Unit 4 Internet and Electronic Marketing Assignment Help

Risk Management

This E-Marketing Plan will be having a risk associated with it and we should first envisage a risk management plan before proceeding with this plan. The risks associated are hacking, Virus, Server Misconfiguration, negative aura from Social networks. These risks need to be properly assessed and monitored otherwise could prove fatal for the success of this strategy. Also. Demotivation of staff, lack of training as well as incompetent resources will make this strategy risky to implement. We need to take Unit 4 Internet and Electronic Marketing Assignment Helpcorrective actions like selection suitable talent for this program and making Service level agreements with them, imparting necessary training and installing Best of Class Security as well as Content management features for making this e-marketing plan a success.

Control Factors for E-Marketing Plan for FAA – Financial Advisors Australia

Evaluation Measures

We will be using Chaffy Framework for checking the success of e- marketing plan for FAA – Financial Advisors Australia and will assess the progress of this business strategy. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this plan by splitting up into multiple marketing channels into two categories. First will be the report of Website which will be at Macro Level and other will be the assessing of measures which will build traffic around website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia which will be at micro level.

  • FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website which will include News, Language support, Extranet for Email Access, Media, toolkits.
  • Traffic Builders which will include Viral Campaigns, Online Ads, SEO, RSS, Ad words, Web TV etc.

We will evaluate them in every quarter so that we can correct our strategy as well as take action for future strategy if the need arises.

Metrics for Evaluation of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website

Traffic Sources

  • Direct traffic for Website
  • Referring traffic for Website
  • Search engines results for Website
  • Electronic presentation tool in Website
  • Viral campaigns for building traffic across Website
  • Web TV channel in the Website
  • Online Advertising & PR through E marketing
  • E newsletter as a direct mailer
  • RSS & content syndication in the Website
  • Google Ad words Program

FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website Popularity

  • Total site visits on the Website
  • Unique site visits on the Website

Quality of Visit to Website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website

  • Bounce rate on Website
  • Average time spent on Website
  • Total page views of Website
  • Average page views of Website

Visitor Behavior and Loyalty of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website

  • Outbound links from Website
  • Most viewed content on Website
  • New vs. returning visitors to Website
  • Recency of visit to Website

International Coverage of Website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia

  • Geographic spread of visitors to Website
  • Language preference of Website

Visitor Quality of Website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia

  • Requests for information on Website by visitors
  • Asset downloads from Website
  • Asset referrals from Website

Influence and Satisfaction of Users from the Website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website

  • Was required information found on the Website of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia Website?
  • Has Website influenced user perception of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia?

Traffic Building component evaluation

Internet Channel Promotion

  • Referrals for Website
  • Acquisition cost of customers

Internet Channel Behavior

  • Who is the User?
  • How is the User?
  • When does the USER accesses
  • Stickiness of Internet as a Channel

Outcome of Traffic building

  • Leads generated
  • Sales generated
  • Conversion of leads in customers
  • Retention of customers

Internet Channel Contribution to Sales

  • Online contribution of Sales
  • Costs for Sales
  • Return on Investment done on these measures

Assessment Implementation Plan

The complete assessment of E- Marketing plan will be done using a questionnaire which will be on website and the also sent offline to necessary stakeholders. We will give resources for evaluation in the points of E- Marketing Strategy, Enquiries, Delivery of Content to Users, Managing online content and evaluate the same.



Resource (No. of People)Resource (Total hours per

week per person, excluding

agency time)

E-marketing Plan for FAA525 x5
Enquiry Mgmt for FAA312 x3
Delivery for Plan520 x5
Website Content


237.5 x2
Evaluation of Plan53 x5


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