Web Design And Technology Assignment

MAY SEMESTER 2013 WEB DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGIES – CMWD6103 ASSIGNMENT (100%) INTRODUCTION This assignment aims to provide students with an introduction to the fundamental conceptual and practical skills necessary to design, develop and publish websites. The assignment consists of three (3) tasks. The details of the tasks are explained below:

TASK I: Web Research (20 marks)
Choose two methods of web interactivity: HTML, CSS, JayaScript, Java applets, Flash or Ajax. Write a three-pages summary of the web interactivity that addresses the following: (a) What it can and can’t do? (b) Give at least TWO (2) examples (script) and screenshots.

TASK II: Web Analysis (30 marks)
View the home page of your university. Provide the following information: (a) Indicate the type(s) of navigation evident. (b) Describe how the design principles of repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment are applied. (c) Complete the Web Design Best Practices Checklist (see Table 5.0, pg 231). Describe the result.

TASK III: Web Design and Development (50 marks)
You are to design, develop, and publish a web site using recommended design practices. Your Project will demonstrate mastery of the web development skills and concepts learned in this course. Your web site might be about a favorite hobby or subject, an organization or club you belong to, the company you work for, etc. Topic must be approved before you may begin to work on the web development. (30 marks) The web-page(s) should have the following characteristics: (a) A homepage (index.htm) that links to a minimum of five distinct pages that you create. (b) All pages are designed and organized using good website design principles for usability, readability and easy navigation. (c) Each page must contain appropriate text and images that provide information and value to the target audience. (d) The homepage should include links or buttons for different “functions”. (e) Text clearly labeling each page and link. (f) Multimedia file(s) e.g. pictures, animations, audio, and video files. (g) At least one bullet list and one table. (h) Should be usable on at least two of the following browsers: Safari, Mozilla (or Firefox), Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer. 1

The following assessment criteria will be used: (a) Original, fresh content  Website content should be unique and up to date. (b) Appearance  Good use of color: an appropriate color scheme will contain 2 or 3 primary colors that blend well and create a proper mood or tone for your topic.  Text that is easily read: Use fonts that are easy to read and are found on most of today’s computer systems. Keep font size for paragraph text between 10 and 12 pts.  Meaningful graphics: Don’t overload any one page with more than 3 or 4 images, and make sure that add meaning or context to your written content  Quality photography: Use high quality photography.  Simplicity: Keep it simple and allow for adequate white space. Don’t overload your site with overly complex design. (c) Content  Short and organized copy: Clearly label topics and break your text up into small paragraphs.  Update your content: Dead or static content will not bring visitors back to your site.  Speak to your visitors: Use the word you as much as possible. Minimize the use of I, we and us. (d) Functionality  Every component of your site should work quickly and correctly.  Error-free copy: Double-check your facts and figures, typos, incorrect grammar and punctuation, or misspellings. (e) Usability  Simplicity: Keep your site simple and well organized.  Fast-loading pages: A page should load in 20 seconds or less.  Minimal scroll: This is particularly important on the first page. Create links from the main page to read more about a particular topic.  Consistent layout: Site layout is extremely important for usability. Use a consistent layout and repeat certain elements throughout the site.  Prominent, logical navigation: Place your menu items at the top of your site, or above the fold on either side. Limit your menu items to 10 or fewer.  Descriptive link text: Usability testing shows that long link text makes it much easier for visitors to find their way around a site. Long, descriptive link text is favored by Search Engines, too. Back links are important to give users a sense of direction and to keep them from feeling lost. Use a site map, and breadcrumbs, if necessary.  Cross-platform/browser compatibility: Different browsers often have different rules for displaying content. At a minimum, you should test your site in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, as well as Firefox and Safari.
Screen Resolution: Screen resolution for the typical computer monitor continues to increase. You need to make sure that what looks good at this setting will also work nicely for other resolutions.
Write a report about the website you created (20 marks) (a) Introduction (b) Web development plan: Gantt chart (c) Target audience (d) Website organization: Hierarchical/Linear/Random (e) Principles of visual design (f) Design to provide accessibility (g) Writing for the web (h) Use of color (i) Use of graphics and multimedia (j) Navigation design (k) Page layout design (l) More design considerations (m) Delivery plan (n) Conclusion (o) References (p) Attachment
[TOTAL: 100 MARKS] Additional Guidelines
1. Your assignment should be typed on A4 paper using 12 pt Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing. 2. You are to submit a softcopy of your assignment on-line through myVLE and a hardcopy to your facilitator. 3. Documents to be submitted are: (a) The test paper (b) A commentary of the test paper (c) A report of the item analysis. 4. Plagiarised assignment will be rejected.

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