Understanding People & Organisations


This report’s aim is to explore the experience of each team member while working as a team. This team under consideration is being assigned by the learning facilitator and he has assigned the team randomly. Our team mainly comprises of four team members Chris, Tom, Ryan and me (Mars). The main purpose of this report is to document each of our experience while working as a team member given the fact that we are being assigned randomly.

Step 1

Potentiality of each group members to form an effective work group

In teamwork, it is expected that all the team members participate in the team activities because absence of presence in team activities will lead to successful accomplishment of teamwork. Thus, before conducting teamwork it is very important to identify the strengths of each team member, since the strengths of individual team member will play a vital role in deciding the future of the team whether it can accomplish the goals which are set by the team or it will fail in accomplishing goals (Talman, 2018).

LPA, EI and Clifton Strengths used in the report to address the strength of individual team members (Windon, 2017). . This is very important while working as a team since by using it each team member will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This measure considered as the starting point of information that is required before conducting any work as a team. This helps individuals, teams and even organizations to leverage their talents and transform it into sustainable strengths.

This kind of strength and weakness analysis plays a vital role in teamwork. The main of aim of teamwork is to complete a task by being in a team. Thus for a good team it is always desirable that each members should be aware of their own as well as other team members strengths and weaknesses. LPA, EI and Clifton Strengths play a significant role while conducting any work as a team. This analysis helps to get understanding of the members.

Understanding People & OrganisationsTable 1: Team Strengths Grid

(Author’s creation)

The above table uses the concept that number ranging from 1 to 5 shows the basic characteristics of the particular team member, beyond 5 the numbers have less weight age. Considering the team members of our team Chris, Tom, Ryan and Mars, I can get an idea about each member of our team. Now imputing our strengths ranging from 1 to 34 i.e., in term of numbers, each team members contribution towards successful team can be analysed.

Considering the above table, I will analyse each of our nature to pursue as a team. Firstly as the table shows I will consider Chris as a member,  the first 5 strengths of Chris are Responsibility which occupies position with 1, them comes Competition, then Positivity, then Achiever and finally Activator. Thus considering his strengths it can be observed that he has great sense of responsibility and this sense of Chris can affect our team positively. Now considering Tom as a member it can be seen his attributes are:

Competition, Adaptability, Analytical, Learner and Focus. From the attributes of Tom it is quite visible that he has a competitive nature and his nature can benefit the team. Now considering the attributes of Ryan , what I have observed Discipline attribute comes first for him, then comes Competition, then Adaptability, then Learner and finally Analytical. From Ryan’s attributes what I think is, since he is very disciplined then it will make our team work a more effective one. Finally, if I consider my own attributes then I have observed that my attributes are in sequence of Achiever, Command, Significance, Developer and Individualization. Considering my own attributes, I think that my Achiever attribute will help team to move in the path of achievement.

Possible areas of weakness or conflict that may arise within group

Now considering the weakness part of each member of my team, what I have observed that each of us has weaknesses, which are different in nature. First considering Chris weakness considering the attributes it can be seen that Chris as such do not have any strong weakness which can hinder growth of our team. All the five attributes of Chris are in decent position, thus he may prove to be a good team member while conducting work as a team.

Now considering Tom as a member, what I have observed, competitive nature of Tom may turn out to be a selfish one inside the team. However, if he uses his competitive nature for the team as a whole then it will a beneficial one but if he utilize his competitive nature for the sake of his goods as an individual then team may face conflict between members. Now coming to Ryan, his attributes shows that analytical nature of Ryan is very weak and for this reason my team may face problem. In addition, Ryan is a late learner, which is not at all desirable in teamwork. Since teamwork always succeeds when all team members proceed together. Finally considering my own weakness what I think is, attribute Command can crop up problem inside team since I have a commanding nature.

Step 2

Team building activities and its effectiveness

The main purpose of team building activity is to deal with issues that involve the weaknesses of each team members. Thus for our team also team building activities will help largely in order to avoid conflict that may arise within team.

Step 3

Analyzing the report and recommendations

This report has taught me several things which I was not aware of, thus by conducting this report I gain much ideas about my team members. This knowledge was very important for me since before preceding our working as a team we all should be aware of each of ours attributes. Based on these attributes we all can react according to the conflict that may or may not arise within the team. I am feeling very knowledgeable after this report, because I think this kind of report is very important before conducting any teamwork. I am also aware of my own attributes which I was not aware of. Previously, I always have a thinking that I will work according to the team but after thus report, I am aware of my commanding nature which may crop up conflict between team members.

Recommendations which I may suggest for this teamwork to be an effective one are , firstly I would suggest that Communication should not be an obstacle towards our work, we all should communicate in same language then only we all can understand in same manner. Another recommendation, which I may input, is, since we all are working in a team, we all should inform each other about our steps regarding our work in the team and for this, we should have a common platform where we can exchange our views and all of us should get that opportunity of putting their views.


From the above report it is quite visible that a team work can never succeed until all members of the team step forward and take some or the other responsibility for the betterment of the team. All members should address each other’s strengths and weaknesses for achieving the prime goals of the team.


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