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Unit 4 Business Law Assignment Help

Criteria ReferenceTo achieve the criteria the evidence must show the learner have:Achieved?


1.1apply the legal rules on implied terms relating to the sale of goods and supply of services
1.2apply the statutory provisions on the transfer of property and possession
1.3evaluate the statutory provisions on buyer’s and seller’s remedies
1.4apply product liability statutory provisions
2.1differentiate between types of credit agreements
2.2apply rules, termination rights and default notices in a given scenario
2.3differentiate between the different types of agent
2.4evaluate the rights and duties of an agent
3.1outline monopolies and anti-competitive practice legislation in the UK
3.2explain the role of the Competition Commission within the context of monopolies and anti-competitive practices and the UK Office of Fair Trading
3.3define dominant positions within the EU common market
3.4consider the application of EU exemptions to potentially anti-competitive practices
4.1identify differing forms of intellectual property
4.2outline the principles relating to the protection of inventions through patent rights and their infringement in a given business scenario
4.3compare and contrast the protection of trademarks and business environment names

Contextualisation Grid to achieve Higher Grade

Unit 4 Business Law Assignment Help

DescriptorsIndicative characteristicsContextualisation


Merit Description
M1. Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.Effective judgments have been made.

An effective approach to study and research  has been used.

To achieve M1, you will have to apply the relevant legal theories on implied terms of Sale of Goods and Termination rights in consumer credit especially in 1.1 and 2.2 respectively in the tasks. You will also have to exercise effective judgement especially in Tasks 1.3, 3.4 and 4.4. An effective approach to study and research should have been manifested in any of the tasks to achieve an M1 as well.
M2. Select/ design and apply appropriate methods/ techniques.A range of sources of information used.

Appropriate structure and approach has been used.

To achieve M2, you should show evidence of using a range of sources of legal information especially in to addressing tasks 2.1, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. An appropriate structure and approach to the tasks could also enable you achieve M2 in any of the 4 tasks.
M3. Present and communicate appropriate findings.Technical language accurately used.To achieve M3, you should show evidence of logical and coherent arguments particularly in 1.2, 1.3 and 2.4 in the respective tasks. You should also show evidence of accurate use of legal technical language particularly in 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, 3.1, 3.3 and 4.1 in the tasks given.
Distinction Descriptors
D1. Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusion.Evaluation has taken place using defined criteria

The validity of results has been judged

To achieve D1, you will have to show evidence that evaluation of the key issues have taken place with justification for your conclusions as requested in the tasks particularly in 1.3, 2.4 and 3.2.
D2. Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities.Autonomy and independence has been demonstrated


To achieve D2, you will have to demonstrate autonomy and evidence of independent research across your assignment. You will have to work in accordance with all deadlines for all the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria as well as showing the interdependence of all the learning outcomes in the assignment.
D3. Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinkingCapacity for innovation and creative thought has been used.


To achieve D3, you should show evidence of innovative thinking particularly in addressing task 3 and 4 which deals with ongoing issues in the area of Business law.

Glossary of academic words used in this and other assignments

Account forGive reasons for: explain why something happens.
AnalyseExamine something in very close detail and from a number of angles. Identify the important points and chief features, and understand their relationships.
ArguePresent a case for and against a proposal or statement and present your own opinion at the end.
CompareShow how two or more things are similar.
ContrastLook at two or more things and draw out differences. State whether the differences are significant.
Critically evaluateWeigh arguments for and against something, assess the strength of evidence on both sides.
DefineGive the exact meaning of.
DescribeGive a detailed account of the main features or characteristics …
DiscussWrite about the most important characteristics of something. Give arguments for and against, look at it from a variety of perspectives.
DistinguishIdentify the differences between two items.
EvaluateAssess the worth or usefulness of something. Use evidence to support your opinion.
ExamineLook at something in detail. You may be expected to ‘critically evaluate’ it as well.
ExplainMake it clear why something happens or why it is the way it is.
IdentifyRecognise name and briefly describe something.
IllustrateUse examples to further explain or justify something. Could be visual or verbal. See more : Government Organizations Assignment part 2
InterpretExplain the meaning or significance of information or data that you are presenting.
JustifyProvide evidence that supports an argument or idea.
OutlineGive only the main points, show only the main structure.
ProvePresent evidence in a logical structure to support an argument for a point of view.
Relate (Two meanings)1. Show how ideas / theories/ events etc are linked or connected.

2. Tell a story. Explain something in a narrative fashion.

ReviewSurvey and comment on the key aspects of something or a range of things.
StateGive the main features clearly and simply.
SummariseDraw out the main points, omitting detail and examples.
To what extent…How far is something true, or contributes to a final outcome. Also how far is it not true? In academic writing the answer is usually somewhere in the middle.
TraceDescribe the development of something; follow the order of different stages in an event or process.

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