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A very simple yet common definition of physics that you can find in every textbook tells that physics is the study of matter and energy. Yes, physics is the study of matter and energy, but our online physics experts have elaborated this concept and described it in a simple form explaining physics as a natural science that studies the physical part of the world which includes matter, energy, planet, solar systems, and galaxies. The recent discoveries and technological advancements that we can see and use are all invented applying the concepts of this subject.Unit 5 Physics Assignment Help Since the basic concepts of Physics are applied in almost all the scientific fields, our online physics professionals have outlined some of the laws that are learned since the schooling level of this academic course:

Newton’s law of motion

Sir Isaac Newton was a British physicist who discovered important laws of the physical world and hence they are termed as Newton’s law. He gave three laws of Motion that are briefly defined below:

Newton’s First Law of Motion: According to this law, “any moving object tends to stay in motion unless an external force is applied to it”.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion: This law draws a relationship between force, mass, and acceleration of an object. Hence, it tells us that “force acting on any object is equal to the mass of the object times its acceleration”.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion: This law states that “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Law of Thermodynamics

The Law of thermodynamics deals with the process of transfer of heat. Hence, there are four laws of thermodynamics namely, Zeroth Law of ThermodynamicsFirst Law of ThermodynamicsSecond Law of Thermodynamics, and the Third Law of Thermodynamics.

Einstein mass and energy equation: Einstein gave mass and energy equation that explains; the energy of a particle is equal to its mass times the square of the speed of light.

These are very few concepts listed here. If you want to get a detailed idea of concepts applied in Physics like Faradays’ law, Law of electronegativity, Charles law, etc. switch to physics assignment help provided by our online assignment help site. Whether it’s preparation for your entrance test or any competitive exam, our Physics assignment help covers all the sections of your academic curriculum. Our competent tutors will provide a practice paper for your competitive test. These practice manuals will have an explanation for every correct answer. We have selected our Physics tutors based on their qualification, experience, and score obtained in the test conducted by our hiring team. So, your Physics assignment will be designed by a hardworking and well-qualified team.

Pursuing Physics at the undergraduate level allows the student to do specialization in one of the several areas of this subject. Hence, below our Physics experts have mentioned a few areas that come under the roof of this subject.

Electromagnetism: This subject is the combination of two different fields of physics, ‘electro’ refers to electricity and ‘magnetism’ refers to a magnet. Hence, electromagnetism draws our attention to the force and energy produced by the object in the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is designated as a field that is electrically charged. While studying electromagnetism, you come across different theories and laws that are applied in your entire course of electromagnetism like Faraday’s law and ‘Theory of Relativity’. Usually, students pursuing Physics face problems in applying these laws and concepts in solving practical questions of Physics. So, if you want Physics assignment help in getting an accurate solution, come to us. Our experts will do it immediately for you within a short duration of time.

Quantum Mechanics: The study of Quantum Mechanics deals with atomic and subatomic particles in the Universe. The concept of interaction of these particles with radiation and the release of energy in a discrete form can be developed by the study of Quantum Mechanics. Schrodinger equation comes into play while studying Quantum Mechanics.

Thermodynamics: A study on Thermodynamics helps us get the details on heat, temperature, volume, and pressure of a system; along with their changes and effect on a macroscopic level. Thermodynamics is a broad area of Physics where the law of enthalpy and entropy is explained to you in elaborated form. Moreover, the Kinetic theory of gases comes into play in your thermodynamics course. Students usually are noticed getting confused with the laws of Thermodynamics that make them struggle with their Physics assignments. They ask for help from friends and teachers to get an accurate answer. But rather than waiting for someone to help you, take the assistance from our online Physics tutors. If you are stuck after solving a few steps, you can ask for a physics assignment help from our dedicated and active team. You need to submit your question, and just after a few minutes; the answer will be mailed to you by our tutors.

Classical Mechanics: When you pursue classical mechanics you get to learn about the forces acting in different materials. It elaborates the basic concept of physics to make you proficient in calculating forces applied or force involved in any object. Classical Mechanics emphasis the concept of Newton’s law.

Relativity: This area of Physics teaches you to drive the relationship between various laws and theories applied in physics thus determining any contradiction if present and then resolving them. Moreover, the theory of relativity focuses on the connection between electromagnetism and mechanics.

Besides these main areas, there are interdisciplinary branches of Physics that include astrophysics, geophysics, medical physics, chemical physics, ecophysics, and much more. All these interdisciplinary areas link the concept of physics with other areas of science. Presently, most of the students pursue these interdisciplinary areas that interest them. If you are wanting Physics assignment help in any of the mentioned areas, you can visit our site and get an immediate reply from our online experts.

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