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Value Proposition to the customers

Dominos is the company which is customer centric. It analyse the needs and wants of the customers and try to fulfil them in the best way. But this is a big challenge for the company because the company have to bring innovative food items constantly to allure customers the brand is successful in providing the value and sustainability to the customers and in the future, it is focussing on providing high quality experience to the customer. Customer can get quality services when the employees of the organisation are well trained and satisfied. Dominos gives employment to around 25000 people in United Kingdom who are well trained for providing the high quality services and making high qualityproducts. It shows that there is a direct link between the quality of employees and satisfaction of customers. (Riley, 2010)

New product Development and the process design of the company’s operations

Dominos is customer focussed company which aims at providing maximum satisfaction and values to its customers. It also adds one or the other new food item in its menu which can maintain theinterest of the customers in the dominos and its taste and products. Providing the same taste, flavour and type of products results in the loss of interest of people from the brand. Dominos is always focused to develop theproducts which suit the needs and tastes of the customers and make them satisfied. According to (Dominos, about us, 2016), they adopt thestrategy of “Think Global Act Local” which means they strives to develop new products in every few months and come up with new flavours, crusts and toppings which suit the tastes and demands of the customers. The products are developed keeping in mind the local needs of the consumers.

The process design of the company’s operations

Planning and Market Research

Dominosis planning to develop new product in the market. For this purpose, it conducts a research project first of all. A research will be conducted to know that which the favourite flavours of the customers are. For e.g. India. In India, customers normally consume a spicy food item in India and a research will be conducted online to know the favourite flavours of Indian population. (Brands, 2016)

Evaluating the results of Market Research

After getting the results, the results will be evaluated to know the actual taste of Indian population so that the company can develop a product based on the results.

Development of a new product

After the research, Dominos reached to a conclusion that Indian population is more interested in consuming spicy food products. So Dominos develops a new product which is a blend of Italian pasta and Indian spices. It develops a pizza with a crust which is filled with pasta and then it is baked with a toping of Indian green and red chillies, corn and paneer. This product is developed keeping in mind the typical taste of Indian consumers with a blend of Italian pasta.

Product Life cycle

Every product has its own life cycle; the life cycle of the product of dominos is as explained under:

Introduction stage: A new Indian pasta pizza is introduced and launched in the market of India to suit the need and taste of Indian consumer.

Development stage: This is the stage when consumer is known and aware about the product and consumes it. The pizza is also ordered online by the customers.

Production stage:  here, the sales begin to decline because people have tried the pizza and they are now looking for new taste and flavours. The customer’s taste keeps on changing with the time.

Service stage:  The Company tries to enhance its sales by giving discounts and by providing extra services to the customers so that the business can get a boost by using these techniques.

Withdrawal: This is the stage where the company realizes that they need to introduce new products in their menu to maintain the interests of the consumers. (Rutherford & O’Fallon, 2011)

Production Planning and Control (Capacity Planning and Inventory Management)

For the success of the business of the organisation, planning and control of production function is very important. It involves forecasting the process of production so that correct decisions can be taken for the maximum efficiency of the business where as production control is that process which involves keeping an eye on the process of production and to manage the production process so that no deviation can be left from the planned process.

In production planning and control:

  • It is seen that the inputs of the production are properly used or not
  • It is seen that the work is done properly by all the workers.
  • Pre planning is done for every stage of production.

For the process of production planning, Demand forecasting is done to forecast that the products should be manufactured in what quantities. It involves inventory management and planning as well. In inventory management the stock of the company is managed so that the further decisions can be taken for the process of production. (Lowson, 2012)

Inventory management

Inventory management is done to manage the inventory of Dominos and to forecast the demand of products. In the Supply Chain Management of Dominos, the raw material is first provided to the master franchisees of Dominos and the stocks of all the franchise across the world are managed centrally from the master franchises. The raw material like dough, vegetables, and other ingredients are supplied to the franchises from the master franchisees.

In Supply chain of Dominos, UK, All the kitchen inputs, raw materials like dough and other foodUnit 2 Operation Management Assignment Help ingredients are arranged and prepared at a central commissionaire UK and then these prepared materials are transferred to the distribution centres which then supplies further to the stores and the quantity supplied will be based on the need of the store. Here the inventory is managed at stores to minimise the wastage of the products. (Barnes, 2011) Order Now



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