Unit-2 Mobile Apps Security Assignment Help

Discuss how these threats can be mitigated using security policies and security tools.

As per the case study the bank adopted penetration test in order to detect the vulnerabilities or threats over the networks and mitigate with the same effectively. There are several policies being framed over the security concerns and control them significantly. It has been identified that the mobile security policies are very much important with the purpose to establish a safe mobile usage environment. As per the case study, the customers must be facilitated with the safe application for making secured transaction easily [7]. The policies such as mobile app VPN, copy paste protection, App expiration, app usage, data- at-rest (DAR) encryption, etc.  With the help of these policies the users would be made aware about the concerns and the possible acts which could hamper their devices or the information. The most effective initiative to mitigate these threats is spreading awareness among the users. It has been found that the users must be well acquainted with each and every concern over the application and would download the apps with proper descriptions.
In the case of bank, the management must provide the customers with detailed information and knowledge of their application to the customer so that to decrease their concerns and gain trust over it. In addition to this, the organization must focus on the development of the application with effective security access to the users and do not allows any other individual to access the app. The customers must also be informed to keep their data safe and do not share the information without of the authentications [8]. They must also be informed to download the apps from the trusted sources so that to ensure the mobile application safety. It is very important that the end users are aware about these activities as lack of knowledge is the major key of getting affected from any of the malware and loss the data specifically. Along with this, there are mainly three types of mobile app security testing tools such as dynamic, forensic and static tools. It is very much important to evaluate different aspects of the system. These testing tools would contribute in identifying the threats and mitigate over them effectively.

Summary of the discussion and results

With the entire report is has been recognized that Mobile application security is the security of information for the application of mobile individually. It has been identified that the mobiles have large number of elements which could be vulnerable to the security reasons. Thus, the IT experts or the developers require making the users aware for having anti malware programs in their mobile devices. It is important to make sure that the users do not have same passwords for every app or services. The report had revealed that the users must adopt safe practices and trusted sources for downloading the application and ensure the safety for the future transactions.


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