Unit 1 The Business Environment

+Unit Number & TitleUnit 1 – The Business Environment
Assignment titleAssignment 1.2

Business Organisation and Purpose                                                 



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Qualification suite coveredBTEC National Qualification

QCF Level 3s assignment Subsidiary Diploma in Business

Learning Outcomes coveredOn completion of this assignment you should be able to:

  • Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purpose


Assessment Criteria CoveredPassMeritDistinction
ScenarioYou are working as an independent business consultant.  You have been approached by a local business that is keen to make strategic changes to help improve their businesses prospects. They are particularly interested to hear about how other businesses achieve their aims and objectives. To give your client an understanding of how different types of businesses operate you choose Cadburys and The Forestry Commission as examples
Task(s)P3 Describe how two businesses are organized.

Task 1: 

You are to carry out an investigation into how:

a) Cadburys

b) The Forestry Commission are organised.

This information is to be fed back to your client by means of a PowerPoint presentation.

To carry out this task you will need to research the following areas:

ü  Describe their organisational structures.

ü  Purpose (why are they organised in the way they choose (division of work, lines of control and communication),

ü  Types of structure (functional, geographic, product, type of customer) and span of control.

ü  Diagrams for both organisations which represent the organisational structure.

ü  Explain the functional areas of each organisation – what do each of them do? You should include the following departments if appropriate; marketing, production, customer service, sales, human resources etc.

ü  Explain how the organisations makes strategic plans – how do they aim to move forward and achieve the purpose of the business?

ü  Strategic planning may include – mission statement and values, development of strategic aims and objectives, cascading of objectives throughout the organisation and the use of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, resources and time-bound) objectives.


  • You should give definitions where possible before you explain how each is relevant to the business – E.g. When discussing the mission statement of each business you should explain:
  • What a mission statement is
  • State the companies’ mission statement and then explain how this helps the business with its strategic planning.
  • How it plans to achieve in the future.

P4: Explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes. 

Task 2: 

Continue with your investigation and explain how;

 a) Cadburys

b)  The Forestry Commission organisational style helps them to fulfil the purpose of their businesses.

How does the way both businesses are organised help them achieve their aims and objectives?

You should include the following:

  • Identify the aims and objectives of each business.
  • Explain how the strategic planning (mission statement, values, development of aims, the process the organisation uses to develop aims) helps both organisations work towards achieving them – how does the planning the organisations carry out help them achieve?
  • Explain how the organisational structure of both organisations helps them to achieve their aims and objectives.


Different aims can include:

ü  private sector aims (breakeven, survival, profit maximisation, growth);

ü  public sector aims (service provision, cost limitation, value for money, meeting government standards, growth of range of provisions)

ü  You should approach both companies for further information if you wish to help you research the information you need.

ü  You may approach the businesses you are investigating by letter or email for further information to help you.

Once you have collated your information you must prepare a PowerPoint presentation and deliver this to your client in order to present your findings.

The presentation should be a minimum of 5 minutes in duration and a time slot will be allocated to you.

All notes and slides must be handed in to your client and the end of the presentation so that they can refer to your findings.

You MUST include a bibliography and all sources MUST be referenced.

Good Luck 

Criteria tested: P3 and P4 

Start Date: 


Evidence you must produce for this taskPowerpoint presentation
Criteria covered by this task:
To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to:UnitCriterion reference
P3 – Describe how 2 businesses are organized1
P4 – Explain how their style of organization helps them to fulfil their purpose
Sources of informationTextbooks:

Business Studies Level 3 Book 1 BTEC National Edexcel 







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BTEC National Qualification

QCF Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business 


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Assignment 1.2–Business organisation and purpose Assessor Name  

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Unit 1 – The Business Environment 

Target Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purpose


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The tutor considers that the learner will be able to provide evidence without further guidance

Evidence submitted for assessment has been authenticated and accompanied by a signed and dated declaration of authenticity.

** Any resubmission evidence must be submitted within 10 working days of receipt of results of assessment.

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