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This E – Marketing Strategy for FAA – Financial Advisors Australia is based upon the plan for improving the awareness about FAA – Financial Advisors Australia. We also want to increase the sales prospects via this E- Marketing Strategy for FAA – Financial Advisors Australia for its sales team which is working for input investments. We have tried to model for SOSTAC marketing planning model. We have first worked for analyzing the present situation in FAA – Financial Advisors Australia in situation analysis. We had then put objectives to be achieved using this e- Marketing plan for Unit 1 Internet and Electronic Marketing Assignment HelpFAA – Financial Advisors Australia. We will then do an evaluation of our plan including the steps, actions and tactical factors.  According to the recent economic studies, there is an estimation of an increase in per capita income by 90% by 2016        (Simmel 2007). There is a general belief that the region lacks awareness about the products in the market and perceptions regarding FAA – Financial Advisors Australia are outdated. This all has impacted the ability of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia to attract investments as well as new people towards it. FAA – Financial Advisors Australia has been trying hard to better the image of promoting FAA – Financial Advisors Australia as a great organization to work as well as investments. The campaign has a moderate interest and success by creating impact, bran building and placing FAA – Financial Advisors Australia firmly on talent map. The next hurdle in front of FAA – Financial Advisors Australia is for increasing brand awareness among its target audience. This will help them to firmly place FAA – Financial Advisors Australia in their target customers mind (FAA 2012).

FAA – Financial Advisors Australia

Financial Advisors Australia is a leading financial advisory which features among the Top 10 Investment advisories from its past 5 years since inception. It has multiple innovative offering and loyal client base. It manages client investments and charges a nominal fee for the same. IT has multiple innovative offerings and has both domestic as well as international clients. It has sectorial presence as well as internal sales offices which work together with intermediaries to attract client towards Australia as an investment destination and FAA as the investment advisory partner (FAA 2012).

Situation Analysis

 When in early decade of 90’s, David Harvey told about the changing patterns of culture as well as economic and social practices from earlier decades, he said that this pattern will help in changing current paradigms as well as come up with new patterns in the concurrence of space and time in a new manner. The reason for this is that the continuum of changes have been compressed in such a manner that you can get connected globally anytime at an instant. The growth of Internet is immense and seamless; this has connected countries and removed borders (Abram 2005). Our world has become an online world with a billion audiences. This Internet circle has opened immense pathways for organizations to connect, talk and sell their products to their target customers. This won’t have happened in a brick and mortar method and would have required a change in current business models. Organizations need to be adaptable enough for these challenges as it not only beneficial for them as their target market is increase but will also increase the competitiveness due to increasing competition which is truly global. Internet emergence and electronic communication methods have increased the utility of value business models in which organizations can collaborate with their competitors as well as partner stakeholders for giving huge range of services and products which can delight the customer. This not only increases the range of company network by outsourcing unnecessary operational work (Bragg 2002). This helps them to focus on their imperative value networks to deliver customer value as they can think more about how customers can drive their value chain in activities rather than tradition inside out looking models where the models were once set but not optimized for customer needs.

The Internet has generated immense new chances for creating a double sided communication. In the coming times marketers will work for every new audience which can be even any stakeholder which can be a producer or a consumer. They always need personalized products and services and interaction with their preferred brands so that they can build a long lasting as well as trusted relationship. Hence, this was the need for a combined term first defined by Toffler as “Prosumer” as consumer will also work as a Producer for creating value for him as well as the organization (Barber 2005; Wallace 2005).

E-Marketing Strategic Planning

For any Organization, the brand image and brand equity are two necessary factors in gaining customers as well as investments from investors. This will be important as stakeholders are increasing day by day and give them options for interaction in a direct manner. The Decision making unit can directly engage with FAA – Financial Advisors Australia and communicate its objectives of engagement. The Next diagram shows the process of decision making as well as the influence stages (Angus and Oppenheim 2004).

When we making an effective E-Marketing strategy, its importance is defined by the basic question whether the company should use internet as a marketing Channel or not. In today’s Competitive Environment, organizations don’t have any choice as they need to stay competitive; hence they need to have an E-Marketing Plan.  This strategy will be using a mix of communication channels for propagating the E-marketing strategy effectively and efficiently. The impact will be on the influence network on the decision maker. Order Now

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