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Capacity Planning

By capacity planning, we mean finding out the capacity of production of an organisation which is required by the organisation to meet the demands and needs of consumers. It can be said that it is the method to determine the total capacity of production of a company.

It is the step where the organisation decided whether they need to produce more of a particular product. It is basically done to estimate that is the capacity of production of an organisation matching the demand of the organisation. And on the basis of that, the further actions can be planned.At dominos, the demand is forecasted and the production capacity of dominos is matched to plan further actions.

Dominos can bake 24 pizzas at a time but when it gets orders in bulk, it creates a problem because the capacity is 24 pizzas at a time. If the demand at a particular outlet is constantly high thenthe production capacity of that outlet should be increased s that the demand can be met properly. And if the high demand occurs once in a while then the order can be transferred to the other outlet so that the order can be fulfilled. (Brands, 2016)

The orders at dominos can be placed online, at store or by telephone. After getting the order, dominos prepares the base and toppings and then it bakes it in the oven. The ingredients are used as per the selected menu by the customer from the menu card. Once the pizza is prepared, it is delivered to the customer within time.

The environmental and/or ethical impacts of the company’s value chain

The value chain of Dominos

Value chain refers to those activities which have to be done so that a value product can be delivered in a market. The value chain is very important to be considered so that it can be known that how a product is created. The customer needs are to be kept in mind because the customer needs drives the value chain of the company. Dominos is doing the same, it keeps customer in mind while developing the value chain of the company.


The primary activities of Dominos include:

Inbound Logistics: Dominos gets its raw materials from farmers. Wheat for dough and other vegetables for toppings are procured from the farmers and the milk for cheese is procured from the dairy farms and Soft drinks, Coke is supplied by Coca Cola. (Riley, 2010)

Operations: Its operations include the manufacturing inputs into the outputs and it takes place in the kitchens of Dominos. It follows a process for the preparation of food items.

Outbound logistics: Dominos is committedtowards providing the excellent quality of food to the customers so that they remain satisfied with the brand. Dominos works through franchisee stores and outlets where different variety of food items is available.

Marketing Logistics:

Dominos is operating in more than 60 countries and serving millions of customers. Dominos carries advertising campaigns for advertising its brand and products through television, bill boards, sponsorship, internet and social media. (Kaser, 2013)


Dominos provides excellent services to its customers. It provides gift cards which can be gifted to anyone the customer want to and the card can be redeemed on the basis of card value. Dominos provides variety of food products in many flavours

The Support activities of Dominos include:

Firm infrastructure:McDonald uses franchisee stores to run its business.

Human Resources Activities: Dominos provides flexible working hours to its employees and engage them in motivation building activities

Technology: Dominos uses IT to modernize its operations

Procurement: The materials are procured from the farmers at a discounted price in bulk. (Riley, 2010)

Environmental / ethical impacts of Dominos and its operations

According to (Dominos, 2016)Dominos keeps the community at first and they strive to be responsible towards the society. In the year 2013, the company started its Corporate Social Responsibility activities by evaluating their own activities of business and decision making the plan for the future. Dominos is a successful business and they managed to be the leading pizza delivery companies from years but they also want to build up their social reputation. Dominos, from its activities has following environmental and ethical impacts:

  • Reduction of Co2 emissions from the machines used for the preparation of dough
  • Reduced the consumption of fuel in supply chain activities
  • Dominos put into practice the energy management system
  • Reduction in wastes
  • Reduction in the speed limits of vehicles on road
  • Maintaining the nutrition level in the food products
  • Maintaining positive partnership with the suppliers
  • Maintaining the motivation level of employees
  • Caring for the cleanliness in society
  • Caring for the wellbeing of employees
  • Supportingthe community by providing charities(Dominos, Corporate social responsibility report, 2016)


Dominos is a world class pizza delivery brand which is a leader in the industry. In the assignment, theoperations of dominos have been discussed. The company’s operations strategy, its vision, mission, and core competencies are discussed and it is seen that dominos is focussed to deliver word class experience to its customer with great taste and quality in its products. Dominos is focussed about its production planning and control in which it forecasts the demand of its products and plan the production of the products according to the capacity of production.

Dominos is not only focussed for achieving its corporate goals and objectives but also engaged in the CSR activities. It is involved in the protection of environment and also takes care of fulfilling the ethical requirements in the society by maintaining cleanliness in the society, reduction of Co2 emissions, reductions of wastes, etc. which brings the Company to a higher level of reputation in the society. Order Now

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