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Task 2 B Evaluation of the research

Application of appropriate research evaluation techniques

There are various kinds of research evaluation techniques are available which get discussed below such as:

Systematic peer review: This technique is utilised in order to make deep evaluation and along with this it is a time consuming technique. This technique is mostly utilised in such research studies which attain lots of time with them.

Surveys evaluation technique: This technique is utilized in order to make evaluation of the outcomes or views shared by the population. The data collected for the technique is in huge quantity (Sæbø, 2014).

Biliometric analysis: This technique is utilised for making evaluation of the journals, articles and reports gathered from the secondary sources. It helps in getting current trend but it is not effective in order to make evaluation of future trend.

Case study analysis: This technique required huge resource involvement and it renders in-depth knowledge of the topic. In most of the research studies this technique is utilised (Sæbø, 2014).

In order to conduct the research study “Survey evaluation technique” is utilised as information is gathered by conducting surveys. Questionnaire is utilised in order to gather the information, the information gathered is in the form of views and comments of the population. The main advantage of this technique is it helps in gathering the data in both forms such as qualitative and qualitative, population share their viewpoints. There are few demerits associated with this statement is whether the answered rendered by the targeted population is correct or not (Sæbø, 2014).

Unit 3 Research Project Assignment HelpThe data gathered with the use of the questionnaire is specific as there are limited questions set by the researcher in order to collect the data from the targeted population. Research limits the area of information system by setting questions because questions cover all the necessary elements of the research study. And in order to get the adequate level of information relevant population should get targeted. The gathered data get analysed and evaluated in order to make it useful in context to the research topic (Sæbø, 2014).

(Sæbø, 2014)

Interpretation and analysis of the results, in terms of the original research specification

The data is gathered with the help of survey over 100 individuals and out of whole data sample of 10 individuals get taken out for the purpose of evaluation. The analysis is made below such as:

Table 1: Advertisement highly influence the youth towards the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

Analysis: As per the majority of the people the young generation spend their lots of time over watching T.V. and surfing internet. In this case they effectively watch the advertisement and in advertisements they also get some kind of discount which increase the consumption level of the viewers and influence the youngsters (Babor, et. al., 2010).

Table 2: Banning advertisements helps in reducing the percentage consumption of tobacco or alcohol or cigarettes.

Analysis: Most of the population is agreed with the statement as by banning these kinds of advertisement there is fall in the consumption level of these products. In the absence of this advertisement majority of people are not able to know about the new launch of such products (Babor, et. al., 2010).

Table 3: With the effect of the advertisements there is adequate increase in the consumption of cigarettes or alcohol by the young generation.

Analysis: Most of the population is agreed with the statement as there is adequate level of increase is noted down in the consumption of the cigarettes and alcohol among the youth. They get influenced highly with the message rendered by the advertisement (Babor, et. al., 2010).

Table 4: Advertisement of products like cigarettes, alcohol or tobacco promotes the youngsters to make consumption of these products.

Analysis: These products get started promotion with the help of the advertisements and the level of these consumption get increase at a rapid pace with the effect of advertisement because they can target more and more people towards them (Chavan, et. al., 2010).

Table 5: Advertisements put effective influence over youngsters.

Analysis: Youngsters spend their most of time over the watching T.V. Serials, online surfing and many more and over these there is adequate flow of these kinds of advertisement and with this effect they get influenced highly (Chavan, et. al., 2010).

Table 6: Youngsters get influenced by the models or celebrities who indulged into promotion of these products instead of all advertisements. Read more : A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen

Analysis: Majority of the population agreed that involvement of celebrities in the promotional activities or advertisements of these products put high influence over the youngsters and it lead to increase in the consumption level (Martinasek, et. al., 2011).

Table 7: Consumption of alcohol and tobacco products didn’t put much impact over health.

Analysis: The answers are highly against that the consumption of the alcohol and tobacco products. There are various adverse impact put over the health with the consumption of these products as human body will suffer from various kinds of diseases, and various other harmful effects (Martinasek, et. al., 2011).

Table 8: Drugs should be restricted for the medicine purpose only.

