Unit 41 Programming Java

London School of Science & Technology

Assignment front sheet

QualificationUnit number and title
Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma inUnit 41: Programming in Java
Computing and Systems Development (QCF)
Student nameAssessor name
Gasso Wilson Mwaluseke
Date issuedCompletiondateSubmitted on
25th September 2017Holiday Premiers customers’ system
Assignment title
In this assessment you will have the
LOLearning outcomeACopportunity to present evidence thatTaskEvidence
(LO)shows you are able to:(Page no)
Understand the principlesDiscuss the principles, characteristics and features
LO 1of programming in Java1.1of programming in Java1
Critically evaluate the environmental flexibility of
1.2programming in Java
Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate
Be able to design JavaDesign a Java programming solution to a given
2.2Explain the components and data and file
structures required to implement a given design
LO 2M2Select / design and apply appropriate methods /
D2Take responsibility for managing and organizing
Be able to implement JavaImplement a Java programming solution based
Solutions3.1on a prepared design

London School of Science & Technology

Define relationships between objects to
3.2implement design requirements
Implement object behaviours using control
LO 33.3structures to meet the design algorithms cate appropriate findings
Identify and implement opportunities for error
3.4handling and reporting4
Make effective use of an Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) including code and screen
Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and
D1justify valid conclusions
Be able to test andCritically review and test a Java programming
Analyse actual test results against expected results
4.2to identify discrepancies
Evaluate independent feedback on a developed
4.3Java program solution and make recommendations5
for improvements
LO 4
Demonstrate convergent /lateral / creative
Create user documentation for the developed6
program solution
Create technical documentation for the support
4.5and maintenance of a Java program solution

Unit 41 Programming Java

Learner declaration

  • I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.
  • Student signature:                                                                                   Date:

Assignment brief

Unit number and titleUnit 41: Programming in Java

London School of Science & Technology


  • Start date Deadline/hand-in Assessor
  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development (QCF)
  • 12th  January 2018 23:59
  • Gasso Wilson Mwaluseke

Assignment title

Purpose of this assignment:

To provide learners with an understanding of the principles of programming in Java, exploring the object oriented nature of the language and the multi-platform versatility offered.


Unit 41 Programming JavaHoliday Premiers Inc. is a new holiday business company. They are planning to design a program to manage the storage of data in the company. There are two types of holiday packages offered by the company, a Standard package and a Premium one. The Premium packages include some additional extras such as guided tour and accommodation with breakfast.

You were asked to design a software to manage their customers. The program should be able to do the following:

  • Program should have minimum 2 classes and 2 functions (Inheritance and parameter passing technique should be demonstrated).
  • Program should be able to read the information of customers (e.g. Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone number, Holiday destination, and Total cost of the holiday, Deposit payment, and outstanding payment, etc.).
  • Program should be able to display information of customers.
  • Program should be able to accept deposit from customers and update their balance.
  • Program should be able to calculate the total cost of the holiday.
  • Program should be able to find specific customer name or holiday and update it (e.g. update the outstanding payment).
  • Program should be able to accept any instalment paid for a certain holiday and update the remaining balance (outstanding payment) accordingly.
  • Program should display error message if user enters invalid values for Date of Birth and deposit amount.
  • The cost of the premium package includes a price of first class flight, hence this price should be included in the list of the Premium package.

The total cost of the holiday packages are calculated as follows:

  • Standard package = (No. of days x cost per day)
  • Premium package = ((No. of days x cost per day) x 1.3) + Flight
  • Where cost per day, and flight cost differs according to destination.

London School of Science & Technology

Task 1: (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, M1) Interim Deadline (9th October 2017) Word Limit (200-300)

  • Explain following Java’s terms, each with java example [AC1.1]
  • Java data types
  • Arrays
  • Class and Object
  • IV.Instance variables
  • Public and Private Variables
  • VI.Constructors
  • VII.
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • VIII.
  • Encapsulation
  • IX.

