Unit 13 : Conference and Banqueting Management-Btechnd


The UK College conference banqueting management assignment is based on the hospitality industry and its facts and figures with the related operations in the country of United Kingdom. There are in total 4 tasks in the entire assignment. Scope, nature and scale of services of the conferencing and banquets in London would be studied and presented in Task 1. Task 2 will give an insight on the various administrative, operational and strategic issues that arise and are involved in the management of the conferencing and banquet sector. Planning of effective menu and the food production system related aspects would be considered in Task 3. Lastly the ergonomic considerations for the conferencing and banquet management systems would be analysed in the Task 4.


Nature, scope and scale of the conference and banqueting event

Conferencing and banquets are two most important parts in the hospitality industry of United Kingdom that generate a lot of revenues even when there is no season for it. Conferences are said to comprise of the professional events, programs and the activities that are organized for the corporate or the companies. Banquets may be personal, individual specific, family specific or even company specific. Banquets are majorly classified in the family events like marriages, parties, family get together and birthday celebrations etc. This sector is said to be the 3rd largest revenue generator and profit oriented sector. This sector will never face any issues of recession as there will always be good and bad times with the people which they will celebrate in the halls in the hotels. The variation could be explained as under:


  • Related with family and personal occasions.
  • Purpose is enjoyment with food and beverages.
  • There is requirement of more manpower for catering.
  • There is a process of advanced bookings.
  • Accommodation may or may not be required.
  • These are seasonal activities.


  • The objective is professional or official for the business events.
  • There is requirement of tools, equipment and the latest technology.
  • There is requirement of lesser staff.
  • Bookings may be done not in advance.
  • These are not the seasonal activities and depend on the need and period of the company officials.

United Kingdom has around 46000 hotels. The sector generated revenue of around 40 billion pounds on an annual basis as per the statistics of the year 2008. There are around 46000 hotels in UK that are into conferencing and the banquet arrangements. There is an employment generation of around 1.6 million people in the hotel industry (Brotherton & Shaw, 1996). The hotels have various facilities like bars, pubs, rooms, conference halls, banquet arrangements and the party lawns. It is a sector that contributes a lot to the national capital of the country. The sector has a great scope in the time to come. The factors that are determining the growth of the sector are:

  • Level of Tourism and top tourist destinations in United Kingdom.
  • Type of people living in the United Kingdom.
  • The amount of flair in the people to celebrate the occasions.
  • Country’s demography and culture of the people.
  • Level and size of the hotel industry with the conferences, banqueting and catering arrangements

There would be a program of 3 days for a retail company based out of London. This is a training seminar and a company’s performance review that would be taken by the CEO of the company. The program is planned with breakfast, lunch and dinner of around 400 people with even the accommodation. The last day would be DJ, Gala Dinner and even the unlimited party event with liquor in unlimited amounts. There would be booking of around 200 rooms with even the room divisions services.

The purpose of the program for the seminar arrangements would be providing the best quality food to all the guests. The seminar will be arranged with the variety of food items in the breakfast, lunch and dinner without any kind of repetition. The hotel facility will provide all the necessary and agreed items and products in the agreement with the client. The hotel will make sure that the staffs that is appointed for the purpose of providing the services is well trained and equipped to serve and guide the visitors, guests and the senior leaders of the company. The company will organize its next year event also with our specialized conference and banqueting management. We will ensure that as per the hotel rules and regulations the complimentary services if agreed and planned are being provided to the company and its guests who would be attending this seminar (Lawson, 1980).Order Now

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