Analysis: As per the majority of the population it is agreed that drugs should be restricted to the medicine production only and other use of it should be restricted and government need to put effective actions against it (Rogers, 2012).

Table 9: Spending over tobacco products is investment.

Analysis: Majority of the population is disagreed with the statement as there is no benefited is associated with the consumption of the tobacco products. There are only harmful effects put over the body with the consumption of such products (Rogers, 2012).

Table 10: There are some medicines which are adequate substitute of alcoholic beverages.

Analysis: As per the majority of the population it is agreed that there are various medicines which are prefect substitute to the alcoholic beverages and in case of requirement many individuals make consumption of these medicines (Rogers, 2012).

Recommendation and justification for areas for further research or consideration


There are some information also gathered in context to the use of the tobacco and its products and also alcoholic products. This information also get discussed below such as:

Figure 1: Decrease in the consumption of the tobacco and its products:

(Carpenter OBE, et. al., 2014)

Analysis: As per the above figure it is noted down that there is significant fall down in the consumption of the tobacco and its products. There is effective use of tobacco and its products in the year 2003 but there is consistent fall is noted down in their consumption. As per the figure it is noted down that approx 35% of total population is consuming tobacco and its products on continuous basis but in the year 2014 the ratio is get decreased to a significant level which is approx 25%. In 10 years there is a downfall noted down of 10%. Behind the downfall in consumption there may be various reasons such as increase in prices, increase in taxes, increase in health awareness among individuals, etc (Carpenter OBE, et. al., 2014).

Figure 2: Increase in the prices lead to decrease in the sales:

(Preece, 2011)

Analysis: As per the above diagram it is noted down that there is adequate increase in the cost of cigarettes packs and with the increase in the prices there is subsequent decrease in the total sales of the cigarette packs. Due to the increase in the prices there are various individuals that are not capable to make purchases of cigarettes which also decrease the ratio of their sales. As per the figures presented in the above diagram in the year 2004 the average price per pack sold was €2,500 million then their sales was of around € 5,500 million but as the prices get increased then there is subsequent decrease in their sales. In the year 2014 the ratio of average price and cigarettes sold of 2004 get reversed as in 2014 the average price per pack get increased from €2,500 million to €6,500 million and the sales of cigarettes get decreased from € 5,500 million to € 2,500 million (Preece, 2011).

Figure 3: Impact of advertising over alcohol consumption:

(Preece, 2011)

Analysis: As per the above figure it is clearly observed that when there is increase in advertising then there is also increase noted down in its consumption. Manufacturers spend huge amount over the advertising in order to promote their products in the market and with the effect of their advertising there is effective increase noted down in the consumption of alcohol (Preece, 2011). See more : Five Personality Traits Assignment part 2


There are many recommendations in context to the research topic such as:

  • Parents need to get aware about the habits of their children so that they become capable enough to put control over them.
  • Government need to put high taxes over the production or manufacturing of these kinds of products.
  • No Medicine should be used without taking proper prescription.
  • Government should put ban over the advertisements which include promotion of such harmful products such as alcohol, cigarettes, etc (McCool, et. al., 2014).
  • Government have to increase the prices of these kinds of products so that low-income people as well as middle level income people can’t able to purchase these things. And then make it such expensive that none can make purchases of it.
  • Government put penalties or fine over the celebrities if they make promotion of these products.
  • Aware youngsters about the harmful effects rendered by the use of tobacco (McCool, et. al., 2014).

Future consideration:

There is future consideration in context to further research is to evaluate the benefits of banning advertisements related to the products of tobacco, alcohol, etc. there is also effective evaluation is made in context to the increase or decrease in the consumption level of these products by the respective population (Bottorff, et. al., 2014).


  • Babor, T., Society for the Study of Addiction & Pan American Health Organization 2010, Alcohol: no ordinary commodity : research and public policy, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Baum, M., Schäfer, M. & Kabst, R. 2016, “Modeling the Impact of Advertisement‐Image Congruity on Applicant Attraction”, Human Resource Management,  55, no. 1, pp. 7-24.

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