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Task 2

2.1 Show macro and micro environmental factors influencing marketing decisions in Appy Food and Drinks.

Micro environmental factor: Some main micro environmental factors which influence the marketing decisions at Appy Food and Drinks are:

Unit 2 Marketing Management Assignment Help Customer: Millennial Generation customers would be affecting the marketing decisions of Appy Food and Drinks as the company would have to use the social networking platforms such as Facebook to reach out to the customers. Appy Food and Drinks could use online marketing for its products as most of the Millennial Generation customers are inspired by the reviews and studies available online before making a purchase (Turnbull & Valla, 2013).

Competitors: The competition in the ethical food products marketing is getting tougher every day because of the many organisations now focusing on the organic foods and other healthy food items developed especially for the Millennial Generation customers.

Employee: the Halo Food would have to focus on its employees especially the employees involved in the market research and online promotion.

Macro environment factor

Political factor: Appy Food and Drinks has to consider the government regulatory framework when it goes for developing the products as per the customer needs. It would have to obtain the certificates validating its information system on the Organic foods and other processed items.

Economical factor: The buying power of the Millennial Generation customers is increasing day by day as the economy of the country is growing and they would be willing to spend some extra amount in exchange of the healthy and ethically developed food items by Appy Food and Drinks (Tu, Wang & Chang, 2012).

(Powers & Loyka, 2010)

Social factor: Appy Food and Drinks has to engage the customers socially with its products through a well defined marketing plan. When it comes to social acceptance, people are ready to go extra mile.

 Technological factors: As Millennial Generation customers depends upon the reviews and the information available online before buying a product, Appy Food and Drinks needs to make sure that this information is available to the customers. A mobile app could be useful in this case, on which customers would be able to share their experience about the Appy Food and Drinks.

2.2 Propose segmentation criteria to be used for Appy Food and Drinks based upon the new product.

The Halo Food would be launching a product to cater the needs of the Millennial Generation customers. This segmentation could be done on the following basis:

Demographic segmentation: Most of the Millennial Generation customers are young people and they are working as executives in the corporate world with good income.

Behavioural segmentation: Millennial Generation customers are eco friendly and a new product developed by Appy Food and Drinks in an ethical manner without harming the international environment would be appreciated by these customers.

Psychographic segmentation: The lifestyle of the potential customers has to be kept in mind during the segmentation product. Since most of the Millennial Generation customers do not have enough time, it would be good if the new product from Appy Food and Drinks that it ready to eat and rich with fibres, proteins and other essential vitamins and supplements.

2.3 Choose a targeting strategy for your chosen organisation based on your new product.

Appy Food and Drinks would be launching a new “Mint Based Antioxidant Drink” to gain the competitive advantage in the market.  Appy Food and Drinks has already captured the kids and family segments through its healthy and vitamin based drinks. Currently, the organisation is looking to target the Millennial Generation customers. The product “Mint Based Antioxidant Drink” is also suitable to the Millennial Generation customers. Hence, the company would be using the Concentrated Targeting Strategy to market its new product.

Unit 2 Marketing Management Assignment Help

Although, the new product from the company could be used to target the kids and families, yet Millennial Generation is the target market which is looking for the ethical and healthy products which is fulfilled by the antioxidant ingredient in the drink, the mind base would definitely catch the eyes of the these potential customers. The new product fulfils both the requirements of the Millennial Customers – Health and excitement (Steenhuis, Waterlander & de Mul, 2011). Appy Food and Drinks could use the sports activities to target the Millennial Customers by endorsing the sports brand in the country. A youth sport icon would serve best in applying the concentrated targeting strategy for the new product.

2.4 Demonstrate how the buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations. You need to at least provide two different buying situations to demonstrate the differences in buying behaviour

When an organisation launches the new product, it has to understand the buying behaviour of the customers. The buying organisational behaviour of the customers keeps changing and it is necessary that the marketing campaign is designed by keeping this factor in mind. As of now, Appy Food and Drinks is planning to target the Millennial Customers, it needs to understand the buying behaviour of the people in this segment.

As mentioned in the case study, Millennial Customers prefer healthy and ethical food. Since most of these customers are in the corporate jobs, they need a drink which could help them in saving the time as they do not get much time to buy and eat the different foods because of their hectic schedules. Hence, they would go for a product which can fulfil their need of vitamins and proteins and can be served without much headache (Sheth, 2011).

On the other hand, the product is to target the kids, the scenario changes completely. Kids go for the taste and do not bother much about the ingredients as long as the drink is tasty and easily available. The cost also plays an important role here. Millennial Customers are willing to pay extra for a product which is healthy and developed ethically, but Kids do not have that kind of money. Hence the cost of the drink should be decided as per the buying behaviour of the target customers.

2.5 Propose a new positioning for a selected service or product of Appy Food and Drinks.

The positioning of a product plays an important role in the marketing plan. An organisation needs to position its product in the mind of the potential customers in a manner that they could see the difference in the product and the products from competitors. Setting up a distinctive image in the minds of the customers would always result in the brand establishment. The new “Mint Based Antioxidant Drink” from Appy Food and Drinks is designed to target the millennial customers and the company has to market the features of the product which are different from the other products in the market.

Products from Appy Food and Drinks have already established the organisation as a provider of the healthy drinks which are rich with vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Now the company has to market the new features of the product which is the taste of the new drink i.e. “Mint Based Flavour”. Here, Appy Food and Drinks is trying to create an image of a energy drink provider which does not only care for the health of the customers but also gives them innovative taste. “Mint Based Antioxidant Drink” should be positioned as a premium drink for the millennial customers who prefer health and taste.

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