This is a solution of Unit 3 Sample Of Hospitality Assignment Assignment in which we discuss Developing business 

Unit 3 Sample Of Hospitality Assignment

LO 3 Able to plan the development of hospitality business

P3.1 Develop a rationale for a selected project clearly justifying decisions linked to target market.

In designing hotel and marketing the same it is more important to consider many of the factors as price being the most important. People are always attracted by the best deals and offers and also having hotel in appropriate locations and having good rating is necessary. The target market chosen:

 Male and female

 Middle class people with families

Many of the individuals travel in groups or with their own families having children, so to have a family base customer service is necessary and offering the activities and resources for the people of any age. In this case many of the airlines offers are inclined towards offering family trips and holidays. In this manner those airlines who are wanting to promote their business in the hotel so designed and providing the same service as well would be benefited for both as they would intend to attract new customers and having a link with the airlines would attract their present customers as well. Looking at clean, good and well-managed hotels fall under the category of 3 stars being average for many hotels, but now people are inclined towards saving their money so to provide people proper services and facilities in hotel at an affordable price is necessary.

If the hotel has to have good outlook and run in extreme conditions it has to have good interiors and exteriors and the surroundings should also be safe and sound. In this way it would reflect the destination and location itself. If such a hotel succeeds as a franchise along with having different destinations then the exterior of the hotel will have to be classy and traditional. 12

The building of the hotel in this case would be as set of apartments having at least 5 stories but it should also possess 3 to 4 separate buildings surrounding each other as many of the other hotels. To give it a separate look then it would have separate buildings which would give a family feel and also a feel of luxury small village. It would also have a swimming pool, reception after entering through large gates and would be having a playground outside for the children which would be surrounded by food area outside and bars too. It will also have small paths having flowers alongside leading various areas of the resort. The interior looks of the hotel should be having different buildings each of the rooms would have a separate balcony. The flowers will also be having a red shade which would surround the building so as to give a special look as compared with other hotels. The top of the building of hotels will have small roofs so that it gives a homely feel. (Powers, 1995) See more : Business Strategy Assignment Help-2

Last but not the least various promotional activities would also be used to promote the hotel so designed. The activities would consist of advertising through social media sites, by word –of-mouth, etc.

P3.2 Develop a plan for hospitality business including the operational requirements of the business organisational structure in relation to human resource allocation.

The hospitality business as Hotels is generating popularity in terms of providing sufficient service as compared with their competitors. There are a variety of organisational structures which are to be identified before selecting any specific one to best suit the hospitality business. The structures include:

  1. Pre-bureaucratic Structures: It is best used for the small organisations so as to have small problems and helps in controlling the growth of the company.
  2. Bureaucratic structures: These structures are having their significance.
  3. Post-bureaucratic structures are having decision making policies including the conflict strategies. 13
  1. Functional Structures tend to divide different tasks in specific categories involving information technology, marketing, and research and customer service.
  2. Divisional Structures: These structures are divided into three areas and those are product, geographic and market and the organisations are organised as per different divisions.
  3. Matrix Structures: They include different aspect of organisation which is linked together, which is the interaction of various people in the company. For instance a distribution manager would report to another manager in another field.

Therefore the operational requirements of the hotels organisation structure would be to let it focus on the divisional structure and the matrix structure as they are in relation to other organisational structures. A business as hospitality, it is necessary to represent the areas as market, product and geographic in the company is the main criteria which is offered by the divisional structure. It is important to look at the organisational structure when one has to focus on the needs and wants of the consumers and Human resource management then the characteristics of the individuals, group are very important. As per the book by Michael J. Boella and Steven Goss on Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, it is necessary to improve performance in the hospitality industry of the organisation, two elements are required to be specified as identification of the individuals and groups strengths and weaknesses in order to make corrections in weaknesses could be corrected and developed strengths developed and built. The second one is identification of the aspirations and hopes of each and every individual and group in order to avoid conflict with the organisations objectives and they could be satisfied. Major factor in organisation development is commitment as this is very important for the company to be committed to the values whether being in any field so that they can provide full satisfaction for their consumers. The overall integration could be positive improvement for the same in specific to the tourism and the hospitality but at times can give negative effects. (Anon (II), n.d.) 14

Hospitality and the Tourism are working effectively with each other as the tourism tends to promote destinations and holidays as it is concerned with the business of the field. The hospitality aspect on the other hand is concerned with the relationship between the consumer and the business as well and builds the brand loyalty with client or customer. 15


The accommodation and the catering providers have to make the business of travel and tourism survive as some people are having incentive for traveling if there are not enough places for sleeping and eating. Many of the hotels and restaurants tend to cater to various target markets. In some cases the business oriented people have the requirement of a business oriented hotel which could offer them appropriate communication and could spend their time relaxing in a cool and peaceful environment and for families they should offer a resort type setting so that the families could relax and enjoy in that setting. The assignment started off with the relationship of the hospitality business with the travel and tourism is being effectively made understood and the concept of the star rating is also clear as according to budget of the individuals and families there are various different rating of hotels available for offering them sufficient accommodation and the basic amenities and as the accommodation rates increases, this increases their facilities for their prospective customers to make them feel in luxury place or a palace. These services are directly linked with that of travel as many of the individuals sort for packages while traveling. The concept of allotting different package to different customers according to their suitability is clearly explained with aid of the knowledge of the tour operator who is linked with any of the hotels and helping in providing easy accommodation facility along with the flight ticket service (Anon (III), 2012). Click Here

Integration system is also effectively made clear along with defining their advantages and as it is inevitable for certain organisations that aim to expand their businesses, it tends to provide control over the providers during different stages of the chain of distribution, aiming at increasing the share of the market, quality improvement, operating costs to be reduced, and even providing profitability maximization. From the assignment it is clear that the companies integrate so that it becomes less risky for them to start a new venture and on the other hand it also creates time for generating trust of the people on such a company as it has just started. 16

The project of the hospitality business has also cleared the concepts of hospitality business benefits and the way through which it could be created effectively, the various organisations structures and the structure which would effectively suit the Hotel business is made clear. 17

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