razor product I just saw it being advertised on the TV, I needed this product very urgently because I got the right information form the advertisement that mademe understand that this product will be well suited to fulfill the need I had for it. So I walked into the convenience store and I was very happy to see that a good and convenient arrangement had been made by the brand for the razor to employ and put a sales representative and assistant personnel on ground at the point of sale, I immediately recognized the sales person because they wore a branded shirt for the razor brand. Now this razor had specific instructions on the packaging that explained how to piece the razors together, I got a little bit confused but the sales person didn’t let my confusion go any further, they immediately approached me with a sample of the razor product and they showed me exactly what I needed to do. I was given the opportunity to practice the coupling of the razor and I got used to it. Imagine if after I had seen the advertisement and I had gone to the convenient store and I purchased the razor brand , getting home I would have become very distraught and frustrated when I realize I cannot piece the product together, that would have led to a customer being unsatisfied with the product, I might have just left the product abandoned and I will not say anything good about it in the public instead if I were to see the advertisement for the razor brand in a public place I will say very bad things about it that would have discouraged many people all around me. This is why it has become very important to make good arrangement for a good customer care service to be in place for every customer’s assistance.

Can you secure the loyalty of your brand community?

I will like you to take some minutes to think about this question, you should be able to immediately get some good ideas on how to go about this task. It will be crucial to you sustaining your sales and ensuring that your brand gets even better chances at becoming a household name. many strategies have been used by big brand and also moderately big brands to bring their services and assistance even closer to the brand community, there have been many plans that have seen the creation of dedicated phone lines that will be used by the members of the brand community to directly contact a high ranking officer at the offices of the brands, this is a way to get in close contact with the members of the branding community. You can imagine the confidence a member of any brand community will get when they are assured about any issue and this assurance is coming from a very high ranking officer at the brands headquarters. They can be sure that the right action will be taken to ensure their requests are met by the brand. There have also been strategies through which the overall CEO of the brand will dedicate a few hours to focus on a social media platform to answer questions and to ask questions, this will be a real time live interaction with the CEO, the brand community members will be very happy with this development and it will be a much talked about topic among the forums where the brand communities meet to interact both offline and online. Other brands have created avenues through which the CEO will send out private video messages to the brand community explaining new developments and also this has been used in many situations to introduce new products into the new markets, the brand community will have a stronger confidence in the products if they are hearing about this product from the CEO of the organization himself.

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These strategies and many other strategies that you can devise when you think outside the box can be effectively used to strengthen the bond between your brand community and the brand. I encourage you to always study the strategies that have been used by other big brands and you can get very innovative ideas from these methods to make your own unique method even better with a much better effect to be witnessed in your sales and marketing strategies.

How can you improve the advantage of competitive differentiation?

The advantages of the competitive differentiation are many; you should be able to write down a full page of the benefits as you have read the chapter and understood it very well. The very interesting thing with any business is that you can always improve on any business strategy you have deployed in your marketing strategy and other activities to improve your sales generally. As much as there is hardly a brand new idea these days, there is always the opportunity of improving on the strategies that are already being used by many people. I have been faced with many situations where I need to choose between two similar brands, they feel the same they taste the same and they offer just about the same satisfaction, in this situation what can I do, I will eventually be forced to settle for one of the brand, but knowing that these two brands are similar, I will naturally become inclined to choose the brand that can offer me even if it is a little bit more than the other brand. This is the point where I will settle down and study these two brands carefully. What will I be looking for? Just a little more competitive differentiation to convince me about how my choice will be made. I will find the reasons to choose form either of the two brands and the majority of times I will be making the right choice, and this means choosing the brand that will give me the best satisfaction when I use it for the intended purposes. This is a situation that many of your brand community members might find themselves and you need to ensure that the choice they will settle for in every similar situation will be in favor of your brand. This achievement will always be secured when you have taken to bold steps to improve on your brands competitive advantage. If you walk through the fruit juice and soda sections in the regular convenience stores, you will notice something very amazing. There are very many new brands in this industry now; they are all offering the same thing, a cool refreshing drink that will give you the feeling of having a natural drink as if it was extracted directly from the fruit itself. The competition is tough; you will notice that there has been a remarkable diversification in the range of fruit drinks being offered by the regular brands in the market, in the earlier days, the basic fruit juice we could get was just apple juice and orange juice, other flavors were available but these were the most prominent. At the moment, in a bid to outdo the competition in the market, there have been many other fruit juice flavors introduced into the market, you can also have a blend of three fruits and four fruits in a cocktail packaged in a single container. This is really awesome and it has shown that the brands have always looked for the opportunities to improve their competitive advantage to increase their market share and keep the existing customers as loyal as they can be.

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I urge to be unrelenting in your drive to always be improving your competitive advantage at every opportunity you get; it will always bring about the right results you desire if you do it just right with the appropriate amount of professionalism you should include in your plans. You will succeed.

