Unit 12 Hospitality Provision in Travel and Tourism-Btechnd

ProgrammeBTEC Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism
Unit Number and TitleUnit 12 Hospitality Provision in Travel and Tourism
QFC LevelLevel 4


Travel and Tourism has been a popular investment sector in recent times, as it has been generating a lot of revenue for the stakeholders. In addition to this, Hospitality business is also one of the fast growing business around the globe. Businesses have understood that it is not only about making profits out of a business, but also it is important to have very good relationship with the customer. This increase the brand value of the business and help the business strategy to fetch more clients and sometimes the same set of clients continue to be associated with the business organization. So, hospitality management can be even utilized by the business organization dealing in Travel and Tourism sector. In this report we would analyse and study about all the aspects related to these two business and their relations. We would start with analysing the role of hospitality in the travel and tourism sector. We would take a couple of examples of British Airways and Thomson Airways. We would study the brief operational profile of both these airlines and would study the interrelationship between Hospitality Management and Travel & Tourism sector quoting the examples from British Airways and Thomson Airways. Next section would deal with the integration of hospitality business. We would enumerate the implications caused on hospitality business due to the integration. We would also study the effects on the hospitality business due to integration tactics. The last task is a creative task, which would include planning and designing of a hospitality business. We would do planning and design structure of a pub. We would detail about the ambience, interior and other functional areas of the pub. In addition to that, we would give strategic designing on pricing, promotions and staff hiring for the business.

TASK 1: Understand the role of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector

1.1 Interrelationship between hospitality and travel & tourism businesses

Hospitality Business

Hospitality in itself is a very fast growing business around the country. It generates a lot of revenue for the nation. In addition to that, for the foreign tourists, hospitality sector acts as the image maker of a nation. Thus, it is very crucial for the hospitality business to be competitive and serve the customers well. Mainstream hospitality business includes luxury and budget hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, food services, etc. The success of any hospitality business depends on how well the business takes care of the customers availing their services (Kozak, 1998).

Relation between Hospitality and Travel & Tourism

Hospitality does have a fair impact on travel and tourism sector. The travel and tourism sector is very much dependent on the attributes hospitality can provide. It would obviously add on to the facilities provided by a travel and tourism business. However, we can safely say that Travel and Tourism sector is needier of the hospitality business, and on the other hand the hospitality business is rather less dependent on the travel and tourism business. Business organizations operating Airways and Railways are very much dependent on the hospitality. The customers availing the travel and tourism facilities are very critical in reviewing the hospitality services of a travel and tourism operator. The shortcomings of hospitality services could negatively impact the travel and tourism business. In modern times, the customer is always looking for better perks and facilities and keeps comparing similar business organizations. In such scenario, the hospitality services could obviously give the business organization an edge over its rivals. In the coming section, we would study the relational implications of hospitality business over the Travel and Tourism sector by the help of case study on the Chelsea Harbour Hotel and the May Fair Hotel (Morrison, 1996).

May Fair Hotel: Relation with Travel and Tourism Sector

May Fair Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels operated in London.The hotel is known for the high quality services it provides to the customers. Hospitality businesses of such a large scale are very much inter-dependent on Travel and Tourism sector. This can be described by the fact that a lot of overseas customers do a lot of homework in searching the hotels and locations they want to visit in England. Therefore, a lot of hospitality business organizations have direct collaborations with travel and tourism sector. On a broader basis, a lot of marketing for the May Fair Hotel is done in airports and ticket booking websites. This helps to improve the visibility of the hospitality organization in eyes of foreign tourists. Thus, tourism sector, marketing management and hospitality business are interrelated in each other. In addition to the keeping relations with Airlines industry, May Fair Hotel has sufficient collaborations with local travel and tourism Authorities, who carry tourists from hotel to tourist locations and back to hotel. Keeping the customer convenience in mind, May Fair Hotel is located near many famous tourist destinations in London. Bond Street and Piccadilly are quite close to the hotel. Apart from this, Knightsbridge and Buckingham Palace are not very far from the hotel. All these parameters add on to become perks for the business management team in May Fair Hotel.

Unit 12 Hospitality Provision in Travel and Tourism-Btechnd

Image: May Fair Hotel. Source: www.mayfairhotels.com

Chelsea Harbour Hotel: Relation with Travel and Tourism Sector

Similar to the advantages May Fair Hotel enjoys by collaborating with Travel and Tourism business, Chelsea Harbour Hotel is one of the most visited hotels in England. They also have proper relations with a lot of airlines in terms of marketing and promotions. The hotel is known to provide one of the best facilities provided by any 5-star hotel in England. Apart from direct hospitality business, the hotel is known to attract a lot of corporate delegates. The hotel is known to have a lot of world class conference rooms and is a perfect spot for not only high class tourists, but also a lot of corporate and diplomatic delegations visiting the country. Their relation with travel and tourism business is also similar to any other hospitality business. Collaboration with local tourism organizations is a good choice for the business management team of Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Airports are generally used to do promotional events and marketing for the hotel. Apart from that, they offer combined offers uniting with Airlines organizations which helps in retaining high class clients. One very important aspect in the relation between tourism business and hospitality business is that, both have to be very much attentive on their duties, because shortcoming of one business can negatively impact the other business.

Unit 12 Hospitality Provision in Travel and Tourism-Btechnd

Image: Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Source: The Telegraph

Hospitality in Travel and Tourism Sector

Hospitality management in a travel and tourism sector includes providing good infrastructure to the passengers travelling, even in the waiting halls, in addition to the good and comfortable seating inside the airbus. Proper catering facilities and the behaviour of the flight staff is very important. For example, during a long flight, a passenger may face a lot of health issues or loss of appetite. All this needs to be checked properly. The role of air-hostess and flight attendants is extremely critical in branding the image of the Airlines. They need to be extremely vigilant and pro-active in solving the problems of the customer. An employee of hospitality industry, attendants have to be extremely polite and helpful to the customers. Thus, we can safely conclude that for British Airways involve the hospitality management well within their business in Travel and Tourism sector (Bennett, 1997).Order Now

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