Unit 21 : HR Management Solution

Task 4

A) Analyse how training and development contributes to the effective performance and organisational success in your organisation in general

Employees who are in proper shape, in terms of employability skills abilities, can lead the organisation successfully in the long term. Hence it is very much important that the company follows training and development practises to fully enable an employee to serve with best capabilities.

Training programs are short term based and they are aimed towards improving the set of minimum required amount of capabilities for the employment. Training can be on the job and off the job. Various on the job training programs include inductions, mentoring, and coaching.

  • Induction: Aim of the induction program is to make them familiar with the organisation, and it is offered to the new employees while they join the company.
  • Mentoring: It offers opportunity to the new recruit to gain the first-hand experience knowledge from an experienced mentor. It is targeted towards empowering the employees with new ideas and to increase their potential.
  • Coaching: It offers learning and development practises to the employee with more specific goals and objectives than mentoring. A coach is given charge of specific employee development with responsibility of an employee or a group of employees.

Off the job training facilities include role plays, simulations and lectures. These methods are theoretical in approach, and they are intended towards inculcating fundamental ideas of various areas of job. These trainings are offered outside the actual facility of work.

Development programs for employees are different from training programs in terms of applicability and employee’s association. On one hand, trainings are provided in the initial stages of employment which makes the employee understand basic requirements of the employment. On the other hand, development programs are aimed towards improving employee personality and skill sets. Development programs are longer in their approach compared to training. Development program requires strong commitment from the learner and it gives a continuous learning opportunity. InterContinental hotels identify the potential long term leaders and the identified employees are trained with required skills for future needs. The employees at various facilities of the group are given with more responsibilities and are asked to put their best efforts in right direction (Noe, 2002).

B) Critically analyse the current training and development policies and procedures of your chosen organisation

InterContinental Hotels have been practising a number of training programs related to various functions of the company and also have leadership development programs at place. The training programs are aimed towards making the employees understand various functions including Sales planning & Marketing, Revenue Management, Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Supervisory Leadership. The company offers the programs for various roles within the company and at various locations of employments. Employees are encouraged to take part in the company’s training programmes available online. Moreover the hotel group has formed a partnership with the Hospitality management & Research Institute, in order to develop training systems with more applicability and relevance.

The group provides the four promises to each employee in order to make them enable align with the growth opportunity offered by the organisation. The training and development are programmed in order to support the employees and give them ample opportunities in order to develop and pursue their career. The four promises based on which employees are trained are the following:

  • You will know what success means for your role
  • You will be involved in regular, quality feedback instructions
  • You will have the opportunity to develop both in your current and future roles
  • You will know what career opportunities are available with IHG around the world (InterContinental Hotels Group, 2014)

The company offers Senior Leadership Programmes which are structured in order to develop the required capabilities required for the employee who want to be at top-level management. It includes psychometric assessments, and the program contents are delivered by academics from leading universities. The program is concentrated on linking the employee’s personal and professional goals. The training and development facilities of the IHG are regarded as one of the best practises in the industry. The effectiveness of the programs has given result by bringing future leaders to the front, and by enabling the company possess a robust talented work force (InterContinental Hotels Group, 2014; Noe, 2002).


In the hotel sector, the purpose of human resource management is to enable the organisations follow best methods of recruitment, employee management and development. The role of HRM is much more than just administrative management of employees. Role and responsibility of employees in service sector organisations are very important because they carry the value to the customers. The function of human resource management ranges from the employee selection and recruitment process to the employment cessation process. Hence it is necessary to perceive the HRM practise with strategic approach. Training and development activities are also helpful in building the employee efficiencies.


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