Unit 4 Managing Quality in HSC


4.1 Evaluate methods for evaluating anchor service quality with regard to external and internal perspectives.

There are numerous methods for evaluating anchor service quality such as focus groups structured and semi structured interviews panels and complaints procedures. First is Marketing as marketing depends upon the needs of the customers then second comes service marketing which helps in understanding the nature of services and the quality of services provided; and third is the service quality models which are used commonly within the service marketing discipline. Also there can be other means like questionnaire survey with the customers to evaluate and know their feedback toward the services provided by Anchor care home. Road shows can be held for knowing the response of public. For evaluating anchor care service quality healthcare providers take interests in the different perceptions while anchor itself seeks for cost minimizing issues and decreased employee turnover issues. These perspectives are the internal factors with regard to evaluation. The internal perspectives also comprise of the Anchor’s standards maintenance within the organization and continuous improvement in the care home for achieving the desired objectives. These factors take place within the organization structure and also include the basic service model which comprises of operations system, service delivery system and marketing system (Lund, 2011). This model describes the relation between the different parts of the care trust and explains the visible and the invisible parts of it like its clients and the physical environment.

The external perspectives comprises of the need of inspection agencies for review purpose and service quality offered and customer satisfaction. The inspection agencies set the minimum standards to be followed by anchor and they help proper review sessions for checking the implementation of standards within the organization. Client satisfaction is the overall evaluation of anchor quality services. It can be said as the previous client’s reflection toward the services experienced by him/her. The more their expectations exceed, the more their loyalty becomes. Customer satisfaction should be the major priority in Anchor’s business. The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction should be considered for evaluating the different perspectives precisely. The researchers has suggested that with superior service quality would yield a more satisfied customer base which would eventually help the Anchor Care Trust in the achievement of quality services and desired objectives. Both the internal and external perspectives will help Anchor to understand the service relationships within the internal health care environment as well as the external factors of customer satisfaction.

4.2 Discuss the impact that involving a user of services and staff in the evaluation process has on service quality.

As per the study of evaluation process, it would have a real impact both on the user and staff of care home. We can discuss the case by taking example of an elderly client. An elderly person expects to be treated and served in a pleasant way. He wants the staff to take care of him well and to listen to his requirements. Old age people have pride and they do not want to take help every time so as to show that they still can do things on their own. Their perspective toward quality care is that they should have freedom to do things as per their wish without much restriction. They consider convention ways of treatment over high tech gadgets. So, these issues are considered by them when they rate the service quality being offered to them. From the view point of a care worker, good quality service means a good nurse patient relationship. worker wants their patient to trust them fully which can only be possible if they have a mutual understanding and respect for each other (Healy, 2011). Also, the panel would teach the staff that in order to establish a good bonding, the care worker has to understand the mental state of mind along with the physical help needed by the patient and the client should develop a feeling of trust and respect for the care professional. This way only a good and impact can be made on the overall evaluation process of service quality measurement. These methods of improvement will not only benefit the customers and the staff but will be also beneficial for the whole Anchor care trust leading to a win-win situation from both sides.

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