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Introduction Of Methodology

The last chapter introduces the situation between the Taobao and eBay and makes an analysis on specific element will effect competitiveness on the paststudies and researches by other scholar.Gathering information is very important to do the project. Without sources of information system, a project can’t be constructed. There are two kinds of source of information. One is primary source, the other one is second sources.

It is systematic researching process, which is appropriate to collect information and draw conclusion, while there are still some disadvantages, first of all, the researcher and team should discuss their proposed methodology with managers in Taobaoand eBay to ask for their professional opinions, to see whether their research is realistic and feasible, secondly, in terms of ethical consideration, information collected from each person should be seal and remained confidential, and which should be told to interviewees, to encourage them to actively make responses to the researchquestions. At last, the sampling methods should be made in details, the researcher should ask for more information from responsible officers, for example, the number of participants should be considered, so that the researcher can make judgement on whether the numbers of participants chosen are effective to make decision (Ankerl, 2009).

Unit 4 Online Marketing Assignment HelpResearch design

Research design can be through of as the logic plan of a research and it shows that how the study is going to be conducted as well as it shows how all of the major parts of the research study.This research uses secondary data as the research methodology as well as quantitative approach will be adopted in this research in order to meet the objective of this study.

Quantitative methods of data analysis can be of great value to the researcher who is attempting to draw meaningful results from a large body of qualitative data. So, the researcher adopted quantitative research project approach in this study. Moreover, quantitative studies can provide numerical data that is descriptive including charts and tables such as pie charts, bar charts and frequency table and the data analysis is relatively less time consuming as well (Benjamin, 2011).

Toachieve research objectives, it is important to collect information regarding tomarketing strategy’s effectiveness of Taobao and eBay’s, it is necessary to make use of primary source to further collect information, the targeted population are those online consumers, most of these consumes buyproducts fromTaobao and eBay’s.

Questionnaire in research is important method to determine whether research direction is in line with public opinion or to contribute to analyze the distribution of characteristics for sampling population.(Burton et al, 2014) Questionnaire is a format which consists of a series of questions designed by the requirement of research objective which are provided to research respondents to undertake primary research, with the method of questionnaire, respondents should answer all questions in Appendix to help research to collect relevant information. In terms of questionnaire method, there are some advantages and disadvantages, the main advantage of questionnaire should be easy to use in collecting information, it only requires correspondents to give answers based on the question listed in the questionnaire and respondents are also easy to collaborate since they know the question in it. But the disadvantage of questionnaire is also remained as information collected could be irrelevant and unreliable according to the requirement of research, correspondents may not give accurate answers about what they believe (Barzil, 2008).

Research approach

There are mainly two types of research philosophy implementing in current research field, these are positivism and interpretivism. In terms of positivism, the outcomes of research derive from logical and objective research process relying on figure and calculation to the collected data, positivism emphasizes on the point that research should base on valid, objective and accessible information which refers to the reality of situation regardless to researchers` personal belief, and all of research results must will have direct support from actual data and processed figure. In the other hand, interpretivism refers to the philosophy that research outcomes should base on the reality which will be variable and relative in principle, because information collected from original targets could not be fully reliable as original targets may subjectively express different reality based on the their different background, so researcher who implements the interpretivism philosophy need to express certain subjectivity in collecting information with emphasizing on motives, reasons, meanings and other subjective experiences, to make judgment to the research issues, the major different between positivism and interpretivism will be the degree to rely on data coming from primary sources, positivism believes research should follow logic process to make conclusion by relying on data collection while interpretivism tends to make conclusion based on personal deduction with believing that information can be variable in different circumstance (Becker, 2008).

In this research, the research philosophy applied will be positivism by taking steps in implementing data collection process to draw conclusion, in details, it will be how to conduct research to achieve research objectives and answer research questions. The research process will be data collection, data analysis and finding conclusion, there are two types of data which are primary data and secondary data, the method to collect primary data will be making use of questionnaire to communicate with people usingTaobao and eBay in China, in order to gain the updated information contributing to further analysis and draw conclusion, information from primary source will be important resource to help achieving research objectives.

Data collection method

Methods of data analysis help the researcher to understand the facts, observe patterns, frame explanations, and try out hypotheses as well. Quantitative approach is adopted in this research as quantitative methods of data analysis can be of great value to the researcher who is attempting to draw meaningful results from a large body of qualitative data. Therefore,statistical data analysis will also be included in this research. The method of data analysis used in the selected academic paper is quantitative approach as the researchers used statistical tools to analyze the collected data such as pie charts, bar charts and frequency table. (Tenenhaus and Tenenhaus, 2014)

In this research, the researcher plans todetermine the investigation for the information collecting from around 150 samples, at first researcher tryemailcontact people who charge Taobao in Chinese market is necessary, on the other hands because of the eBay already exit Chinese market, the researcher will try to email contact eBayhead office and ask them for relevant data. The reason why the researcher want contact them is because researcher want requests some customer email addresses from them, because these sample should meet some criteria which can stand for the opinions generated by the majority regarding to Taobao and eBay consumer who are experience the whole service of them, and researcher will send questionnaire file via email to respondents and plansthem feedback within required timeframe after they finish questionnaire file, the ideal location of the Taobao and eBay customers should consider around China major city.But unfortunately, both of Taobao and eBay use trade secret as excuse just give a little customer, and researcher only get few feedback from these email, therefore in order to collected the data in a limited time, the researcher mobilize his friend who stay in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen help researcher collected data, the method is divide into two ways, one is directly online questionnaire, the researcher use an online data collect tool created an online questionnaire (online questionnaire address see appendix) and let my friend spread out through email and other communication ways; other ways is use traditional street investigation and let the people help finish the paper questionnaire.All of these efforts taken contribute effectively to collect primary resource which would become specific information, this information will collect directly from a people who have experienced Taobao and eBay services and convince for long.And then that researcher and his friend totally touch 343 people who are cooperate with questionnaire, and have 193 people’s questionnairedidn’t fit criteria(didn’t finish questionnaire or not sure some questions), in finally have 150 are meet researcher’s require . Read more : Business Organization System part 1

Finishing rate
Number of Entry Questionnaire

Therefore the primary data is collect on the spot. Thiskinds of are 100 percentdidn’t published before process collect action.Use this kind of primary data have an advantage which is the researcher know what actual data come from, what kind of data’s situation is, and any limitations or inadequacies in the data (Jamieson, 2009).

