Understanding Management-Btechnd

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment

To successfully complete this assessment, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the principles of management and organisational structure in relation to size and purpose
  2. Explain the nature of management culture and how this may vary from one company to another as well as the impact it has on corporate success
  3. Identify the relationship between business planning and operations and the problems of ensuring consistency
  4. Illustrate the importance of effective communication between managers with different responsibilities
Percentage of marks awarded for module:This assignment is worth 100% of the total marks for the module
Assessment criteriaExplanatory comments on  the assessment criteriaMaximum marks for each section
Content, style, relevance, originalityThe student should be able to clearly summarise key theories and principles.

They should include relevant factual material.

The content should be supported with some evidence of relevant research from key texts, articles and web sites.

Structure, referencing, language, grammarThe report should be well-structured and adopt appropriate use of headings, sub-headings and paragraphs.

The report should have good visual presentation including line spacing, font size and margins; good spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The student should accurately use Harvard referencing

10 %
Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusionThe student should demonstrate an understanding and engagement with the core material and concepts.

The student needs to clearly answer the question. Their answer should be supported with examples, quotations, and references.


Candidates must clearly label their ID Number on additional separate reference, formula or answer sheets.

Written Report (100%)

The assessment for this module is for students to provide a report that demonstrates their development of appropriate skills and knowledge through the module. Since there is no written examination in this module, the six tasks cover all the learning outcomes of the module.

You are a journalist for a leading news service. The news organisations newly appointed line manager wants to hire a business editor and you have decided to apply for the position as it will be a promotion.

As part of your application, you have been asked to undertake a series of tasks.

Task 1 – (This will form your introduction)

You are required to select an organisation of your choice. (The only requirement is this organisation has to have a website).

  1. Introduce your organisation and provide a short description of what it is.
  1. The principles of management e.g., (remuneration, authority, order, discipline, division of work etc.) continually pose challenges for managers. Describe any two of the principles of management?

(150 words)

Task 2 – (You are now expected to build a profile of your organisation) 

Your editor enjoyed your opening to (task 1) and thinks your organisation could make an interesting article. He wants you to explain the organisation in more detail.           

  1. Describe the organisations (size, structure and key operations).
  1. Outline the organisations key strategic objectives (i.e. goals & targets) and explain how they plan to use the 4 functions of management (planning, organising, leading and controlling) to achieve them.

(300 words)

Task 3 – (This question evaluates the importance of culture)

You have been debating with your line-manager about the importance of culture to an organisation. He argued that,

“Management culture is of no importance and has no influence on the success of the organisation!”

You disagree! Using the organisation you selected for task 1 write a reply to your line manager. Focus your reply on two key questions:

  1. Describe the importance of management culture to an organisation.
  1. How does culture impact the success of your chosen organisation?

(300 words)

Task 4 – (Business planning & operations)

Your editor is impressed with your work. He wants you to write a short paragraph on the importance of planning and operations to an organisation. Using the organisation you chose in (task 1), write a paragraph answering the following questions:

  1. Identify the key reasons why line-managers engage in the process of planning.
  1. Describe the steps taken in analysing the external environment of an organisation.

 (300 words)

Task 5 (Communication)

Oh no! There has been a huge argument and your editor is no longer speaking to a senior member of staff from a different department. They are expected to have a close working relationship but effective lines of communication have broken down. As he is your senior, you do not feel you can raise the importance of this to him. You feel it would make a good article so you decide to write a brief note on the importance of effective communication between managers with different responsibilities. Your article must discuss the two following questions:

  1. Explain the consequences of a breakdown in communication to an organisation.
  1. Identify any two techniques/technologies (e.g. corporate instant messaging systems, intranet, team briefings) and explain how they could be used to prevent and overcome breakdowns in communication.

(300 words)

Task 6 – (This will form your conclusion) 

This application process has been competitive. Your manager gives you the good news; you have made the final 2. He has asked you both to:

  1. Explain 3 of the key learnings from the tasks undertaken.

(150 words)

Assignment Structure Guidelines:

A reference list must be included at the end of the assignment.

A Cover Page and Table of Contents must be provided in the beginning of the assignment.

Suggested assignment structure:

  1. Task 1 – Introduction (150 words)
  2. Task 2 – Organisation profile & principles of management (300 words)
  3. Task 3 – Culture (300 words)
  4. Task 4 – Business planning & operations (300 words)
  5. Task 5 – Communication (300 words)
  6. Task 6 – Conclusion (150 words)
  7. Task 7 – Bibliography
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