Unit 11 : Skills for Travel and Tourism Start-up

Task 1

Using an appropriate format, carry out a self-assessment of entrepreneurial traits (characteristics) that you may possess and the entrepreneurial skill required to be a travel and tourism entrepreneur. This requires you to do skills and trait audit and analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as well

Travel and tourism industry is a fast growing industry and hence it attracts many of the young entrepreneurs towards it. It is a very diverse industry and has got lots of opportunities for the passionate individuals. Travel and Tourism industry has been divided into various areas like accommodation, restaurants, transportation, entertainment etc.An entrepreneur is one who identifies the opportunity and starts a new business taking into consideration all the risks involved in it.

Travel and tourism industry is considered to be as one of the creative industry and hence the entrepreneur will be expected to provide creative but feasible options to the customers. In order to start a business in the field of travel and tourism there are certain skills required (Alos et al, 2014). The most important skills are as following:

Creative thinker: It is believed that the tourism and travel industry is one of the most creative industries, as the customers are most satisfied if they get something which is not being offered by any other company. So to provide such a service, the entrepreneur needs to be an out of the box thinker so that he can come up with some brilliant ideas to serve the customer.

Information seeking: As mentioned earlier, travel and tourism industry consists of various areas, and hence to start a business in this sector it is very important that the person has got an ability to fetch information from different sources. Until and unless all the information is collected, it will be very difficult to combine all the areas properly and start the business.

Systematic Planning: Systematic planning is the most important skill required to be a good entrepreneur. There is an involvement of so many things. If there will be no organized method to carry forward the things, there will be lot of confusion. Travel and tourism is the sector in which the ultimate goal is to satisfy the customers and for this the entrepreneur must be capable enough to take the things forward in a systematic manner (Hallak et al, 2013).

Problem solving: Any start up business comes across many problems, so the entrepreneur must possess the ability to handle the situation properly i.e. he must come out of a solution which is best for all. He should be able to understand the reason behind the problem and then give the solution for it.

Goal setting: The entrepreneur must be capable enough to set the goals for him as well as for the team. Until and unless, the goals are set the team does not get motivated to work. The goals also give the right direction to the employees to move ahead.

Interpersonal skills: In this industry there is lot of customer interaction involved and hence interpersonal skills need to be excellent. The team will be able to keep the customers happy if they themselves are happy, in order to keep them motivated, it is very important that the head of the company communicate with them properly (Phelan & Sharpley, 2011).

Influence: Specifically to be an entrepreneur for travel and tourism industry the person must be capable to plan the strategies which can persuade others. This is an industry where companies have to attract the customers towards their attractive tourism plans. So the entrepreneur must possess that quality of influencing others.

Management Skills: The last but not the least skill required is management skill. This is not a skill which is specifically needed for travel or tourism sector, but it is a skill which is must for any entrepreneur. He must be capable enough to handle all the things and should be able to get the things done efficiently by others (Jaafar et al, 2011).

So these are the traits and skills which will be required by a person to start a business in the travel and tourism sector. If I do a self-assessment for my skill set, more or less I possess all the qualities needed to work in a travel and tourism sector. My strengths to work in this sector are my interpersonal skills, creative thinking etc. Since I am not very good in seeking information, I may face some problem there, but I am sure I can work hard on that and will be able to get the required information. I have done a SWOT analysis in order to check if I am capable enough to start a travel and tourism business.

If I need to rank myself on various traits identified for the entrepreneur, then the ranking will be as following:

Skill or traitRankingReason

Creative thinking


I am part of various programs in the college because I am capable of giving innovative ideas to the team
Information seeking5I am not very good in seeking information as I am not very well aware of the ways through which the information can be assessed
Systematic Planning7I ranked myself 7 on this because I am able to manage the things systematically only if there is sufficient time, in case there is urgency then sometimes my work gets unorganised
Problem Solving7I am able to solve the problems most of the time but not always
Goal setting8I always set goals for myself to move ahead
Interpersonal skills10I am able to communicate with others effectively and efficiently
Influence8I am able to convince others with my ideas most of the time.
Management Skills8I am able to manage the things mostly

According to the analysis, I did in order to judge whether I can be a good entrepreneur or not, I found that I possess most of the qualities to be a good entrepreneur in tourism and travel sector, but still there are many traits on which I have to work hard and make them strong so as to get success in the business. Like any other business, one must possess self- confidence in order to start the business.

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