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Unit 2 Business Strategy Management Assignment Help

Task 2

2.1 Analyse the strategic positioning of a given organisation by carrying out an organisational audit in Mulberry

According to (Johnson ,et al 2011 ) an audit refers’ to that part of planning which examines the current state of the entity ‘.

Analysis of the strategic positioning of Mulberry will be effective only when a proper organisational audit will be carried out in Mulberry. Therefore, SWOT analysis has been utilised here to gain in-depth information about the macro environmental analysis linked with Mulberry.


  • Mulberry is a cutting edge high-tech company which is well-established in the fashion industry. Its penetration in the international environment of market and 943 members of staff are the key strengths of the company.
  • It is considered as one of rapidly developing firm across Europe and it is distinguished as a high-flying organisation that offers quality products, impressive services along with exclusive designs and all these factors work like catalysts that ignite reliability in the minds of the consumers.
  • Mulberry is a company who has great beliefs on ultramodern technologies which is another point of strength.
  • The workforce of Mulberry is highly experienced and fully loyal who have been trained to handle pressure situations in the international market.
  • Perfectly implemented effective policies about the developmental practices, strategic contexts and terminologies (mission, vision, core competency, objective, goal of Mulberry).


  • It is a reputed company in the fashion industry which is also a prestigious one across the globe. So, points regarding weaknesses are hard to find here. Due to the continuation of the healthy UK government, the organisation faces very less amount of difficulties.
  • Product Diversification is one of the problematic areas as the company has remained attached with particular kinds of products.
  • There are certain weaknesses related with the security areas, transportation system and distribution presence of the company. But, these are considered as minor factors in this industry so impacts from these weaknesses are also experienced up to a lower intensity.


  • Several international expansions related options are considered as an outstanding opportunity which has been observed in case of Mulberry PLC. This happens because of the huge admiration offered by the customers.
  • Better efficiency level is achieved due to rapid growth in the transportation and communication arrangement sector of the company.


  • Possible new entrants cause major level of threat for the company as tough competition is one of the resultants.
  • Information security, product related security, highly competitive scenario regarding the communication style and transportation system of Mulberry are the major threat areas.
  • The company’s strategies and organizational structure is favorable to the markets requirements.
  • The products offered are universal in nature and are well accepted.
  • The products meet the demographic base due to its universal nature. (Donohoe et al., 2014)

On the basis of SWOT analysis following observations could be drawn:Mulberry is a European market leader and unique in its approaches as Mulberry has a developed and healthy business environment it is not restricted by its weaknesses.

Value chain portray the classification of exercises inside and around Mulberry.

Primary activities are: Inbound logistics which alludes to getting, putting away, and appropriating inputs to the item or administration. Operations alludes to the change of info in last item or administrations. Outbound logistic alludes to warehousing.

Support activities: Procurement is getting the different asset info to the essential asset exercises in Mulberry. Mechanical improvement concerned straightforwardly with an item. Human Resource Management of Mulberry includes the aggregate expense of performing the exercises. (Johnson, et al, 2011)

Bench marking in Mulberry can be utilized as a method for comprehension the association capacity, regarding inside procedure, contrasted and those of other association.

2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for a given organisation

An environmental audit refers to studying the organizational environment analysis. In relation to Mulberry, the fashion retail store is focussed on carrying out international operations to meet the national and international requirements for the organization. PESTEL analysis is considered to study the following factors:

  • Political
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Economical
  • Legal
  • Technological

Mulberry is affected by numerous political factors. Such political factors are to be studied with respect to the organization and the gap between political policies and the organization’s policies. If they are differing then the organization is bound to drive into losses.

PESTEL emphasises on social factors while studying the environmental climate of the social factors are considered as the key factor analysis while analysing PESTEL. Social factors are ever-changing in nature according to different countries, towns and regions. Therefore, the societal factors are taken into consideration for sustainable development of the company which includes its impact on the communicational, promotional activities along with other services of Mulberry. So, the workforce of Mulberry is trained according to the changes in societal factors in different regions.(Calandro et al., 2014). Organization as it is an international group operating across several continents. It is important key indicator to the organization’s sustainable development. Such factors to be studied are communications, promotions, and adaptability. The workforce shall be experienced enough to adopt a new strategy according to the change in environment.

