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Task 3


To: The Marketing Head

From: Account Executive of Dawson & Davis

Cc: Manager

Date: 31 March 2016

Re: Techniques of Below the Line promotion

Barclaycard has first used the celebrities and their appearances in their promotions. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Saunders were the part of these campaigns but it did not go well and then Barclaycard used another technique for promotion which used social media and internet with print media and television. In this campaign, it used the water slide campaign. These are the below the line techniques which proved to be effective earlier but afterwards it faced some problems as the audience felt that there is no freshness in the advertisements.

The advantages of Below the Line Techniques in Barclaycard are:

  • Social media helped in developing effective relationship with the customers.
  • These are the flexible techniques
  • The customers got aware by below the line techniques.
  • The huge no of customers got influenced because of the engagement of celebrities in the promotion campaigns

Various disadvantages of Below the Line Techniques in Barclaycard are:

  • Involving celebrities in the promotional campaigns involved to much of cost for the company
  • Many customers do not use social media
  • It requires lot of efforts and cost.(land, 2015)

The promotional techniques are beneficial for the success of the Barclaycards as it connects the organisation and its products with the customers. Barclaycard used the appearance of celebrities in their promotional campaigns earlier but somehow they failed in providing the impact on the consumers for a long run. So, now Barclaycard is using some other promotional techniques to make its promotional campaigns effective and it can use the following techniques to impact the customers. These promotional techniques are:

Direct Mail marketing: Direct mail marketing involves the sending of mails to the target customers which includes the potential and existing customers and in the mails, the promotion of the products and services of Barclaycards is done. It helps in targeting the customers directly and the brand name of the company is positioned in theminds of thecustomers. It influences the customers as they feel privileged that the exclusive mail has been received by them by the company. It will help the company to get immediate feedbacks of the customers and it is also beneficial to the company in terms of cost. (Drewniary & Jewler, 2008)

Door to Door marketing: The salespersons of the company can make calls to the customers and take an appointment from them. The salesperson can visit the customer and try to sell the products of the company by influencing the customers with the help of promotional techniques, by telling the features of the products, by providing special offers and discounts, etc. This technique of promotion is beneficial as this allows the company to directly interact with the customers and to build good relationship with them. (Kanagal, 2014)

With the help of this promotional technique, the company can focus on the demands and needs of the customers and then the company can focus on their individual demands. This will also satisfy the customer because the customer will get the personal attention from the company and he will become the loyal customer of the company.

Integration of both the techniques will be used for better results of the promotional techniques. Direct mails can be sent to the huge no of customers to cover large no of customers at once and it is cost effective for the company and door to door marketing will be beneficial in building good relationship with the customer. So the use of both the techniques will be beneficial for the company like it differentiates the organisation with the competitors because of which Barclaycards can gain a competitive position in the market. (Alhaddad, 2015)

Various offers, discounts, etc. will influence customers to make the decision in favour of Barclaycards because the customer will have many reasons to buy the product. Due to the usage of all these promotional activities, the revenue of the company will increase as it is clear that sales promotion is the best method to increase the sales of the company and to enhance the revenue of the organisation. (Hackley & Hackely, 2014) Order Now

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