Tourism Industry Assignment Help

Tourism Industry Assignment Help


The tourism industry is the most rapidly growing industry in the world. It used to offer services to the tourist and attract them to the destination place. It used to frame the images of the destination in the mind of the tourist with the holiday package. It has the purpose of offering a variety of tourism to the tourists such as cultural, physical, and social tourism. The tourist used to attract towards the cultural and social tourism.  The current trends in the tourism industry are tourism destination which used attract numerous of customers. It used to appeal from the tourist in order to visit the place and the appeal is affected by the Tourism Industry Assignment Helpvarious factors such as political instability and promotion. The tourism destination has the issues which used to affect the popularity of the destination. Terrorism is the factor which affects the tourism industry adversely. TUI Group is the responsible tour operator who used to conduct the CSR activity in order to promote the tourism.

Task 1


According to Baggio, et. al. (2010), the tourism is the customer and service oriented industry as it provides services to the customers on their needs and preferences. Every country offers different tourism to the different tourist. The tourist comes for the purpose of education, business, and travelling. The tourism is growing rapidly with the increase in the interest of the tourist to visit the destination place. The destination place used to attract the tourist towards travelling and visiting.

1.1: Identifying the number of visitors, visitor nights per visit and spending by purpose in USD ($), GBR (£) or Euros and by country of the visit, for example, comparing 2016 to 2015.

According to Steinbrink, et. al. (2016), the tourism destination is the place which forces the tourist in order to leave their places and wonder around the world. The tourism industry is the income generator following by the number of visitors. It is affected by many factors which directly affects the number of visitors. For instance: If there is a decline in the currency of the country then the number of tourist gets increases. Whereas there is instability of politics in the country refers to decrease in the numbers of tourists. The following are the table which used to describe the number of visitors and their spending that shows the income generation in the country. The data of tourist visit and their spending articulates the popularity of the tourism destination.

RankCountryRegional marketNumber visited in 2015


Number visited in 2016


Visitor nights per visit



SpendingChange 2015 to 2016


3USAAmerica77.5608.06$18 m-17.5
4ChinaAsia11759.0325.98$104.5 bn-57.97
5MalaysiaAsia23.624.622.5$103 bn1

According to Steinbrink, et. al. (2016), the table contains the data and statistic about the number of tourist receiving by the country and income generated in the country. The UK has the 6th position in the tourism industry as it is famous for the tourist attraction. The Edinburg is the primary destination selected by the tourist in the UK. This place offers facility and views to the tourist that used to attract the tourist and provide a purpose for spending. Istanbul is the destination place in Turkey which used to attract the tourist as it contains history in it. The Statue of Liberty is the destination place in New York City. The Statue of Liberty is one of the 7 wonders of the world which attracts lots tourist. Similarly, the China has The Great Wall of China which attracts numbers of tourist as it also belongs to the seven wonders. Malaysia is the attractive place and contains lots of beauty in it (Steinbrink, et. al., 2016).

1.2: You should then analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends.

According to Law, et. al. (2011), the tourism sector has grown very rapidly during the last decades. It used to offer services and destination place to tourist in order to visit the destination. The USA, UK, China, Malaysia, and Turkey are responsible for the activities performed in the tourism sector. It is the sector which belongs to the customer orientation and depends on the natural resources or environment of the country. Edinburgh carries lots of tourist and tourist used to select it as the destination place. In the UK, there are various destination places which used to attract numerous tourists. London, Edinburgh carry tourist because it contains educational hub, business opportunity and the historic monuments for the travelers. The Olympics and Paralympics game used to host by the UK which attracts numbers of visitors and it is the step towards the development of tourism. The UK contains 36.115 in 2015 and 37.3 in 2016. The UK carries the 6th position in the tourism sector with its continuous development by the industry. The China has also a large number of tourists come to visit China. The Great Wall of the China has contains history and is one the seven wonders (Law, et. al., 2011).

According to Baggio, et. al. (2010), there is a decrease in the inbound tourism of China in 2016 but from other destination places, it used to succeed in generating the income. There are increases in the number of visitors in the UK by 1.185 per cent. The UK used to put many efforts in order to develop the tourism sectors. The tourism sector used to develop the economy of the country as it used to generate the employment and income in the country. The revenue generates the numbers of the visitor in the UK is $22.072.

Travelling is the hobby and passion of many people who wants to visit the world at the attractive package. The tourism sector has the great future with great history and fresh environment. The Architectures, business person, travellers, and students used to visit the place with their respective purpose. There are numerous and each country used to offer different tourism such as cultural tourism, destination tourism, historic tourism etc. there is the trend of the destination in the tourism and each tour operator, the agency used to offer holiday package with the destination place. It used to attract the numerous of customers and leads to generate more income (Baggio, et. al., 2010).


It is to be concluded that the tourism sector has grown very rapidly and helps the country in developing their economy. Countries used to generate income from the number of the visit of the tourist. The tourist used to spend more on the travelling with respect to the destination place (Baggio, et. al., 2010).

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