Unit 1 Information Systems in OrganisationsAssignment


In order to execute business operations in an effective manner, it is important for the organization to assimilateUnit 30 Information Systems in organisations Assignment 1 - Assignment Help the information in a precise manner. If the collected information is not appropriate then it is likely that the results will be unexpected (Aken, 2012). Unit 1 information systems in organisations assignment deal with different information needs within different functional areas of organization, how different information systems are employed within an organization to take decisions related to different business operations after analyzing the available information. In addition to this, the report also focuses on how information systems are employed to produce management information that are related to analysis of sales and marketing and other important departments.

Task 1

P1.1 Evaluate the information needs of the different functional areas of your chosen organization.

Tesco PLC is known in UK and other geographies across the globe as one of the leading grocery and general merchandise retailer. In terms of profit Tesco PLC led the table of retailers and has spread its branches in 12 countries and three continents. After the inception in 1919 by Jack Cohen, the name Tesco appeared first in the market in the year 1924. The company began its operation by offering grocery of high quality at lower prices and slowly diversified its reach to clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol, toys, software, financial services, telecoms, internet services and music downloads.

In order to maintain its position in the market, the management team of Tesco led their extra focus on each and every individual’s performance and provides them with equal opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities. With the equal focus on cultural values and proper planning the management team is trying to establish a unique name in the market by gaining maximum trust and loyalty from its customers in different geographies by collecting relevant information about the market. These information are collected by deploying own information system by Tesco in order to reduce cost and get better results in collection.

The information need of different functional areas of Tesco is described below: –

  • Finance Department: – The finance department of Tesco deals with all the budgeting for various operations and management of effective resource allocation. It also deals with paying bills for the goods and services, managing the payroll of employees, tracking different financial system employed for different departments, making annual reports for presenting the performance of the organization to the management and performing financial audit for expenditures and income (Boland, 2002). For performing these activities the finance department has to track the demands generated in different department for allotting the funds to fill the requirement, the department also needs to track the attendance of the employees by collecting the report from the human resource department for formulating the salaries of the employees, the finance department also has to perform auditing and for that the team keeps a record of the different financial statements for analysing it (Lissack, 2005). For formulating the overall annual report the finance department has to analyze the sales report on quarterly basis. These are some of the information that is required by the finance department of Tesco.
  • Human Resource Department: – The human resource department deals with the allocation of human capital in different locations according to the need of the organization. It also deals with attracting new human capital, managing, provide training and supporting other departments of the organization. For performing these activities the department first has to collect information about the requirement of different department, and then analysing what sort of talent the department is looking for (Keller, 2009). After analysing it the department formulates its recruitment strategies. For employee retention the department also has to analyse the concern of different employees in order to formulate effective appraisal strategies and for that they need to collect data from employees about the same. In addition to this the human resource department also has to take care of the information about the areas, which needs improvement and to arrange effective training session for the employees (Aken, 2012). For recruiting new talent it also has to collect information about the profiles of applicants for allotting it to specific department matching their skills and capabilities.
  • Sales: – Sales is the most important operation for any organization and thus it is for Tesco as well. Tesco holds a very large pool of products and sales team has to focus on each and every product in an appropriate manner to boost the sale for particular product. For executing this operation the sales team has to first collect relevant data to understand the current market demand of the different products. The team has to focus on those areas where the sale is low and for that the team has to collect information about the relevant reason for the same in order to formulate strategies for boosting the sale in that section (Boland, 2002). In addition to this the sales team of Tesco also required information about different sales and marketing strategies adopted by the competitors in order to adopt effective methodologies in their sales strategies. For doing effective sales for the company, the team also has to acquire knowledge about the market areas in which they are willing to sale their products. This knowledge is usually collected by interacting with customers in form of surveys, feedback sessions or interviews (Anderson, 2012). Sales department also requires information from marketing department so as to formulate sales strategies according to the current marketing campaign flooded by the marketing department in the market. The information consists of the target audience, the market areas to be focused, and the estimated sales target to be achieved with the help of particular marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns are an aid to the sales team and utilizing the information provided by the marketing team in an effective manner can help in crossing the set target of the organization.
  • Training: – The training department is a sub division of human resource department but holds an important place in executing different business operations of the organization. For this department the information about various loopholes in different operations, the performance of employees, the requirement of new skills and technologies is required (Kumar, 2000). What are the available training modules that can be incorporated for the employees, what are the resources to be collected for practical sessions, the information about these aspects have to be collected by the training department of Tesco.
  • Administration: –Administration department of Tesco holds an important role in ensuring that a well structured and convenient ambience of working for the employees is maintained within the organization (Aken, 2012). For this the department collects information about various disputes in the organization, monitoring that the employees are following the basic organizational culture and ethics while executing different business operations, any unfair means are not adopted by any employee, and none of the employee is indulged in any sort of misbehaviour or mishap that can affect the image of the Tesco in the market.

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