Unit 1 - Costinela Daniela Assignment Help


Unit 1 – Costinela Daniela Assignment Help


Business environment refers to all types of internal as well as external factors that mainly affect on the organisational aspects like suppliers, employees, management and consumers in an efficient way. Business environment of a company is dynamic in nature. However, it is quite difficult to recognize and predict the ways and changes that affect on the social and financial environment of a company.  Besides, this task also highlights on the internal as well as external analysis of KFC in order to recognize their weakness and strengths.

Unit 1 - Costinela Daniela Assignment HelpActivity 1

L01: Give details about several types of sectors in terms of their scope and size

P1: Analyse several types and purposes of organisations; private, voluntary and public sectors

In recent competitive market, companies may be separated in three different types such as private organisation, voluntary and private organisation (Glova et al., 2014). In this recent scenario, KFC as private company, Department of Transport (DfT) as public organisation and OXFAM as voluntary organization, is taken in consideration.

Department of Transport (DfT): Public organisation

In terms of mission, the company work with several partners and agencies to help the transport system, which  would  support in UK businesses and obtain the people and products travelling all over the world (Schaltegger  et al., 2016). Their plan is to give a safe and reliable journey to the people in terms of travelling. DfT main target is to develop the environmental presentation of transport as it serves the people in effective way.

KFC: Private organisation

As a private organisation, KFC aims to achieve the marketing leadership in food services through their unmatched quality, a unique and diverse product mix and excellent systems (KFC. 2019). In case of mission, this private company is dedicated to attain the constant development their systems of giving items and services to their consumers through on-time delivery (Epifanova et al. 2015).

OXFAM: Voluntary organisation

Oxfam’s vision is to create a world without poverty. Their management imagines a world in which the people may take decision that impact on their daily lives, enjoy their rules and assume their main responsibilities (Oxfam GB. 2019). They create a world in which everybody is treated and valued equally. In terms of mission, Oxfam strives to support the lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty.

Legal structures

Department of Transport

In the region of UK, DfT is the main public company that aims for giving better facilities and accommodation towards the people in transport system (Belás et al., 2015). They create a department i.e., “the strategic framework” for the transport services that are mainly delivered through a huge range of public sector bodies as it consisting of its individual decision-making agencies. On the other hand, DfT enhance access to the services, social networks and services for the most disadvantaged people (GOV.UK. 2019). In recent time, this company focuses to increase the number of departments by utilizing digital and recent technologies. They are setting the strategic direction for the rail sector within the region of England and Wales and funding investment in terms of infrastructure through Network rail. DfT also manages and rewards the rail franchises to regulate the rail fares.


The company retains and maintains their legal model in an efficient manner, as they believe that maintain a proper legal model would necessary for company’s management to carry out their activities within the market. The main objective of KFC is to provide better service for their existing consumers (KFC. 2019). They also focus to sell good items, which is healthy. It actually originated in Kentucky named Colonel Sanders; he discovered the recipe for better around the chicken.

KFC gives many benefits towards their employees (Dyllick and Muff, 2016). The organisation raises its investment about $2.5 million per employee. On the other hand, KFC’s management shares their whole profit and market share with their stakeholders and employees as they easily inspired to the performance of organisations within the marketplace. For being a famous food organisation, the company also aims on maintaining a strong connection with the investors, stakeholders and others. However, this brand has 42,000 restaurants in more than 125 territories and counties, creating it one of the world’s largest restaurant organisations. The KFC system serves more than 12 million people daily.


Oxfam organisational structure is geographical as they perform all over the world. The charity is run and controlled by a chairperson who is in charge of several trustees and takes the important decisions in the organisation. Therefore, legal structure is flat as it serves many people all over the world (Oxfam GB. 2019). Their management has one major target: to produce the positive changes within people in terms of poverty. Therefore, it is very vital for the company to keep and maintain an appropriate legal model through they may control all the movements within an efficient manner (Kljucnikov et al., 2016).

P2: Demonstrate the size and scope of a range of several types of organisations

To be famous and hold a well-built consumer base within the market, it is very essential for the organisations in the direction of recognize their scope and size, so that they may create efficient planning for further extension of their industry.

Size and Scope

Department of Transport

DfT is the largest organisation within the region of UK, which focuses for giving the best transport amenities towards the people. In case of DfT, one of the main objectives is to secure the rail passengers with a proper price through efficient pronouncement and specification. Their management is to deliver and make an affordable, sustainable and robust strategy for the improvement of railway (GOV.UK. 2019). In terms of scope, it must be concluded that the company has an advantage to improve the transport model and giving the best service and punctuality towards their customers.


In terms of size, it would be cited that the company is having more than 90000 workers all over the world with 125 stores. However, KFC operates their business movements through the online process. KFC shares their benefits and profits with their shareholders and partners, as they may get inspired to their performances of organisation (KFC. 2019). To evaluate the company’s scope, the main advantage for the company is to increase their market share all over the world. This brand gets ongoing help through The Yum, which gives several programs to get the attraction of their valuable consumers.


In recent time, Oxfam has an amalgamation of 19 trustees working in over 90 nations, all performing as particular Oxfam on six objectives, which support to develop their shared vision of a world without poverty (Oxfam GB. 2019). At Oxfam, their main culture is developed by their main values that reinforce what they care about the people and how they do all the things. Their five main values are empowerment, inclusiveness, accountability, sustainability and equality.

M1: Analyse how the size, scope and structure of several organisations connect to the business objectives

For being famous organisations within the region of UK, these companies focus on giving better quality care and service to their consumers. It makes a huge opportunity for the companies towards enlarge their products and services all over the world (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014).  In case of Oxfam, their management would improve their performance by performing together and valuing everybody in order to give advantage towards their consumers. On the other hand, employees of these companies care for their consumer as individual and give efficient service with compassion. In case of KFC, they believe to deliver healthy food towards their consumers. Therefore, their management would maintain high standards to deal with consumers. By highlighting mission of DfT, the company may make the chance to develop their employees as creative as they will easily attain the organisational objectives.

L02: Explain the interrelationship of the different functions in a company and how they relation to organisational structure

P3: Explain the connectionships among diverse organisational functions and how they connect to organisational structure and objectives

In this report, KFC is taken into consideration to explain the interrelationship between different organisational functions. The major principle of this functional department is to direct the organisation towards attaining the organisational structure and objectives. In KFC, the functional sections may be explained as follows:

Marketing department: This department acts the major role to monitor the marketing movements of this organisation. The major principle of this section is to improve the employee’s motivation by using one to one meeting strategy (Gupta, 2013). They utilize low distinguished with an implemented leadership quality. To improve the marketing strategy, they make the Yum University, which gives the development and training programs to their employees. However, marketing department integrates the strategies and plans of planning section to make their marketing movements more efficient.

Planning and development department: Planning department controls all marketing activities. This department creates appropriate study of the whole market before creating any sales related movements within the market. They also give some basic training to their employees like how to operate in the restaurant level and offer the incentives facilities to motivate their employees. In development section, the company checks the quality before launching the product in the market. The major focus of this report is to discover new items to attaining more profit (Gecevska et al., 2010).

Financial department: In this section, the company gets close help from the business manager as they implicate the business activities. All the financial transactions have estimated in this section. This section analyzes the business outcomes and arranges the quarterly and monthly review of business operations.

Advertising department: The focus is to create new promotional strategies and application activities for those planning as it may draw the attentions of huge numbers of consumers. This department appoints experienced and skilful employees, as they would direct the organisation towards their success.

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