Unit 14 : Conference and Banqueting Management-Btechnd


Administrative issues, organization and coordination of resources including the legal and marketing issues relating to the proposed event

United Kingdom has its income and GDP being raised by the 3rd largest operating sector that is Hospitality Industry. This sector is important as it has been a major contributor towards the travel and tourism and even the banquets & conferencing facilities for the family programs and corporate events. This sector also faces many operational, administrative and managerial problems or issues like:

  • Compliance of the governmental rules, regulations and legislations for operations and manpower handling.
  • Follow of the SOPs of the hotel industry in carrying out day-to-day operations by the team.
  • Fulfilling the needs and requirements of the visitors, guests and the clients.
  • Keeping strict follow on standards for the hygiene and in food production systems.
  • Bringing a healthy work environment and culture for the people working for the hotel.
  • Benchmarking and following of the trends and styles of the hospitality industry.
  • Selection of the right manpower for the right profile at right time with the right compensation.
  • Procurement of the resources for the arrangements of the programs by keeping back up of the suppliers, vendors and the associates of the hotels.
  • Following the principles of ethics, morality and the corporate social responsibility with the corporate governance.
  • Effectively doing the marketing and sales operations with discounts, offers and benefits for the regular customers.
  • Providing training and development on regular basis to all the employees working in the hotel as per the designing of the modules with respect to their levels and hierarchy.
  • Mapping the business, individual and group objectives, goals and targets.
  • Bringing changes as per the industry norms and standards on regular intervals (Farkas & England, 1988).

It is always advisable for the hotel industry to keep a close monitoring, check and audits on the quality, foods, hygiene and safety of the internal as well as the external customers for the company. When the services offered by the hotels would be as per the promises and the standards of the industry then all kind of operational, managerial and administrative issues would be addressed automatically. The hotels should have great and inspiring leadership arrangements at the senior positions that could guise and instruct the teams and people working under them. The techniques that could help in bringing the quality and best performance levels in the hotel are:

  • Directing and consistent guidance to the staff working for the hotel by the seniors.
  • Making policies, practices, procedures for the operations and the administrative handling of the hotels.
  • Increasing the footfall of the customers and the clients on regular basis by sales options and the facilities.
  • Working on total quality management programs and guiding the leaders on spreading it among the teams working in various departments.
  • Making automatic and technical operations through the installation of the software and bringing technical expertise in the hotel operations.

As far as the program of the three days for the seminar is concerned there could be following issues:

  • Arrangement of the program as per the discussion.
  • Maintaining high quality in food and services to the guests and clients.
  • Keeping track of time and then making arrangements.
  • Availing enough staff to cater to the needs of the guests and the people in the seminar.


Food production systems, methods and styles of food and beverage services

The arrangement and the right menu planning make a lot of difference among the customers. It is always suggested that the food that is offered and presented should have the right combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items as per the type of occasion. The factors that affect the food selection, menu and the production systems are: type of contract, level of event or the program and the combinations that will define the best menu options.

There are mainly the following types of food services in any kind of a hotel:

  • Ala Carte – This is food service where the items are brought by the staff as per the consumer order.
  • Bar Menu – This is the menu for the drinks which are soft and hard drinks.
  • Buffet Menu services – This is the specific and selected food menu that is chosen as a part of the contract.
  • Room services – These are eating in private place inside the room as per the order of the customer.
  • Catering services – These are the services in specific event or a program where food is made there only for consumption by getting the logistics.

The types of places where food is available are:

  • Fast Food Outlets – These are small kiosks, restaurants or the food chains in vans that are providing the fast food either inside or outside the hotels.
  • Restaurant’s Take Away – There are certain outlets that only produce food that is packed and taken away by the consumer (Atkinson & Brown, 2001).
  • Event or Program Catering – This catering or production systems where the food is produced, made and cooked at the place of the event and the client gets the inventory and the logistics for the food for caterer.
  • Fine Dining – This kind of system has very competent and trained personnel being appointed for making and hosting of food to the consumer.
  • Mainstream Catering – It is said to be an approach that is based on a specific theme or basis.

Similarly there are mainly two types of restaurants:

  • Fast Food Restaurants – These restaurants sell the food that is easy to prepare, cook, produced and consumed like Burgers, pastries, rolls etc.
  • Restaurants with ethnic styles – These are the restaurants which are based on certain themes and ethnic styles and may be Punjabi restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants.

Whenever there is any program or the event that is organized the right selection of menu helps in satisfying the people for the food services. There should be food services and types that suit all types of consumers. The factors that have to be considered while planning or designing the food menu are:

  • The contract agreement and its terms and conditions.
  • The kind and level of people who would be attending the program.
  • The level or the scale at which the program has been organized.
  • The cost of the food menu that has been decided and agreed.
  • Menu that satisfies the kind of gathering and the backgrounds of the people.
  • Inclusion of all kinds of food and related items.

HACCP is defined as hazard analysis and critical control points. It is a process whereby a monitor and control is kept on the food production systems and the procedures. The quality and hygiene are the most important factors for the food production along with the other factors that have been studied above. Through this approach a prevention and control is planned for the hazards and the critical points while preparation and serving of food. There are certain principles that the catering and the banquet departments keeps in mind in order to control and monitor the making and the production of foods and related items. The principles are:

  • Conducting an analysis for the various hazards in food production systems.
  • Identification of the various control points.
  • Establishing the limits for the critical points.
  • Establishing the requirements for the monitoring.
  • Taking the corrective actions.
  • Development of practices so that the food production systems work for maintaining and ensuring quality (Donald, 1921).

The program is a 3 day activity with accommodation of the employees. There would be arrangement of buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and they can also take the room services on odd hours if required. The last day of the program would have a gala dinner with DJ and unlimited consumption of the hard and soft drinks. The food menu will have:

  • 3 Non-Vegetarian Items.
  • 3 Vegetarian Items.
  • 4 types of liquor.
  • 4 types of desserts.Order Now

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