Unit 15 : Conference and Banqueting Management-Btechnd


Decor and ambience, and setting and layout for the event

There has to be organized a seminar for the company wherein the annual results and the performance review of the company has to be done. The program has to be organized on round tables with around 20 chairs with each table. There would be a total capacity of around 400 people attending the seminar. Initially for 2 days when there would be seminar cum training session by the external faculty for the new software and projects being launched in the company, the arrangement would be on round tables. Then last day the program would be performance review by the CEO, then the arrangement should be like classroom session with chairs in line and an elevated stage for the CEO sitting with board of directors. There should be proper lighting and arrangements (Cloonan, 2013). The following equipment and things should be available in the program:

  • Sound control systems and related tools.
  • Arrangements for projectors for presentation with laptops and screens all over the hall.
  • Mikes, speakers and the standing board with audio and visual arrangements.

The entire event would be hosted by the hotel people with their availability for tea, coffee, snacks and soft drinks availability for 24 hours. The arrangement of the chairs and tables has to be same in round table format with around 20 people on one table and covering 400 people on 20 tables. These tables should have the name plates of each and every employee sitting on the table. The details of the names of the people attending in the alphabetical order would be given to the hotel manager or the project manager or the developing manager. Each table should have the following items:

  • Pencils and Pens.
  • Mineral water bottle.
  • Glass (Lewis & McCann, 2004).
  • Bowl of Cookies and toffees for refreshments.

On the sides of the round tables with the walls, the arrangement for the breakfast, lunch and the evening snacks with the special tea has to be done. The staff should be available to serve the employees and the guests.

The hall should be selected with a minimum capacity of around 500 people as the strength may go up or down. There should be equal spread of people in the entire hall and the arrangements for the audio and the mikes has to be enough in number as the people are more and bigger is the hall. The voice clarity and the quality have to be maintained by the use of branded devices for the audio and visual arrangements. There should be specially screened and easily visible standee for the guidance of the location of the hall to the people attending the program. The logo and the tagline of the company with the objective of the program have to be boldly highlighted in the banner on the stage. Every day the things on each table have to be replenished so that people do not miss out on the amenities like pencils, notepads etc.


Conferencing and Banquet management services are the most important services in the country of United Kingdom. It all depends on the kind of services that the owner of the hotel or the banquets gives to its consumers that his selection would be done again. It has been an industry that has gained a lot of popularity in last decade. There have been many developments that are taking place in it. The amount of revenues, profits and the money that this sector makes depends on the various seasons. It is also true that when the season comes then the hotels get more income from these services than from regular travel and accommodation services. Hotels in UK have been running hotel and banquet services together as hotel services for the tourism would not be available for the income in the lean seasons so they spend time and effort in conference and banquet arrangements. There are many changes in this sector and all the factors are determined when the designing and the arrangements of the conferences and the banquets would take place. They have been making such a setting that it could easily be broken and the same hall could be utilized for banquets and conference arrangements. For marriages, family functions and the get together programs the kind of set up is different whereas on the other side the arrangement for the official and professional conference, seminar and the program would be entirely different. Planning of food menu and the food production systems would be one of the most important considerations while organizing conferences and banquet programs. There are certain ergonomic factors that have to be considered while planning for the conference and banquets arrangements (Lawson, 1980).


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