Method overloading and Method overriding

  1. Packages
  • Critically evaluate the role of Java Virtual Machine in 2 different environments. Please choose one of the selected environments and develop strategy to find workable solution for the Holiday Premiers customers’ system. [AC1.2 & M1]

Task 2 (LO2: 2.1, 2.2, M2, D2) Interim Deadline (23rd October 2017) (Formative Assessment in Week 5)

  • Identify the classes, instance variables and methods from Holiday Premiers customers’ system scenario. Also draw a class diagram to represent Holiday Premiers customers’ system requirements. [AC2.1 & M2]
  • Explain the identified components of above including classes, instance variable and methods. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the identified components in meeting the requirements given in scenario. [AC2.2 & D2]

Task 3 (LO3: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, M3) Interim Deadline (10th November 2017)

  • Implement an object oriented solution using java based on prepared design to deliver Holiday Premiers customers’ system. [AC3.1]
  • Identify and explain the relationships between classes, instance variables and methods from Class diagram. [AC3.2]
  • Create two methods in Holiday Premiers customers system e.g. Deposit ( ) and Withdraw ( ), which must demonstrate parameters passing. Identify any issues raised in order to implement the program using the design prepared as part of Task 2. Please explain what strategy you adopted to resolve those issues. If there is no issue raised, please provide recommendations for improvements. [AC3.3 & M3]
  • London School of Science & Technology

Task 4 (LO3: 3.4, 3.5, D1) Interim Deadline (20th November 2017) (Formative Assessment in Week 9)

  • Program should demonstrate throwing and catching exception techniques to handle errors if user enters
  • London School of Science & Technology
  • invalid values for Date of Birth and deposit amount. [AC3.4]
  • Demonstrate effective use of IDE, including built in functionality through annotated screen shots (code, outputs). You are also required to provide critical evaluation of chosen IDE for the developed program and draw a conclusion. [AC3.5 & D1]

Task 5 (LO4: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, D3) Interim Deadline (27th November 2017)

  • Use the white or black box testing techniques to test the Holiday Premiers customers’ system and critically review it. [AC4.1]
  • Produce a report which must demonstrate the analysis of test outcomes against expected results. [AC4.2] 3. Identify the areas of improvements for Holiday Premiers customers’ system after evaluating the independen feedback. Based on feedback, you are required to provide recommendations and justify future enhancements in
  • Holiday Premiers customers’ system. A graphical user interface to be implemented to demonstrate creative thinking [AC4.3 & D3]

Task 6 (LO4: 4.4, 4.5) Interim Deadline (8th December 2017)

  1. Create user manual for Holiday Premiers customers’ system. [AC4.4]
  1. Create a technical manual of Holiday Premiers customers’ system for other programmers or technical people. [AC4.5]
EvidenceSummary of evidence required by student
•   Description of JAVA concepts with examples.
Task 1Critical evaluation for the role of JVM in different environments.
•   Drawing and explanation of class diagram.
Task 2Explanation of all the components (Classes, instances… etc.) and relating them to the
Task 3Implementation of Holiday Premiers customers’ system using JAVA.
•   Explanation of the relations between classes, instance variables, and methods in class
•   Creating two functions (at least) demonstrating parameters passing.
•   Explanation of the strategy adopted to resolve issues related to the program
implementation and design, if no issues then improvement recommendations to be
Use exception handling in program.
Task 4Screen shots of code and outputs.
  • Black/white box testing for grading program.
Task 5•  Test outcomes against expected results and future recommendations.
•  Evaluation of independent feedback, and identification of future improvements.
GUI implementation.
Task 6Produce user and technical documentations of Holiday Premiers customers’ system.

London School of Science & Technology

Text Books

  • Bloch J – Effective Java, Second Edition (Prentice Hall, 2008) ISBN: 0321356683
  • Goetz B – Java Concurrency in Practice (Addison Wesley, 2006) ISBN: 0321349601
  • Niemeyer P – Learning Java, Third Edition (O’Reilly, 2005) ISBN: 0596008732


  • http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/
  • http://math.hws.edu/javanotes/ 
  • idevelopment.info/data/Programming/java/PROGRAMMING_Java_Programming.shtml

Achievement Summary

QualificationPearson BTEC Level 5 HNDAssessor name
Diploma in Computing and Systems
Development (QCF)
Unit Number andUnit 41: Programming in JavaStudent name

London School of Science & Technology

CriteriaTo achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student isAchieved?
Referenceable to:(tick)
LO 1
1.1Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of programming in Java
1.2Critically evaluate the environmental flexibility of programming in Java
LO 2
2.1Design a Java programming solution to a given problem

London School of Science & Technology Assignment Feedback

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