Unit 1 Operation Management Assignment Help


The assignment is about the operations management and its functions like the design and structure of processes, capacity planning, management of inventory, etc. These can contribute to the success and competitiveness of an organisation. It will be discussed that how value is added to the products of the company and then it is sold to the consumer to provide value to them by considering elements of ethical and environment impact.

The design of the operations of an organisation will be discussed and the organisation which has been taken for the assignment is Dominos. The value chain of dominos, it capacity planning and inventory management will be discussed.  By Operations management we mean that the company manages its practices and operations of the business in a way which can deliver highest level of efficiency and results. It is basically the topic which is related to the conversion of raw materials into the final goods in a best possible way and methods. The better operations will be adopted; better will be the profit of the organisation. For achieving maximum profit and to deliver maximum profit to the customer, companies redesign its structures and business operations. The business operations of Dominos, United Kingdom are discussed in this report. (Barnes, 2011)

Overview of the organisation

Dominos is the Pizza delivery company which is leading the market of the world. It carries the zeal to deliver the fresh, hot, tasty pizzas to the customers in which the pizza base is made by Dominos itself. It basically started in 1960 in USA but soon it reached all over the world. In UK, it started its operations in 1985. Dominos is focussed for providing the taste according to the taste of the country they are operating.  It is running its stores in over 60 countries and loved by everyone around the world. (Who are we, 2016)

Unit 1 Operation Management Assignment Help

What is Operations Management?

Operations Management is managing different operations of a business for the manufacturing of goods or services. It includes designing of the operations so that maximum value products or services are generated which will deliver maximum value and satisfaction to the consumers. It includes designing of value chain, processes, resources, etc. for the betterment of the business.

Operations Strategy of a company

Operations management is the design of the operations of the company and its processes. The process is the one which converts inputs like labour, raw material and other inputs into the outputs which are produced to be delivered to the customers and to provide them maximum satisfaction. Dominos operates in a franchisee model. It gives franchises all over the world and the business is operated from those franchises. Below give is the franchisee model of Dominos UK. (Beckers, 2015)

Unit 1 Operation Management Assignment Help

Franchisee model of Dominos

The company has the business model which is unique and special. The company sources its raw materials from the farmers, and then they are supplied to the master franchisees and then transferred to the franchises which are finally sold to the consumers through outlets. (Riley, 2010)

Mission and vision of Dominos

The mission of Dominos is to be the best Pizza chain in the world and to deliver value and satisfaction to the customers. It is focussed to be better than its competitors by delivery quality products and services to thecustomers and by building quality relationships with the customers.

The vision of Dominos is to increase its business and to fulfil the goals and objectives of the company in a long run which is to be the best pizza deliveryorganisation across the world. (Farfan, 2016)

Objectives of the company

The main objectives of Dominos are:

  • To deliver high quality of services and products to the customers
  • To bring new and improved products which are acceptable in price and taste by the consumers
  • To expand the business internationally
  • To provide training to the employees for improving their service quality
  • To adapt business environment and to provide products to the customers according to the local environment.(Dominos, about us, 2016)

Core competencies

Dominos is the best pizza delivering company in the world but for gaining this position it has to maintain its operations, people and services. The brand is famous and successful because the employees are well trained. Dominos selects the area of its operations which are most profitable for the business.

Its stores are designed in a way that it can deliver services to the maximum areas which are nearby and which are potential markets for the business. (Dominos, about us, 2016)

Operational strategies

The operational strategies of Dominos are:

Lowering the cost of operations:  Dominos tries to lower down the cost of their operations by adopting high efficiency processes at their stores and by recruiting the employees which are highly dedicated for their work and are productive.

Bringing innovations in the products and processes: Dominos continuously strives to bring innovation in their products and services so that the customers can get something new to consume and they will get attracted towards the brand. (Kolli, 2011)

Store outlets and their locations: The stores of Dominos are located and opened at the location which is easily accessible by most of the population and most of the customers can be served at the place. The design of the stores is such which can provide quick services to the customers. For this reasons the take away stores are opened by dominos at many locations where the customer can buy the product without getting formal entry to the store. The customer can place the order, pay and get the order at a window of take away store. (Kolli, 2011)

Building better ordertaking process: Dominos is continuously striving to make services netter for theircustomers. It is making its order taking and fulfilling process easier and better which is satisfying the customers. Dominos has also developed it app for mobiles from where customers can place the order online and can get home delivery for the products within 30 minutes.

Evaluation system: Dominos has a complete evaluation audit program for its stores where its stores are evaluated by conducting an audit to see whether the expectations of the customers are met by the stores or not. It is seen that the store is performing according to its set standards or not. Order Now

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