Unit 4 Small Business Enterprise – Shine Communication

4.1 Report on the impact of the proposed changes on the business and its personnel

Changes in any business activities impact the overall functioning of the organization. The impact of changes could be positive or negative. Changes affect the culture, environment and development aspects of the business. Changes, if positive can help the organization in gaining competitive advantage & success whereas the negative Shine Communication Business - Assignment Helpchanges could damage the entire business and its reputation (Paton & McCalman, 2008).  Few changes have been anticipated in respect to shine Communication:

  • Work load/pressure: It is obvious that along with the expansion, the work load will increase. The 50 employees of Shine Communication are already equipped with various tasks hence; they won’t be able to handle more pressure. In order to share the workload new employees will be hired.
  • Finance: the changes have two sided effect on the finance. If the changes are proved to be successful, then the financial position of the company will be stronger but if the expansion plans fails, then the existing financial structure will be adversely affected. Finance is the ultimate requirement to carry out each and every activity of the business. Hence, the changes will impact the finance of Shine Communications.
  • Morale: with the joining of new employees, the existing employees may get insecure as their responsibilities and authority will be shared with the new joiners. But the team spirit and team relations in Shine Communication have always been very strong and encouraging hence; it will not affect the morale of the existing employees or personnel.
  • Organizational structure: Along with the expansion, the job profiles, duties, tasks, functions etc. will be changed. It will lead to change in the organizational structure and culture . The space will be made for the new team who will be handling the marketing research department. Changes are inevitable part of the business. They have either positive or negative impact on the businesses, its operations, activities and employees. It depends upon the organization that how it deals with the changes and uses them in its favour to achieve the objectives.

4.2 Plan how the changes will be managed in the business.

At Shine communication, the proposed changes could impact the business and the personnel. By venturing into new field, it will experience new dimensions of success (Williams, 2010).  The business can earn more profits as its plan is to satisfy the needs of the local and the national customers. In the starting phase, the performances could be affected, but once the policies and systems will be established, they can earn and give tough competition just like they are doing it in their PR field.

Further, with the time the employees will be more confident and improve in the new field. Changes are unavoidable hence it is essential for the employees to be flexible and willing to adjust within the new field. The existing employees must be properly trained in the new field of marketing research.

During the changes, the team spirit must be maintained as any problem can be solved with great team efforts and support. They must be encouraged to share the feedback and suggestions. Changes also have an impact on the policies, management and employees of the organization. The changes also bring wide range of improvements when they are accepted and dealt with patience and positive attitude.  Shine Communication must take all the necessary actions to motivate the employees to achieve the main objectives.

4.3 Monitor improvements in the performance of the business over a given timescale.

   performance improvement - Assignment Help

Monitoring is the process of supervising any activity to check whether it’s being carried out in the determined manner or not is known as monitoring.  Monitoring helps in identifying the mistakes or flaws in process or plan. It is an effective way to identify and fix the issue while the work is in progress or processing stage (Kusek & Rist, 2004).

Shine Communication has to monitor the implemented changes and to make sure that they are in line with the action plans. The action plan has to be updated after the completion of each task or activity so as to measure the progress rate of proposed changes. While implementing the change, an organization should monitor and control all the measures to deal with deviations or differences, if arises. In case of any deviation, the action plan must be updated and communicated to all the team members in order to make them aware about the changes in the action plan. All the information regarding the identification of deviations and how they were corrected etc. must be recorded. These records could be helpful in the future as these records could serves as a guiding, measuring and comparing tools or parameters (Eckerson, 2010).

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Unit 4 small business enterprise shine communication assignment has emphasized on the change. Changes are an editable part of life. Changes are bound to happen in every business at regular intervals. As the business progresses, changes in the internal and external factors like employees, management policies, technology, methodology, trends etc. will occur. Every organization whether big or small will experience change along with the growth and success so as shine communication. It has a good reputation and experience in the area of PR and communication, but it has to change and grow by focusing on the market research. It has a great employee relationship with its employees that can be cemented or developed further in order to meet and execute the changes in the future plans, strategies and policies of the business. Every organization must strengthen their strong elements to face the challenges and changes of the future.


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