Unit 4 Advertising and Promotion Assignment


Q. 11 The integration of promotional techniques into a promotional strategy for West field

Maximising football is the main part of every retail expansion strategy. Expansion in football is crucial if the business is to obtain long-term goals and increase the revenues.

  • Tidy up Westfield shop front: Competition on the high street is severe. Indeed in the present climate retailers are struggling for every last consumers. Thus, it is crucial that the premises of Westfield are made attractive. Sometimes it is seen that the huge maximisation in football by making decision minor alterations. Something as easy as leaving the face door of Westfield shop open may support to make the shop more accessible and motivate consumer to enter (Brun, 2011).
  • Alliance with local business: It is required to partner with the local businesses to obtain benefits from the association.
  • Moving into the street: various retailers assume that they are restricted through the four walls of their premises. But it is not so meeting consumers on the street may be proved to be an adequate method of enticing them into the shop of Westfield and creating awareness of the brand.
  • Creating customer Loyalty: Schemes of loyalty are an effective way of maximising football between the current customers. According to Pennington (2010), the firm may maximise their repeat business by facilitating discounts to returning customers.
  • Considering the offering: To increase the sales, it is necessary to be assured of the products which are offered in by the shop If the shopkeeper is unsure, then he should pay a visit to a competitor to observe what they are offering.
  • Boosting the marketing: It is essential that the probable consumers should have knowledge about the firm and its products For the purpose of obtaining this, the firm needs to be sure of their marketing effort are comprehensive (Robertson, 2015). There are a number of ways through which an organization can boost its marketing efforts. The situational analysis includes actual and potential market size, Current trends of the market, consumer department, and distribution channel.

The three objectives of the promotional campaign are:

  • Recognition of the brand
  • Increase in Sales
  • Goodwill

The targeted audience of the campaign are affluent; wealthy as well as energetic who are likely to invest more funds.

Q. 12 Planning of the incorporation of promotional methods into the promotional strategy for a business

Promotional methods are utilized to draw attention of the customers. The firms require designing the promotional operations adequately for the purpose of enabling to expand the name of the brand. To sell the goods, firms utilise various methods but their aim is similar. The Westfield need to follow the following:

  • Arranging campaign and showing presentation on their operations
  • Creating informative website.

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Q. 13 Process for the formulation of a budget for an incorporated promotional strategy

Making budget for incorporating promotional strategy is crucial for each firm. Budget is a financial strategy made for a specific period. It includes percentage of sales, competitive parity, customer expectation, etc. Budget is made according to the percentage of sales after ascertain the percentage of sale the budget is determined. Competitive equality is the other process of integration of promotional strategy (Speller, and Stolee, 2014), it is to be kept in mind that the customers of the firm expect low price and quality goods keeping in mind the budget to be made.

Q. 14 Adequate methods for measuring campaign effectiveness

“Promotions are time specific and may be short term while advertising may be generically long term. For example: ABS company may start a promotion of giving free drinks at a mall for a day during the festive season, while the same company may advertise much before about their drink at the start of the festive season and extend it during and beyond the season” (Diffen, 2015).  The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured through the response of the customers. If the customer’s feedback is good then it can be ascertained that the campaign is successful. The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured through loyalty of the customers, if the customer’s loyalty is increased for the Westfield it could be ascertained that the campaign is successful (Pennington, 2010). Of course, the best way of measuring the same is in terms of the revenue earned by the organization behaviour. If the revenue of the organization has increased or is increasing it can be perceived that the consumers are responding well.


To survive and become accomplish in the competitive market advertising and promotional operations is essential. It is recognise by this Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment Westfield Shopping that it is up to the Westfield to select adequate approach and utilise them in adequate manner. However, the consequence will have an impact not just on the firm but also the persons associated with it.

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