Under Armour Company

  1. Is the company public? If so, where does it trade? Symbol, average daily volume, price variations over time.
Under Armour Company
Global business strategy

Under Armour Company is an American based Public company engaged in manufacturing sports clothing. The company is carrying on business all around the world and the company is listed on New York Stock Exchange of United States of America. The symbol by which Under Armour Company is denoted at New York Stock exchange is ‘’UA’’. The stock of Under Armour Company is considered to be one of the commonly demanded stocks of the New York Stock Exchange. This is the reason that the average daily volume of the company is 2,207,600, which reveals the high consideration of investors in the stock of Under Armour Company. Talking about the price variation the lowest price based on daily trend is $ 83.73 and the highest price on daily basis is observed to be $84.87. Moreover, lowest price based on 52 week trend is $45.05 and the highest price based on 52 week trend is $85.94. The current market price as on 15-April-2015, 7:56pm is $ 84.21 (Investor.underarmour).

Talking about the price variations observed for the past six months pertaining to Under Armour Company, it can be concluded that the for the month of November 2014, the adjusted closing price of the company was observed to be  72.49. However just after a month i.e. December 2014 the price fall to 67.90 i.e. decline by 6.76%. Moreover after this downfall the under amour’s stock start increasing with a considerable percentage and climbed to 72.08 for the month of January 2015, 77.01 for February 2015, 80.75 for March 2015 and finally 84.21 for the recent month of April 2015. The company is expected to have the same growth pace of increase for the upcoming period. (finance.yahoo.com)

  1. What is company saying about its business plan/future?

At an earlier time this year Kevin Plank, CEO and founder of Under Armour UA, inform investors that Under Armour is expecting to make its revenues double by 2016, to $4 billion. It was a confident promise. But Plank has not at all been acknowledged to be shy. One mode for Under Armour to grab this: Convert what is an especially American brand into a global one (Monte Burke, 2015).

However, earlier this week, Under Armour (NYSE: UA ) offered at a retail conference sponsored by Bank of America, and conveyed the plan that the Under Armour is expecting for the next few years. As expected, management of Under Armour is going to concentrate on growth both domestically and internationally. Under Armour is going to get on with achieves that growth: New line of products and new categories of stores will structure the backbone of the expected growth. On peak of that, Under Armour is currently working in changing in its product and consumer mix, with the objective of attracting new customers (Andrew Marder, 2015)

Moreover at a conference Plank informed that the company is going to acquire more than 128 acres of land at Port Covington. Plank has been assembling for a real estate plan of heavy proportions in this way. Although Plank told that the area will ultimately turn into a mixed-use project that will comprise of housing, Plank informed that the big and the main focus now is plotting the paramount use of the land for the company’s continuing growth. The foremost element of the project, a whiskey distillery covering a 5-acre land that will produce Plank’s lengthy -planned Saga more Spirit whiskey brand, is expected to be opened in late 2016.

  1. What analyst’s follow the company and what are they saying?

The company attained $3 billion in revenue prior year for the first time in the history of the company. Company’s stock price and market value have climbed by 40% in the past year. Company’s earnings are beating expectations…again. Under Armour’s progress is inspiring, especially in a business subjugated by climb (NKE), Under Armour is climbing up for the fight with Nike and expanding beyond clothing. On recent Wednesday of this week, the company also declared that it is going to acquire two app companies meant at personal fitness and health i.e. MyFitnessPal and Endomondo. The company already bought a comparable company about a year ago named MapMyFitness,

The Baltimore-based company’s women’s clothing, shoes and international development are its fastest rising idols. Last year, Sneaker sales rose 44%, however its global earnings more than doubled in the year 2014 compared to 2013. Analyst’s claim the company’s “The Company will what the company wants” campaign intended at women is a success. (Patrick Gillespie, 2015)

Analysts maintained an Outshine rating for Under Armour, Inc, while lifting the price target from $90 to $92. Feasibility into the company’s development has enhanced with domestic potency and solid international route. Following the finale of the Under Armour’s Madness series, the analysts have a combined vision of Under Armour’s international and footwear opportunity. Accumulating the analyses of the Asia-Pacific, European, and athletic apparel of Latin American and footwear markets, Under Armour is expecting the 20 percent international diffusion and 18 percent footwear penetration in North American by 2018. The analysts expect the region to surpass Western Europe by 2018 and to be Under Armour’s biggest market. Based on this trend the analysts expect global to add roughly 6.5 points to accumulated revenue growth in 2015 and points of about 7.5–8 in the year 2016–2018, go along with continued NA growth.” (Monica Gerson, 2015)

  1. Conclusion: Buy/Sell/Hold

Note that more than $4.7 billion of revenue of Nike’s brand is derived from footwear only. By distinguishing, revenue from Under Armour’s line of young footwear grew by 34% for the last quarter to $109.5 million. Possibly most encouraging, however, was that the CEO of under Armour Kevin Plank l told investors that the company’s retail stores internationally are selling more footwear as compared to their expectations. This promise well for company’s balanced sales mix and competitive forecasts with Nike if consumers particularly based internationally are familiarize to the brand as both a footwear and apparel play. For now it is making perfect sense for the company to focus on grabbing market share by making investment for sustaining top-line growth. Because such investments continue to bear fruit, bottom line of Under Armour will ultimately follow suit and assist it develop into its premium valuation. Consequently, for investors categorized as patient with a long-term attitude, that’s why now is an excellent time to buy the stock Under Armour (Steve Symington, 2015)

UNDER ARMOUR INC (UA) is rated a BUY. There are by numerous factors deriving this, which have a great impact than any of the weaknesses, and should allow investors an opportunity of better performance than other comparable stocks. Under Armour’s strengths can be viewed in several areas, such as its healthy revenue growth, remarkable record of growth in earnings per share, fundamentally solid financial position with balanced debt levels by most measures, convincing growth in net income and reliable performance in stock price. It can be feel that these strengths prevail over the fact that the company is trading at a premium based valuation on analysis of its current price as compared to such elements as book value and earnings.


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