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Influence of Fordism on management in organisations

Application of Fordism had huge impact on the organizations in terms of the operational efficiency, management of resources and their proper utilization. Before Fordism was introduced, to manufacture an automobile, a particular worker had to do different tasks like welding the parts, fitting of parts, painting the car, etc which means that the individual had to be have knowledge and ability to do different tasks required to produce the cars. This was difficult for the workers because they couldn’t master one particular art and thus used to take lot of time for completing the different tasks. Not only did it reduce the efficiency of the organizations but also led to huge variations in the different goods and thus the quality of the products was also not Unit 2 Fordism Assignment Helpgood. But with the implementation of Fordism, the organizations could manage to increase their productivity and quality of the goods as the goods were produced in assembly line which were standard in their features and had similar quality for two different goods (Handfield & Nichols 2006, pp. 137-156). These improvements also had a direct impact on the reduction of the production costs and improving the bottom line and financial performance of the organizations. Fordism had influence not only on the operations management of the organizations but also on the human resource management of the organizations. Before Fordism was introduced, since the industrial revolution had begun at that times and there were many jobs available to the workers, there was less commitment towards the job they used to do. With the introduction of Fordism, the requirement of labor got reduced for the organizations which made the workers to work with more seriousness and coupled with the motivational incentives offered like higher wages and less cumbersome job with workers expecting to do only one task rather than multiple tasks increased the job satisfaction of the workers. This helped in reducing the absenteeism of the workforce and improving the efficiency of the workers. (Mullins 2004, pp. 48-67)

Critical view of Fordism


Fordism has proved to be extremely useful and beneficial to the organizations which implement them in their operations. Through the application of Fordism, the organizations can complete the mass production of the goods at the fraction of cost, in a very short time and with better quality of goods than which they used to have before the application of Fordism in their operations. With the use of standardization the same organization could complete their tasks with less workers, resource, tools and equipments than they could complete before the Fordism. For example with standard components of a product being used for example frame of black color, the organization need to only produce frame in black color which is cheaper and faster.  Similarly the use of assembly lines can have tremendous effect on increasing the efficiency; effectiveness and productivity of the organizations as they reduce the time of production, eliminate the wastages involved in the turnover period. Moreover the use of worker motivating schemes like the Five Dollar Day scheme was such an idea which brought benefits to both the organizations and the workers.  Such incentives to the workers have a drastic effect on the human resource issues the organizations face generally. Hence by having similar initiatives in the organizations, the managers can substantially reduce the cases of absenteeism, attrition and worker turnover (Sánchez & Pérez 2001, pp. 45-67). The whole manufacturing process got revolutionized greatly after the introduction of the ideas of Fordism in the operations of the organizations as now it reduced the eliminated issues related to operations management and human resource management for the manufacturing organizations.


The ideas proposed by Henry Ford also called Fordism also have some limitations which are pointed by the critics of Fordism. They argue that the ideas like standardization of the production process and the extensive use of assembly line like setup in the manufacturing only focus on improving the organization’s profitability at the expense of the reduction of humanity and care for the workers. This feeling was portrayed by Charlie Chaplin in his film named The Modern Times where the assembly lines and the issues faced by the workers were displayed in a comic manner. They are of the view that Fordism is actually the means used by the managers to further the crony capitalism in the economies as they seem to benefit only the managers while ignoring the side effects these processes can have on the workers such as fatigue and job dissatisfaction. Not only the side effects are felt by the workers, but by the organizations themselves also. This is because in long run, the cost of the organizations increase as the issues related to absenteeism and worker attrition increase which harm the organizations in long run. Similarly the use of standardization is limited now a days as the customers have become more demanding and the competition in the market has increased (Volman, et al, 1992, pp. 185- 213). This requires the organizations to offer more customized products to the users rather than standard products and thus the application of Fordism is become less important these days.

Summary and Sustainability of Fordism

We see that Fordism has been adopted by the organizations all over the world since its introduction by Henry Ford in 1913. The benefits include increase in operational efficiency, reduction in production cost and production time and many others. But it has also been that the organizations have modified Fordism in all these years as per their needs and requirements rather than implementing them in raw form which was proposed by Henry Ford.  Also, the changes in the customers’ needs and the competitive environment have led managers to devise extensions of the ideas of Unit 2 Fordism Assignment HelpFordism which are also called as Post Fordism and are being implemented by the organizations. In order to remain competitive in changing business environment, the firms are instead going for ways suggested by Post Fordism such as small batch runs, providing customized goods and offering flexibility in jobs to the employees which are beyond the ideas proposed under old Fordism. It is also seen that the organizations are working towards making their operations more humane which is different from the Fordism, since it doesn’t consider human aspects and focuses only on operational efficiency (Pugh & Hickson, 1993, pp. 114-129). Thus it can be seen that the ideas of Fordism have sustained for almost 100 years and are still relevant today but there are necessary modifications done by the organizations even if they are against the basic foundations of the Fordism. Therefore it can be said that the Fordism is going to sustain but the organizations are going to be more humane form in coming future while designing their operations based on Fordism. 


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