Unit 17 MCKI Assignment-Btechnd

Explain how Heath row authorities can make contact with their internal and external stakeholders, and develop business relationships

Developing relationship and contact with both internal and external stakeholders is quite important for the development of business relationships as the decision making will have a long term impact on the business sustainability. The way the relationship with the stakeholders is maintained is dependent on the type of stakeholder i.e. internal or external. The contact with the external stakeholders (like government in present case) is maintained by submission of the petitions and the project report. The petitions and project report contains the key aspects of the project under taken such as vision, requirement, financial aspects, limitations and the role of the stakeholder (Sinclair, 2012). Further advertisement and meetings is also another way where the key personnel may exchange ideas.
The communication with the internal stakeholders is in the form of MIS (Management Information System), minutes of meeting and the memo. Such methods of contacting the internal stakeholders are quite effective as it provide the clarity on how the idea has been initiated and the key personnel who are involved. The other methods of contacting the internal stakeholders is by developing action plan with regular updates, scheduled reporting in standard templates and clinical lead for audit and board champion for escalation (Post, Preston & Saschs, 2002). These are important and it has to be ensured that these are followed as it will have an impact on the decision making as well as making the plan operational.

Explain how Heathrow authorities can involve the identified stakeholders in the decision-making process, as appropriate.

The stakeholders that have identified are shareholders (internal stakeholder) and government (external stakeholders). The Heathrow authorities can involve shareholders of the company by sharing the project details, expected benefits and profitability by developing the reports and forecasting of the future business aspects. Further the MIS, memos may also be developed for the effective decision making. The shareholders, in the form of investors, who are external to the company, are involved by communicating the business plans. This communication is made either in the annual report, hosting the details on the websites or advertising in the newspaper. These documents or communication may also be used for the fund-raising for the proposed project. The Initial Public Offer (IPO) is one such example wherein the project details are shared in order to generate funds from funds raised by the investors.
As mentioned above, the petitions and project reports are prepared and shared with the government. The petitions and project reports contains the key aspects of the project under taken such as vision, requirement, financial aspects, limitations and the role of the stakeholder. Further advertisement and meetings is also another way where the key personnel may exchange ideas.

Design strategies for improving personal networking and involvement of stakeholders in the decision-making process based on the scenario and, justify your recommendations for improvement.

Personal networking and involvement of stakeholders in the decision-making process is very crucial for smooth development of the project and execution of the decision. It is very important that strategies are developed which can ensure this. As per the above discussion it is quite evident that the government has a very major role in the decision that will be taken. In view of this it is very important that the government is involved and suitable steps are taken such that government understands the importance of the execution of the decision that is taken.
One of the strategies is that, giving special consideration to the government as the external stakeholder, the communication being made to the internal stakeholders is also shared. This will ensure that there is interaction with the government on the key milestones. Further the assistance is required at every step and thus the government has to be kept informed. The internal stakeholders may be kept in network by organising meetings at regular intervals to provide an overview on the current situation. Lastly, it is very important that key aspects of the project undertaken are highlighted to the other stakeholders. For this the benefits that will be there for the other stakeholders will have to be communicated either by advertisement or promotional activities (Koppich, Prince, Guthrie & Schuermann). For examples the benefits for the public and the initiatives taken to reduce the impact on environment will be highlighted. The association of the government is a huge boost as well as challenge in maintaining the network. However regular updates, follow-up and association will ensure the government is involved.  This will further get boosted by advertising and highlighting the benefits in the public domain.

Task 3: Communication Processes in an Organisation

Report on existing processes of communication that you have researched and observed in your selected organisation

Internal and external communication processes are quite important for the communication between management & employees and between the organization & its customers respectively. There are various ways in which the companies communicate with the customers and employees. The level at which the external and internal communication takes place may vary based on the industry of operation and the type of organization.
Considering Unison, biggest trade union in Britain, the internal communication involves employees whereas external communication with customers involves members of Unison. The organization has developed many forms of internal communication. These include
Workshops:To make employee familiar with the organization and get involved in various tasks
Project Groups:These look at the issues that are being faced and assist employees in putting policy into action
InsideOut:This is the in-house magazine of Unison which highlights a range of challenges and issues that the staff members of Unison might have to face such as equal pay issues etc. The magazine also includes information of different areas as Unison has several local branches and thus location specific information is included.
The website of the company is the face of the organization for external communication. It has information on range of matters which can be easily downloaded. Apart from this the organization runs various local campaigns to assist the members in issues centric to their location. Lastly the organization has also get involved in various advertisement campaigns, such as “Ant and Bear”, highlighting the need for the members to join the organization.

