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Marketing communication is considered as the complex and elementary part of the marketing effort of an organization. It is considered as marketing strategy which is used to approach the target market through several communication types. It includes direct marketing, PR activity, advertising, branding, etc. It is considered that advertisement and promotion is a useful strategy that can be used by any organization in order to deliver several benefits. The main objective of marketing communication is to enhance the demand of products and services and attract large numbers of customers. Marketing communication is the part of marketing mix which is referred four elements of marketing mix such as product, price, place and promotion. Through effective advertisement and promotional strategy an organisation can convey the relevant information to its potential customers by which it can enhance its sales, revenue and brand recognition as well. Proper media is required for developing effective advertising. In this project report discussion will be done on the factors that fluctuates consumer behaviour, advertisement regulation, ICT impacts, etc. (Belch, 2009)

Task 1

Communication is the process of sharing data and information from one person to another through various communication types. Communication process is considered a one of the most essential marketing efforts of the organization to exchange the ideas from one person to another. On the basis of given case scenario, Barclaycard is not capable to utilize the proper medium of marketing communication as it is the most essential tool for the organization. (Belch & Belch, 2009)

Barclaycard delivers a message through a sender then encode the data for transferring it to the end side without any interruption. A proper source is used to transfer the encoded message. This is considered the method of transferring message to the receiver from the sender. There are many sources by which message can be transferred such as digital message, television, radio, internet, newspaper, etc. Further, the message which has delivered to the receiver has to be decoded in order to convert into its original form. Next step is to give response to the sender by the receiver if the message is delivered in a comprehensive manner and fulfilled all the necessities which are required. The feedback of receiver shows that effectiveness of the message and that can be in the form of negative and positive. (Drewniary & Jewler, 2008)please write all citations by hand

The above described communication can be affected through various factors and consumer behaviour is one of them. There are also numerous reasons by which behaviour of consumers can be influenced. Some factors that are responsible to influence the buying behaviour of the customers described below:

Internal factors involves the demographic, psychographic, beliefs and lifestyles of the consumer that influence their purchasing behaviour as process of communication influence the different age people if they are children, old or young because customers are attracted towards the eye catching images and pictures of the products. For instances, Colourful and clear image entice large number of customers rather than the picture which is not clear and attractive. It proves that effectiveness of image is also responsible to affect the consumer behaviour. Lifestyle of people also plays an important role which affects the consumer behaviour as people who are having high lifestyle get attracted easily to the effective marketing. Customer beliefs also responsible to influence theirwhat you wantd to say, for example vegetarian people do not prefer non vegetarian food that behaviour of that influence the business of that organisation that serves non vegetarian item to the people.(Kanagal, 2014)refrase it

External factors involve the cultural, business environment and social factor which are responsible to influence the behaviour of the customers. Aspects of environment like natural and climate disasters, put an impact on the consumer behaviour for example, if any natural disaster happens in that case the preferences and needs of the customers are also influenced. People having different cultural aspects do not get attracted towards the services and products which are not according to the values and beliefs of the customers.(Bond, Ferraro, Luxton, & Sands, 2010)

Advertising strategies trends could be seen from the year 1980 as there were various development and growth has been seen in the advertisement industry that are associated with its structure. Here is the structure of advertisement industry:

Advertisers – These are not for government, business or profit organizations uses advertisement and promotion technique in order to interact with the targeted consumers and also helpful to promote the awareness and demand of brands. (Hackley & Hackely, 2014)

Advertising and Promotion Agencies – Promotional and advertising strategies handle the marketing efforts for promotion that includes samplings, event promotions, etc. Apart from that, promotional agencies offerbusiness innovative services to their customers in order to place advertisement and develop planning.

External Facilitators – These are the organization or person that transfers the effective services to the marketers and agencies. In development of these services generate the requirement of experts and professional in particular areas such as consulting and production. Software and research project. (Altstiel & Grow, 2010)

Media organizations – They own and manage the media access to the potential customers.

Target Customers – these are the customers for whom the advertisements and promotion efforts is performing. They are considered as the important part of the organization because if there are no customers then efforts for marketing and advertisements is totally wasted.