In addition to collect primary data, in order to process and show qualitativeresearch, there have necessary to collect secondary data, it will helpful to analysis the primary data, especially when a topic are talking about Chinesemerchandise situation and analysis strengths and weaknesses to each merchandise risk hedging models, the secondary data can support and solve some issue of them. (Smith and Forrest, 1993) Most of data in literature reviews is secondary data and it will contribute to understand the concept and explain some specificphenomenon. During the process of doing research, secondary data would also be collected on internet and from business journals in order to update the China merchandise market immediately, secondary date will bedefined as data already collected, processed and published by other personfor the particular reason. The advantage of secondary data will be cheap and convenient to obtain, with the increasing convenience to collect information online and there are increasing number of economists are willing to share their research outcomes, it is effective to collect data from internet and business related journals, this significantly help to explain the primary data collected from Taobao and eBay in China, while the disadvantage of secondary data will be these data are prepared by others to cater for specific purpose which could be different from the objective research collect data to conduct specific research, so it will be necessary to interpret these data to support the purposes of this research. (Calantone andVickery, 2009)

Sampling method

There are manyonline consumers staying and walking in every shopping mall and because random selection people from public may lead to ineffective information collecting, for example, people may not be the respondents, they are not able to know if those online consumers who are special consuming type, they may not provide information as we expect.(Michael, 2006)In order to select right people to generate so it is necessary to applysuitable method to make sure sample which are the targets we are about to send email to. Since it is procedures to select participants, some requirement must be fulfil, as following:

  • They must have knowledge in online sales
  • They are willing to help this research survey
  • They have hobbitto shop online

The method to make suresome criteria must also rely on the observation of research team, it is good opportunity for them discuss research plan and ask for email addresses from them, all of these samples who meet these criteria can stand for the population of online consumers, for us, it is also important to remain and trace their email to require them to feedback our email within one week after they receive the questionnaire (Jamieson, 2009).

Collectively, it is very important for the researcher to decide whether non-probability sampling is appropriate for the research strategy and research objectives. This research conducted survey by using non-probability sampling method which is called convenience sampling. The primary cause that research uses sampling waysjustbecauseit can make researcher can find participants in any places, it is convenient and relatively save time.And this kind of data gathering methods can finish in a short time and it effect very much. Therefore with this kind of sampling methods, the respondent are usually selected with convenient and approachability to the researcher.These respondents are chosen in simple ways just because they are easily obtained for the research. Therefore this skill is easy and fast to operate, also it will be less cost and troublesome. (Seidler and Gillivray, 1976)

Correlation Analysis

Research site

Research site discussed in this paper is China, as an international city, it is playing an important role in global trading, especially for online merchandise industry, as a developed country with well-developed service industry, high demand in service attracts many famous international online merchandises to explore market in China, so the research conducted in China can reflect the problems Taobaoor eBay is going to face in international-wise. The methods of data collection in research paper are questionnaire and email communication, even Taobaoand eBay online merchandise authorize the researcher to conduct a series of research in organization, but due to the highly confidential in commercialinformation, the research is only allowed to communicate withparticipants in email, so that questionnaire sheet is the most important technique to reach the objective of this research.(Nauta and Kluwer, 2004), Then, the methods of data analysis would tend to be quantitative, the researcher intends to explain the situation based on the figures summarized from findings, graphs and tables would be used to respond to each research question, more importantly, the quantitative research would be more reliable with the figures and numbers existed to prove the situation discussed in findings (Paauwe, 2011).

Ethical issues are also discussed in this assignment, in order to implement the research to Taobao and eBayonline merchandise, the consensus must be signed by both of parties, the researcher must emphasize on its position in research process as the researcher only collect information for research purpose and not intend to collect information to be used in other purpose like selling, Taobao and eBayonline merchandise agrees with the research activities by this researcher and monitoring team would be set up to secure the important information in online merchandise. The reviewer comments that this research process is systematic and accurate, both of parties are respecting with each other and the methods and analysis process are reasonable, besides the fact that the researcher is not able to speak to the responsible person directly, which could contribute to more accurate information collected for findings analysis.


In conclusion, for the primary data, the good side is samplingand limitations also are sampling, because of the sampling must collected during the project and limit in professional level, that may cause the data which collected fromrespondent will not reflect theactualresearch finding based on data collected from overall respondent, therefore the data collected through sampling ways may not very accuracy.The data come from secondary data is created by other people who base on its own primary data, if there have some problem on validity and credibility of the primary data, that may cause low reliability of secondary data.

After all of the necessary primary and secondary data will have been collected, it will be important stage to analyze data in quantitative manner and summarize findings, in this research, quantitative research will be the major method to analyze the information collected, there would be some answers collected from selected research questions to assist in quantitative research, moreover, the statistical techniques would also be applied in analysis of the primary data collected, in order to obtain further understanding to the data collection and achieve research objectives with deep understanding to the topic. Additionally, in order to illustrate the analyzed information and discuss findings, it is necessary to make use of tables and charts which would be designed to illustrate the outcomes of research and emphasize on the trends of market condition and risk hedging effects.

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