Travel And Tourism Assignment Help

Travel And Tourism Assignment Help
Travel And Tourism Assignment Help

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Tourism Have following major categories covered under this segment:

Educational Tourism:

It involves congregation of insight and vocational competency outside the classroom concentrating on how to learn about the elegance and culture of the visited countries. Placement & Training Program also falls under educational tourism.

Medical Tourism:

As per the well-known fact, that there is a wide dissimilarity in the salary and cost structure of developed and developing areas of the world, so more people are taking a flight from highly developed nations to other nations of the planet for medical treatment to take benefits in terms of more facilitated and less costly medical procedures. They only have to expend a fraction of the price they do in the developed nations.


This billion dollar industry includes lodging, event planning, safari parks, freightage, cruise line, catering, casinos and additional activities within the tourism industry. It concentrates on the relation between the resort authority and the guests. Degrees in this stream may also be referred as hotel and tourism management, hotel management, or study in hotel administration.

Dark tourism:

Grief tourism or Dark tourism concerns about the travel & trips to places associated with death and disaster happenings, calamity and suffering. Travel that explores castles and battlefields involving death and tragedy comes under this field of study. If you are not convinced about the subject knowledge in this field, you can approach Travel and Tourism assignment help for the required help.

Travel And Tourism Assignment Help


A new trips and travel ethic that focuses on the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage throwing light on maintaining the harmony with the planet. This branch of study raises the level of activism among the travelers and locals both, creating more enthusiasm towards conservation.

Travel and tourism assignments are the perfect way to help the students understand travel industry and develop their career in it.

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