Unit 7 MCKI-Btechnd

Task 4

AC4.1 Report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

Information Collection: Every business organization needs information for decision-making. Information can be termed as processed data that has some meaning and use for organization. Information can be collected from following sources:

  • Questionnaires: it is the simplest form of information collection. This approach is generally followed when new product is to launch or quick information is required from common people.
  • Interview: Under this method, detailed questions were asked from people. In this type of approach, experience of any person is take as information. This approach is followed when product is already launched.
  • Observation: Under this approach, information collected is almost accurate because it requires observation of people who are actually using product or availing services. It is complex approach, requires continuous monitoring and control over activity.

Interview and questionnaires are sources of collection of information for selected organization.
Information Formatting:Formatting can be defined as the body of information on displayable form. It is a presentable form of information. Following a format that is the used for presenting information by organization:
Report: it can be define as the presentable form of information. It includes title, subject, body and conclusion. Top management mainly uses it.
Information Storage: Information storage is a technique for storage or holding of data in various forms. Information storage and information retrieval both are inter related concept. Following information storage approaches are followed by organization:
Hard Disk: Information can be stored in hard disk so as to protect information from lost. It provides huge space for data storage and provides quick access to information i.e. on timely basis. Information is stored on electromagnetic drive.
Tape Storage: it is external form of information storage. It also stores information in electromagnetic form. It is portable information storage device and provice advantage of mobility of data.
DVD: Digital Video Disc is high density disk that can store large amount of data in single disk. It is most commonly used storage device. It also provides mobility of information.
Information Dissemination: Dissemination means distribution of information within organization and outside organization. Approaches for dissemination are followed by organization:

  • Brochures: it is most simplest mode of disseminating information about company or its product. It is attractive and colorful form of printed paper which is distributed among people.
  • Internet: Since internet has gaining popularity and because of its cost effectiveness it is used as a tool for disseminating information within as well as outside organization.

Unit 7 MCKI-Btechnd

AC4.2 Carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

The proper changes that are required need to be focused around the IT advancements.
First improvement in the organization that is required is that organization should remove barriers between departments of organization so that effective collection of information can be done. This will automatically improve system of formatting as exchange of information is on papers and files. Organization on regular basis should conduct or organize training sessions for new employees to trained them about how to collect information in effective manners and what format they have to follow for collection and presentation of information. New employees as well as existing employees shall be informed or upgraded with regular briefings and face to face sessions regarding storage and distribution of information.
Formatting Information or data can be improved by selecting standard format of communication. Selected format shall be informed to all employees so that standard can be achieved. Format of presentation can be developed by outside qualified format developer so that information can be presented in more paresis and easy manner.
Process or techniques of storage can be improved by incorporating database management system. Organization should maintain database in which all information is stored related to all process and departments. Storage system of organization can be improved by incorporating data or information back up on regular intervals. Back up can be full back up or mirror back up or incremental back up.
For improving existing system of dissemination approach of organization, it can develop private network within organization and behavior, which will work as mediator between employees and information need.  Organization should employ system of intranet. Intranet can be defined as the system in which information can be disseminated within organization with more ease. File sharing is another techniques which an organization can follow so that information can be shared or disseminate between employees and in organization. Organization shall develop information base, intranets, masters’ database, online dashboards, united letterbox and so on. IT frameworks provides for remote access to the organization’s electronic system, so you can telecommute or out and about.

AC4.3 Implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge.

Strategy to improve access to system of information and knowledge are as follows:
First organization has to decide what information shall be given access and what information shall not be access able. Development of new technologies has influenced organization to maintain access control and decide how & to whom access to information shall be given.  Organization shall conduct SWOT analysis on information access system of organization. SWOT analysis is conducted so that threats and weakness of organization’s information access system can be identified. Another strategy of access to system is cloud computing. Cloud is an system in which all information related to organization can be stored and access right is with company through id and password. Information regarding company and access to that information can be controlled through designing website that contains sufficient information about company. (Wilson, 2002).
The business must have intranet with the knowledge bank and all the representatives must continue including the new FAQs, and learning databases. This would make the business fast and customers would be more satisfied. Information technology (IT) advantages the business world by permitting associations to work even more proficiently and to amplify benefit. Quicker correspondence, electronic capacity and the assurance of records are favorable circumstances that IT can have on your venture. Information technology needs to do with machine applications, on which about every workplace is indigent. Since mechanized frameworks are so broadly utilized, it is beneficial to join information technology into your association.

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