 This is so because social and the environmental factors are interrelated to a certain extent. The relation may be establishes based on power of suppliers and threats of substitutes and new entrants in a given market. See more : Communicating In Health And Social Care Organizations

Another important factor essential to Mulberry’s survival is that of economy. Under the given circumstances of recessions and operational strikes the business stands affected to a certain extent. Mulberry however comes out as a winner declaring market domination.

As it is an international organization it has to look into various legal requirements formulated by every country and may vary from country to country or city to city. Therefore an updated portfolio of legal requirements has to be maintained.

Mulberry has a constant access to the diversified technological developments across the world and is up to date in its approaches towards the fashion industry. Fashion industry and technology is interrelated and therefore the organization focuses on training its staff constantly. Also other example is of the supplier-buyer network through which Mulberry connect easily with its suppliers and resolve their issues. (Sloman, 2008).

To meet the changing environment need the organization has increased the selection of colours and styles in leather goods, belts and accessories. It has also focussed on expanding the product lines for Men’s section by 50% as compared to last year. (Calandro et al., 2014)

Potter’s five forces:Considering each market force, it can be said that it has significant impact on Mulberry. For example threat from bargaining power is relatively high since customers today have plenty of choices in form of Harrods, etc. Threat from new entrants is relatively low as the retail sector of UK has already reached its stagnation and is already crowded by several retailers. Mulberry has low threat from bargaining power of its suppliers due the fact that it has more loyal suppliers who works only with Mulberry. That is why chances of a supplier shifting suddenly to other competitors is less. However degree of rivalry within industry is extremely high.

2.3 Asses the significance of stakeholders analysis when formulating new strategy

It is an accepted fact that stakeholders may break or make an organization and are required to act in accordance with the organizations policies to earn maximum benefits. The stakeholders may be referred to as following:

  •  Employees
  •  Governments
  •  Suppliers
  •  Creditors
  •  Consumers
  •  Communities

The stakeholders help in developing a new strategy for which a strategy analysis is to be carried out. Strategic Analysis helps in structuring the key players of the organization in order to develop an organization further. It is the most significant element to an organization’s sustainability.

Following are the advantages of the stakeholder analysis:

  •  On analysis of the stakeholders a certain plan could be developed in order to bridge the gap between present and future plans.
  •  Analysing the customer base the current and future requirements of the brand may be studied.
  • The analysis would be helpful in determining the focus areas with respect to involvement of the stakeholders.

Accordingly, Mulberry has engaged in employing several regional employs to meet the specific needs of the residents that prefer Mulberry for its quality and surety. It has recently opened up seven directly operated stores and ten partner stores across continent.  Additionally a new wholesale channel has been designed to encourage international growth and regional accountability.

Stakeholder analysis strengthens the product quality of Mulberry due to the shaping and reshaping attached with the organisational structure which happens because of several initiatives taken by the figure-heads of the firm. Powerful support of the stakeholders is the key benefit by which resource system development is possible. Due to successful stakeholder analysis, reactions and behaviours of the customers towards the company activities and operations can be predicted by Mulberry.  (Mills, 2012)

2.4 Present a new strategy for Mulberry

Among all the fundamental strategies, cost management is one which has to be considered by the visionaries of Mulberry while thinking about presenting a new strategy. Then, after implementing the new strategy, the increased rate associated with the factor total cost should be noted for further development.

Ansoff’s growth-vector matrix suggests following four strategies in a matrix such as:

  • Market Penetration: whereby the sales are aimed to increase of the existing products. The familiarity of the product and the market makes it less risky compared to the other three strategies. Increasing the usage among existing customers or attracting competitor’s customers could do it. Also, converting non-users to users could do it.
  • Product development: It refers to the development of new products for the existing markets. It is comparatively more risky to market penetration. The popularity of the organization makes it less prone to failure.
  • Market Development: It focuses on selling the existing products in to new markets. As it’s a time consuming process and uncertain to acceptance it is more risky than the first strategy.
  • Diversification: Highest in the risk parameter this strategy is related to introducing new products in to new markets making it an uncertain business of all. (Woodcock & Starkey, 2011) Read more : CTH Assignment Help

According to the Ansoff’s matrix of strategy and Mulberry’s present positioning in the market it should take up a strategy that would be regarded as risky enough to conquer more market share. Therefore, Mulberry is recommended to adopt a strategy related to product development enhancing the quality of product and introducing new designs to keep the customers interested and coming back for more.

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