Design ways to improve the appropriateness of the communication processes

Currently the organization is using the IT systems to communicate at the broad level. This is to say that website has been developed which is the only source of information. However IT systems may be implemented which will ensure the high level of effectiveness of the system which will make the system more relevant for the members. For example the system may be developed wherein the legal updates and other range of matters related to the local areas may be developed. The same can be accessed by members as well as non-members from any location by just putting some filters. Such aspects would certainly improve the communication process. Another important point is that the magazine that is being circulated should also be available in the electronic format. This will make the communication much faster. Currently the magazine is available on the websites but this gives less utility. The utility will be more if the members get access to the magazine without searching for the same.
The internal communication may be improved by implementing integrated system which will ensure that the strategic information is available to the senior management as well as the analysis of the impact can be studied. Such systems need to be developed which will ensure that the better quality support is provided by the employees to the members.

Explain how the improvements to the ways and IT systems can be implemented to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in the organisation.

The improvements to the ways and IT systems, which have been suggested above, can be implemented to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in the organisation. Firstly the same system can be utilised for the members and staff with different level of access. Further it will make it easier for sharing the information, preparing analytical reports and provide assistance to the members. For example it will become easier for the employee to share cases with employee in other location and get advice. Such system isn’t available in the present case. Further the need for formal communication will reduce as the IT system will ensure the relevant information is shared.

Create a personal plan to improve your own communication skills.

The personal plan has been developed for improving the communication skills. The five communication skills that are relevant to the current role are presentation, body language, personality, client interaction and letter drafting. The client interaction can be categorized as verbal communication while presentation, body language and personality are nonverbal communication. Letter drafting will come under written communication skills.

SkillHow it can be used
PresentationIt can be used in better connect with the client and communicating the right message
Body LanguagePositive body language is important in maintaining relationship with the client
PersonalityIt brings in professionalism to the discussion and imparts sense of responsibility
Client InteractionThis requires both verbal and written skills. It is required in order to ensure that one is decent, professional and imparts the right message
Letter DraftingWritten communication is the most important as it is treated as the evidence for future interactions, payments or proof if required

The strength of my communication skills is that the nonverbal communication skills are quite effective. At the same time the verbal communication are also positive. Lastly the verbal and nonverbal communication are well correlated and thus ensures that the positive message is delivered.

StrengthsHow can be used effectively
Non Verbal Communication skillsIt can be used effectively in correlation with other communication. Further it builds positive relationship by sending positive messages to the client.
Verbal Communication SkillsThis can be used as ice breaking for developing relations with the client
Correlation between Non Verbal and Verbal Communication SkillsIn case correlation is there it imparts positive message with respect to communication being genuine.

The weakness associated with the communication is related to written communication skills. These skills are quite important as these skills matter the most. There is a huge need to improve the written communication skills. Further the vocabulary needs to be improved which will certainly add to the effectiveness of the written communication. Lastly the other skills need to be improved by highlighting the small factors that may not go well with the other skills or is essential from the perspective of profile. The plan needs to be developed for improving the communication skills.

WeaknessHow it can be improved
Written Communication Skill Following proper format and using small and simple language
VocabularyUsing decent words that add to the proficiency in understanding the point
FeedbackProviding proper and timely feedback to the client on query will certainly help in improving relations.

Firstly the consideration will be to develop certain level of proficiency in the vocabulary. For this at least five new words will be learnt every day and implemented in the tasks that will be assigned. Further the personality development will be considered with respect to specific job profile so as to gain proficiency. Lastly the various writing skills considering the different letters will be developed. Based on these aspects the skills that will be developed will be evaluated regularly. This evaluation will be important in order to ensure that the effectiveness is there.

ObjectiveSpecific ActionBarriersResources RequiredTime Scale
Written Communication SkillContinuous practiceRisk involved if language is not correctSupport from expert and seniors3 months
VocabularyIdentify key words being used by professionalsGetting hold of good set of words is difficultProfessional Reading material6 months
FeedbackUnderstanding the manner and way feedback is providedNot enough real life examplesTest Examples and formats2 months

The development of personal communication development plan has been very useful as it has not only resulted in identifying the key areas which needs improvement but has also ensured that step by step approach is adopted in order to ensure that the plan is implemented appropriately. Further the key specific areas have been identified that can be introduced in the areas of strengths so as to gain proficiency.Order Now

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