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Unit 2 Business Law Assignment Help



Lecture ScheduleOutcome of sessionActivity/seminar and formative assessmentResources


Introduction to the module. The role of Business Law within the Business environment, Types of Terms and Introduction to Sale of Goods Contracts Gain understanding of the module and mode of assessment, Terms of contract, Introduction to sale of Goods contracts


Class questions and answer session to test knowledge and understanding of topic coveredModule handbook, Power point presentation


Implied Terms of Sale of Goods and Supply of Goods and Services


 Ability to explain and apply the implied terms of sale of Goods in everyday transactionsQuestions and answers and Case study addressing the LO 1.1 and 1.2Module handbook, Power point presentation


Applying statutory provision on the transfer of property and possessionAbility to analyse when transfer of property takes place and instances when ownership is not transferredQuestions and answer session as well as interactive discussions relating to LO 1.2Module handbook, Power point presentation


Evaluating the statutory provisions on buyers and sellers remedies in instances of breach of sale of goods contractsAbility to analyse remedies in instance of breach of sale of goods contractQuestions and answer/case study addressing LO 1.3Module handbook, Power point presentation and Case study


Discussing product liability for goods supplied and introduction to consumer credit contractsAbility to explain and apply rules relating to termination of credit agreementsInteractive discussions /Case study and addressing the LO1.4 and L02.1Module handbook, Power point presentation


Differentiating between different types of credit agreementsAbility to analyse the different forms of credit available to a consumerCase study addressing LO 2.1Module handbook, Power point presentation


Agreements Rules relating to termination of consumer credit agreementsAbility to discuss the different rules relating to terminating consumer credit agreementsQuestions and answer session relating to LO2.2Module handbook, Power point presentation


Agency creation and different forms of agencyAbility to analyse laws relating to Agency and the different formsQuestion and answer session relating to LO2.3Module handbook, Power point presentation


Duties and Authority of AgentsAbility to analyse the authority and duties of AgentsInteractive discussions, questions and answers/ case study L02.4Module handbook, Power point presentation and Lecture Notes


Legislation on competition law, Monopolies and Anti-competition practices in the UKAbility to analyse the rules relating to monopolies, mergers and other anti-competitive practices in the UKQuestions and answers relating to LO 3.1Module handbook, Power point presentation


The Role of the Regulatory Bodies in dealing with monopolies mergers and other anti-competitive practicesAbility to analyse the role of the different regulatory bodies on competitionQuestions and answers relating to LO 3.2 Module handbook, Power point presentation


EU law relating to abuse of dominant position and other anti competitive practices and instances of EU exemptions to those practicesAbility to explain EU laws on anti-competitive issue in the European UnionCase study relating to LO 3.3 and L03.4Module handbook, Power point presentation


Meaning and different forms of Intellectual Property and principles relating to the protection of inventionsAbility to analyse the different forms of Intellectual Property and laws relating to PatentsCase study relating to LO 4.1 and L0 4.2Module handbook, Power point presentation




Copyrights protection, Design Rights and Trade Marks,  Student PresentationsAbility to explain the legal protection for copyright and Trade marksCase study relating to LO 4.3 and L0 4.4Module handbook, Power point presentation


General Revision and Student PresentationsAbility to explain the legal protection for trademark and business nameStudent led PresentationStudent led Presentation




Assignment supportAssignment support and guidanceModule booklet


Assignment supportAssignment support and guidanceModule booklet


Assignment supportAssignment support and guidanceModule booklet


Assignment FeedbackFeedback given to the Learner


Assignment FeedbackFeedback given to the Learner


Assignment Feedback

Feedback given to the Learner

 Unit 2 Business Law Assignment Help

Recommended text and links and Websites:

Keenan M, Riches S and Allen V, Business Law, Eleventh Edition, 2013 Maclntyre E, Business Law, fifth Edition, 2014 Jones L, Introduction to Business Law, third Edition, 2015 Adams A, Law for Business Students, eighth edition, 2014 Maclntyre E, Essentials of Business Law, fourth Edition, 2014 Read more : Performance Management Assignment Help

Magazines, journals and newspapers

  • CLJ Cambridge Law Journal
  • JBL Journal of Business Law
  • L Teach Law Teacher Journal
  • LQR Law Quarterly Review
  • MLR Modern Law Review

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