Unit 201 Course Resources Assignment Help

Unit 201 Course Resources Assignment Help

 Understand the development and growth of a child

This study has been focused on the development and growth of a child. The researcher has been taken 0 to 16 years children under consideration to understand how environment, family, friends, education helps to build their behavioural structure. This study will help practitioners, family members to meet children’s need by knowing their expectation. Under this study, the researcher has Unit 201 Course Resources Assignment Helpfocused on a child’s physical development, intellectual and communication development, behavioural, social and emotional development (Referred to Understanding Children’s development).

Development of a child is divided into 5 separate stages-

  • Infancy stage: from birth- 1 year
  • Early years: 1year- 3 years
  • Childhood: 4 years- 7 years
  • Puberty: 8 years- 12 years
  • Adolescence: 13 years- 16 years

1.     Expected pattern

a)Physical Development

Physical development indicates a change in the body including performance and skills. “Gross motor development” and “fine motor development” has been shown at that time. A chart has been drawn to show the physical developments of a child:

Table 1: Physical Development

b)Intellectual and communication development

Communication development indicates the learning process of a child related to his ability to communicate with family, friends and others. Intellectual development indicates the ability of memory, understanding and concentration.

Table 2: Intellectual and communication development

c) Behavioural, social and emotional development

This development indicates towards a child’s self-image, identity, improvement in a relationship, feelings about others and own.

Tabe 3: Behavioural, social and emotional development

1.2Examples on how several developmental aspects influence one another

Development cannot be occurred by its own; Those aspects can have negative aor positive impact on children’s mind. As an example, children from wealthy family can grow up without  financial hazards in his mind and can also be provided well clothes, foods and education. Though these advantages may misplace their influence if that child does not get enough support and love from his family members.

2.1 Types of influences

  1. a) Background- Development of a child can be affected through his cultural and family background. People having enough money can provide maximum comfort to their children and good education too. On other hand, children from upper classes family many times do not get chjance to spend quality time with their parents. Such lack of love and support may create hinders in the path of their mental development. On another side, people having low income may not provide every aspects of life to their children and they deprives. This basic difference may create some low confidence in children’s mind.
  2. b) Health- If any child is suffering from long time illness, acute illness or psychological abnormality then it would hamper his developmental stage. Health can also be hampered through socio-economic standards and low income.
  3. c) Environment- Environment plays a vital role in developing a child’s psychological behavior. Such as, children who are staying in a crowded accommodation often face stress due to neighbor behaviors and have a tendency to get touch with any criminal activities or personal attacks.

 2.2 Importance of responding and recognizing different aspects related to young people and child’s development

It has found that development of a child is variable and complex in nature. Therefore it is essential to provide extra concern about children so that they can recognize basic problems of a child and if the process is effective for him or not. As an example, while observing a child it is equally necessary to notice how he reacts with another child and how does he complete his task. This observation can help a care giver to get more involve with a child as that person knows about children’s strengths and needs well.

As an example, Luke a child was suddenly stopped to go outside for playing while she used to like playing with big equipments before. After noticing Luke it has found that Luke could not use her right arm rightly and she has taken to doctor as soon as possible. This incident shows that is is highly essential to notice children carefully.

 Recognize transactions faced by young people and children

The three main transactions that may face by a child or young people are:

Financial support: Due to low family incomes young people or childr4en often face deprivation.

Environment: Sometimes unhealthy environment, poor behavior of neighbor, unsupportive family members can force a child to get involved in crime or unhealthy lifestyle.

Trust level: Trust from elders, family members or care givers can help a child to express his thought or problems in front of others.


“Bereavement” is a factor that can only faced by some young people at their early age. Death of realtives, parents or main care givers often put them under depression. They may loss their emotional balance and face problems in running normal life.

As an example, a 4 years old child Lee has seen to use offensive languages while talking with others. After analyzing the entire matter it has found, that Lee’s mother has a tendency to use such offensive language during continuing a communication. This means that Lee is highly affected by his parent’s communication style and learns from them.

 Transactions that influence development and behavior of young people and children                                 

According to body brain has also developed and gains enough skills to communicate. At this age, children often show high social awareness, enjoy independence, grow a sense of social awareness, and become confident and independent. They also can differentiate each emotional aspects and react based on it.

  • As an example, children from upper classes family many times does not get chance to spend quality time with their parents. Such lack of love and support may create hinders in the path of their mental development. On another side, people having low income may not provide every aspects of life to their children and they deprives. This basic difference may create some low confidence in children’s mind. Sometimes death of parents or close relatives, care givers at an early age may create hinders while leading normal life of a young people.
  • As another example, Janice is a single mother and living with her 8 year old son alone. Janice is a working lady and unable to provide enough attention to her son. She did not able to afford leisure activities or spend holidays with her son due to lack of money. The entire circumstances could affect Janice’s son development and put him under deprivation (co.in, 2019).

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