How can you improve your brand market?

I can give you so many options to use as strategies to improve your brand market, I will start with one I really love using , it is the use of personalized emails, these are emails you will send to your brand community at regular intervals, the emails will be used a s a medium to express your profound appreciation for the patronage you have been experiencing from them all through the years, and you can also use these emails to celebrate with them on their birthdays and other memorable anniversaries that they will celebrate and are happy with. You can also use these emails as a reminder to take action and make a buying decision, the emails can be strategically sent to your customers at the times that you need them to take advantage of special offers, as a brand you will in many instances create special offers for your brand community to enjoy, these offers can be in the form of give away and some small gifts wrapped up with the brand products, you can also increase the size and quantity of your brand for a little while, just to give a little more to your customers and to say thank you for your patronage. Many brands use these give away and they are also very well respected and appreciate by the brand community ho will never relent to take advantage of these freebies from your brand. This is a good way to make you brand community happy with being a loyal customer and they will feel appreciated. You can also organize sales for your brand, a sales period is usually  that period that you will need to get rid of some old stock that have been on the shelves for way too long. You can use a sales arrangement to push your brand market in a way that a good advertisement will even be able to draw other brand loyalists to take advantage of your brand sales and get their products at a much cheaper rate. The catch here is that when these other loyalists come over to make purchases because of a sales period, they might just remain with your brand as loyal patrons because they have been impressed with the package and they have also been given something they have not had the opportunity to enjoy when they were with their former brands.

The use of the social media for marketing is also I very useful way through which your brand can be pushed out to the target audience in a bid to improve your brand. The social media has a very vast reach and it will always come in handy when you need to reach very many people as quickly as possible, you will achieve this by building a very strong social media presence and with this achievement, you should be able to reach out to your brand community anytime you need to reach out to the brand community. Many times I wake up to see some very warm messages on my mobile phone, these are from brands of which I am a member of their brand community, these messages always range from encouragements to start the day, words of advice on the route to take while I am going out and also some useful health habits I can adopt for a healthier life. They are also made up of information about the latest news from the brand what I need to know about the latest trends and even some small form of weather report. I look forward to these messages, all through I a scroll through my time line, I always keep an eye out for these messages as they mean a lot to me.

I urge you to utilize these and many more strategies for your brand, now is the time to act and you can start by reading up and studying the parts of this chapter again and them taking down useful notes that will guide you when you have to put what you have learnt in theory into practical application in the real life world.

How can you support your branding community?

You can get a lot from your branding community. The benefits range from activities that border about marketing your brand, giving the right referrals and creating a support system that has been created and run strictly by the branding community without the support from your brand, yes that is very possible, your branding community can create their own web online village where old and existing users are encouraged and helped in any cases of confusion, while the new members are encouraged to use their brand products to the best of its ability and they are also advised in the ways that they can get the maximum satisfaction from their brands. The willingness your brand community will show towards promoting and patronizing your brand is enough initiative that you should also find very creative ways through which you can support your brand community. The first and most important way you can do this is to ensure that your brand has a very high quality perception, this will mean that every one of your brand products and services will deliver nothing short of the best service and the desired satisfaction the brand community needs from your brand will always be received with every action of patronage. When you can confidently give this assurance, you have provided a very remarkable form of support already for which your branding community will be very happy for as long as they enjoy your brand products and services.

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Research has unlimited potentials, you can discover and rediscover new ideas and innovations every time you conduct a research for your brand. This is why you should always put in place the models for your business operations that will always encourage a steady trend that includes regular research activities that will always be aimed at ensuring and promoting customer satisfaction every time. The use of research works is so good that if you and your team are overwhelmed with the scope of other operations and activities to improve your brand, you can always outsource the research projects to very capable companies that will conduct useful research programs on your behalf and deliver the right results to you when you need them.

You can also support your brand community at the local and the global levels of their operations; this means you need to create a far reaching system through which you can reach out in support to your branding community at the local levels and the global levels. Reaching out to your global brand community will be good because these are brand communities that are made up of customers that may live in very distant parts of the world but they have still found a way to test your brand and adopt it as their own chosen brand. These people might never even think of knowing the people behind a brand they have come to love and respect so much, so you can imagine the moral boost and encouragement they will get when you reach out to them, you will be communicating to this group of brand community people that they are important where ever they are and that the distance between them and the headquarters is just what it is, a distance, they will get the feeling of belonging as one of the major stake holders in the brand community.

I urge you to get creative, always be researching new ways to deliver satisfaction to your brand community. To create the time for this you should find out important and creative ways to delegate those duties that can be delegated to other capable members of your team. This way you can have the time you need to engage in some critical thinking and research to discover better ways to improve and promote your brand in the market.

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