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The hospitality management sector is the most important service providers for the international travel and tourism industry. It involves all sorts of businesses which can effectively accommodate travellers and tourists when they are travelling to other destinations. They are the integral part of the whole experience and for them modern websites as the Trip Advisor set standards which are based on the evaluation of people due to their personal experiences. The assignment is based on the hospitality industry which caters to the needs of the people by providing appropriate services. (Barrows, 2011)

The relationship among the hospitality industry and the travel and tourism is also discussed in the assignment. The various sorts of integration are also explained and the integration which is important for the organisation as Hotel is also provided as integration for some organisations is inevitable part. Therefore the travel and tourism is effectively related to the hospitality business and this relationship is necessary for both the businesses to survive in an effective manner. This assignment thus focuses on the basics aspects of hospitality business as well as the details making an effective business are also included in the same. 3

 Task 1

LO1 Understand the role of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector.

 P1.1 Discuss the interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism business.

The hospitality industry tends to offer the services like the transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, leisure and recreation. The tourists tend to engage in travelling to the destinations where they experience the leisure and recreational activities and most of the time avail accommodation, beverage and food. The hospitality industry is so for tourism the service supplier. Therefore hospitality and tourism go side by side as the hospitality industry offer services and tourism is an activity. Meaning of hospitality is to provide safe and enjoyable business environment for the patrons. It is also referred to serving the adequate amount of liquor so that the patrons don’t become intoxicated and may become a problem for the management, neighbourhood and staff. (Lisaboyjoy, 2012)

This kind of relationship is for the success of both the business as the tour operator after choosing a hotel and linking the business with that hotel tries to provide the client certain packages in link with hotel which is an easier process for the client to have reservations in hotel and to get the accommodation according to features demanded by them from the tour operator.(Page, 2011)

There is a generally thinking on the part of the tourists that when they arrive at a particular destination then their main interest is to check into the hotel room, especially after long journeys. It is so critical for the hotel staff to treat the guests with proper care as the guests would tire and irritated after their long and tiring journey. People spend a reasonable amount of time in hotels whether for the purpose of business or leisure and desire for the premium quality services. The hospitality industry does not only include hotels and restaurants but is having many more sectors: 4

  •  Events
  •  Travel Services
  •  Tourist Services
  •  Visitors Attractions
  •  Self- catering
  •  Pubs, bars, etc.

The two hospitality organisations which can be taken under consideration in order to describe the role of hospitality industry in travel and tourism are the

  1. Hotel Ritz Carlton
  2. Savoy Hotel

Hotel Ritz Carlton: The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. was formed in the year 1983 and it operates as a chain of 36 hotels worldwide. The chain tries hard to make each of its locations luxurious in a unique fashion. It is known as the best hotels in the world and is top rated including several five stars and five diamonds earned. Apart from the 20 hotels it is having in US, it is also having in various other locations as well as Sydney, Shanghai, China, Indonesia, Bali, China, Korea, Seoul, and as well other locations. It was founded in 1983, when William Johnson had bought the rights to the famous Ritz- Carlton name and the chain is being held by giant hotel Marrior International. (Reference for Business, n.d.) Read more : BTEC Higher National Diploma In Mechanical Engineering- VT720

The Ritz- Carlton hotel is providing many of the services like club, spa, bars, where its clubs offers all the service and amenities one is expecting from them, snacks, throughout the day beverages are served and a personal concierge is available so as to assist one with everything from hard-to-get reservations of restaurants to the change or switching of airline flights. Along with extended staying at the Ritz- Carlton club level a 5

complimentary night is made available with the “Treat You Package” of the hotel. This package includes overnight accommodation, Hotel’s choice of the overnight Valet parking or even providing airport transfer, providing daily internet access in their guest rooms. Apart from this package they are having many more packages available. (The Ritz- Carlton, n.d.) Therefore the hospitality organisation as Carlton can also be included in the travel package being offered to the tourists by providing them additional services in the package so availed by the trip advisors so the hotel or the hospitality industry and the travel and tourism go hand in hand as the tourists who are travelling require accommodation in hotels on reaching their destinations.


  1. Hotel Savoy: Hotel Savoy is a luxury hotel which is located on Strand in city of Westminster in central London. The Savoy group of hotels and restaurants are the first 6

ones to introduce electric lights throughout the building, electric fits, bathrooms and lavished furnished rooms and availability of constant hot and cold running water. It was established in 1989, it is at a five minutes’ walk from British Museum and the Royal Opera House. (Anon (I), n.d.) Savoy hotel is famous for glamorous and excitement services to the customers in all over area. People who are from different cast, sex, culture are being offered excellent services like babysitting, check in/out, bell staff, housekeeping, etc. Its business service encompasses CD burning, DVD playing, High speed of internet, VAT refunding service, Microsoft application. Other services of butler include drink on arrival, wake-up call system, dressing service, complementary pressing. It tends to offer special promotional offers for those customers who are having the need for promotion along with providing the dining, meeting and photo entertainment facility thereby attracting the customers towards them and also providing SPA to them. In this way the hospitality industry is related to the travel and tourism by providing certain services as per the travel package being allotted to the tourist on the demand of the trip advisor who is linked with these hotels.

(Source: 7

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