Unit 6 MCKI-Btechnd

ProgrammeBTEC Higher National Diploma in Business
Unit Number and TitleUnit 6 MCKI
QFC LevelLevel 4
Credit value15 credits
Unit CodeL/601/0950


A Communication Strategy is a guide with a beginning stage (the circumstances now) and an end of the line (the perfect circumstance at some characterized point later on). Working through the steps to characterize a Strategy empowers the undertaking to state plainly, where it needs to go, the ways to take to get there, and who to take along. Like whatever other “live” arrange, there may be reroutes along the way – circumstances and needs may change – however having a guide gives the task a much more prominent possibility of arriving at its objective and accomplishing its objectives (Curtis and Cobham, 2008).


AC1.1 Discuss the range of decisions to be taken by the Heathrow Authorities and Management

The decision making process by Heathrow Authorities and management would include the issues identification at the first step. These issues faced by the airport authorities are:

Unit 6 MCKI-Btechnd

  • Runway capacity remains stagnant,
  • Heavy traffic,
  • Increased delays,
  • Lesser flexibility,
  • Lesser number of destinations being served.

The decisions to be made would include the choice among options available i.e. building a new airport or addition of a new runway and 6th terminal.  The management would need to take decisions w.r.t the environmental aspects; investment needs, financial decisions, stakeholders’ decision etc.
The decision regarding the environment would include whether the sound, noise pollution is bearable. The investment decisions would have two aspects i.e. the choice of source of investments and also the returns to be generated on these investments. The financial aspects would involve the whether the stakeholders interest would be fulfilled by the given decision or not.

AC1.2 Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking based on the scenario

The Heathrow Airport authorities would need access to the information so as to form an effective decision. These different forms that include:

  • Qualitative- This would include the study regarding the competitors, the capacity of Heathrow airport and the stakeholders with airline partners. The general history of Heathrow airport, with the stakeholder structures would also form a part of qualitative information. Traveller study is a steady attempt at Heathrow. At every phase of the planning and successive development stage, there will be a need for suggestions with the most recent insights and information. At apt points the business will need to qualitatively test suggestions, or experiment them through travellers or potential passengers. The traveller facets of Heathrow airport arrangements will moreover be an imperative facet of conversation with airlines like an element of the broader discussion with them.
  • Quantitative – This would include the financial reports of the Heathrow airport and its comparison with itself for previous years, to analyse the trending of the business operations and its earnings. This quantitative information would also be w.r.t comparison with the competitors. This would include all the financial records attainable from internal or external sources of information (Schelle, Ottmann, and Pfeiffer, 2006).
  • Official and unofficial– The official information would include the details and knowledge that has been spread by Heathrow airport itself through journals, reports, financial reports, interviews, press conferences etc. The unofficial would include grapevines, rumours, and various confidential sources of information.
  • Formal and informal– Formal is a documented. Written, traceable and well-organized way of sending or receiving information however, informal means useful information through verbal communication on phones, group talks, notice boards, chats etc.
  • Internal and external– Internal source of information is the data which is just accessible to the business. This data will be private and precise. However external data originates from outside the business. This is accumulated by means of for the most part auxiliary data systems.
  • Primary and secondary– Primary data is accumulated direct by the business. This will be fit for reason and cutting-edge; however will be lavish to gather. Secondary data is data that has as of now been gathered. This data is less expensive to discover and will have a lot of people more sources. However the data accumulated may not be proper or significant to the association’s necessities, and may be out of date.
  • Policy and opinion– The policy would be the rules and strategies that the business uses and opinion would not be a binding for the business. However, an opinion is the view point that can be considered while decision-making process.

 AC1.3 Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding based on the scenario

Different sources of information are:

  • Internal and external sources– Internal sources of the Heathrow would include team workers- airport staff, stakeholders of Heathrow, proposed figures, staff records, client records, and money related reports, for example, exchanging, benefit and losses records and the accounting report (Cleland and Gareis, 2006). External sources for Heathrow airport would include daily papers and magazines, the web etc. All the internal sources are those which are internal to the business and on which business also has some control, however the external sources are those which are out of the control of business.
  • Primary and secondary sources– Techniques for gathering primary data include: studies, meetings, perceptions, centre groups and lobby tests. Secondary data collection incorporates the web, daily papers and magazines, statistical surveying reports, for example, MINTEL (world’s principal market intelligence bureau) and Key Note, and government productions.
  • Formal and informal sources–  For Heathrow formal communication and data gathering would be a structured way of approaching customers, employees and stakeholders however informal way might include chit-chats, coffee breaks, no catalogues but only relations outside the organisation network.Order Now

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