Dawson and Davis organization performs its activity with its potential customers in that way which will help the customer in order to achieve its desired objectives. Dawson & Davis identify the preferences and demands of the customers on that basis develop planning for the promotion and advertisement. Relevant information and data regarding the current trends into the market would be provided to its potential customers. Agency of advertisement and promotion uses the suitable planning of media for the promotion. Dawson and Davis give relevant information and data related to the current market trends and deliver it to the clients in an efficient manner in order to co – ordinate with the promotion and advertising industries.(Rahmani, Mojaveri, & Allahbakhsh, 2012)

Advertisement and promotional agencies develop its relation with its prime contacts by maintaining efficient communication and contacts with them. Agency continuously gets connected with its potential customers through telephone calls, newsletters and Electronic newsletters. Apart from that, on special occasion greetings are also delivered to their customers. These all perspective assists the organization to get associated with its potential customers. Organization also should use some effective schemes of remuneration in order to enhance the performance of the customers and focus on the commitment and to the business target. (Hampf & Lindberg, 2011) There are many schemes of remuneration given by the agency:

  • Pay related to the performance – In this scheme focus is given upon the assessing the employees performance and evaluates whose performance is better to pay remuneration.
  • Pay related to the profit – Company’s employees get paid for the remuneration when company generates more profit. Through this scheme employees of the organization get motivated to do well by which company can generate more profit and that profit could be distributed among the customers in the form of remuneration.(land, 2015)
  • There is also a scheme called as bonus, which is used to motivate the employees of organization. Bonus is paid to the employees in the form of incentives when they met the target which is decided earlier.

Advertisement can be regulated from the practice codes arrangement that monitors and control the unnecessary publicity, take quick actions when any wrong activity occurs for the purpose of promotion and prevent from being cheated. Some laws and regulation that should be applied by the Barclaycard Advertisement Campaign are describes as below:

ASA ( Advertisement Standards Authority) – this acts is regulated to handle the complaint and monitors the activity of media if there is any misleading, harmful and offensive promotion for sales, direct marketing and advertisement is performing. This law should be applied by the Barclaycard Company for advertisement campaign for instance, if any information provided through the advertisement gives the wrong impression about the product and services which are developed by the organization then the action can be taken against that organization by AdvertisementStandards Authority. (governmnet, 2015)

Advertisement practice committee – this committee is the self-regulated body which develops numerous codes of advertising for the non – broadcasting and broadcasting and that board are administered by the Advertisement Standards Authority.

Bar standards Board – That was developed in the year 2004 which as an individual perform the regulatory functions on the activities that are performing for the advertising and promotion. Bar standard boards make sure about the quality and reliability of the services and products that are provided by the organization and it also monitors the relevant information that is being offered by the company through advertisement if there is not any wrong information provided to the customers.

Recent trends in advertisement and promotions are considered as the media oriented like making usage of proper media, communication technology as well as relevant information. Industries are changing their views and thinking regarding the advertisement. They make focus on the content of advertising that force their potential customer to give it a thought. Now days they also focus on the latest technology instead of doing advertising in the traditional manner. Communication has the innovative approach named as ICT. Technology plays an important role in all the activities of the advertisement and promotion as it make it more attractive and effective. ICT includes the more usage of websites, E –mails and social media that provides various facilities to the company in order to promote and communicate its services and products in well manner. ICT gives numerous benefits to the organization and it also put positive impact on the promotion and advertisement. ICT provides several varieties of tool which are important for the purpose of marketing and helps in enhancing the growth of the company. It also helps to increase the co – ordination among the employees and gives opportunity for the market expansion. (Bond, Ferraro, Luxton, & Sands, 2010)

Advertisement and promotional trends put positive impact on the Barclaycard organization as by using social media enhance the popularity and communication within the consumers by which the relationship between them will be developed. Apart from that delivering mails to the consumers also enhance the image of organization because through this potential customers can be approaches in less time and in an effective manner and these techniques are also cost effective. (Alhaddad, 2015) Order Now


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