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Copy writing is the drafting of a uniquely written piece that will convey the right message about a brand and convince the target audience to make a buying decision.
Copy writing is as old as time, the oldest brands have always had their slogans and catchy phrases that have been used to woo their customers to the brand for ages now. The copy writers have for long assumed the position of the content developers for many forms of marketing planning campaigns for brands, they have secured an important position as members of the branding and marketing team using their expertise to write very attractive copy for the brands they are representing. The copy writing industry has been evaluated at about $2.3 trillion, this figure is a proof that copy writing is very important to branding and the clients that need this service are willing to pay very huge amounts of money for this service to be rendered to them for their brands.

Perfecting the art of copy writing will take a lot of practice, you will have to understudy the basic rules guiding marketing communication which will be used for every copy you write, these guidelines have been created to ensure that every copy written is tailored in a manner that will bring out the most important and the selling features of the brand in a convincing way that will make the customers believe in the brands ability to meet their needs. Examples of good copy writing is all around us, we see it on the products in form of the slogans, they are featured as catchy phrases in the advertisements on the TV and also mentioned during the radio adverts and jingles that have been created to advertise the brand.

There is no particularly specific course in the higher institution to get a training to become a good copy writer, there are really gifted people out there that can handle copy writing using their natural creative minds effortlessly and they will generate very good copy for any brand.The basics can be learnt but becoming a great copy writer will rely mainly on your creativity and your ability to apply the principles that will be a guide to writing a great copy. A copy has to be written in an order that will be free of mistakes of misinformation; any mistakes made on a copy will be bad for the brand as the wrong message will be passed causing a form of skeptics about the quality perception of the brand.

There are four basic steps to writing a good copy, they are:

  1. The first step to writing a good copy for a brand is to study the brand with a view of identifying the positive attributes and features of the brand, this will be noted down and it will also be very good to identify those features of points that can be used against the brand in the market, these are those features that can be used as an advantage by other similar brands to get an edge over the brand in the highly competitive market. A good copy should employ the use of a slight form of comparison between your brand and the other similar brands in the market; this will be aimed at convincing your target audience why they should choose your brand over the other similar brands offering the same service in the market. Armed with this vital information system you will be able to write a compelling copy that will convince your target audience to patronize your products.
  2. Who is your target audience- every copy is directed at a specific target audience, your copy will be more effective when it is written by you with a full knowledge of who your target audience is. This will involve identifying the demographic orientation of your target audience, there will always be a fraction of the entire group making up your target audience that will respond quickly and positively to your copy by patronizing the brand, your brand will be very successful if you can identify this fraction of people and target them in your copy.
  3. The next step is for you to communicate the importance of your brand to your target audience and how they will directly benefit from their patronage of your brand. This is what every customer will ask themselves in their minds, they will need to be convinced that they will benefit from the brand to make a purchase, this is the information you will communicate to the target audience clearly so they will know how the brand will be beneficial to them. This is where any special promotions or incentives being offered by the brand will also be communicated to the target audience as this will encourage them to patronize the brand, everybody loves getting incentives and freebies from a good brand. Without including too much information in your copy you should be able to focus on your target audience in a manner that will make them feel special and that their interests have absolutely been considered before the copy was written for the brand, putting too much information out there will reduce the air of suspense and the target audience curiosity about the brand will not be effective enough for them to patronize the brand.
  4. Edit your copy- you need to carefully edit your copy to ensure that every important detail has been covered in the copy and only the right information has been used for the copy. The process of editing might be quite lengthy as the draft of the copy will need to be passed through the members of the marketing and branding team before it is approved to be used for the brands copy. The importance of a careful editing of the copy is to avoid any misinformation that will lead to confusion when the target audience is presented with the brands copy.

How to identify the right communication tools

Using the right communication tools will give a higher assurance of a successful marketing campaign, there are very many communication tools available to the marketing team, but not every communication tool will be beneficial to the branding and marketing campaign. The right way to identify the right marketing tools for your brand will be to study your brand and have a good knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, this will be a guide to know the right tools that will be used to sustain the strengths and promote them further and also manage the weaknesses to prevent them for affecting the brand negatively, or reducing their impact on the performance of the

brand in the market. It is also important to know your target audience, a good understanding of your target audience will give you a good guide on how to choose the right managing communication tools that will effectively reach out to your target audience and it will be very easy for them to understand the message you are conveying through your marketing campaign.

Building your branding communication

The process of developing your branding communication is a continuous exercise that will be carried out all through the brands existence. It can only get better, even with that statement as it gets better it is important to keep in mind the value of consistency, consistency will improve the quality perception of your brand, the target audience will be able to identify with your brand when they are constantly faced with the same advertising and branding features every time they receive your branding message. it is widely acknowledged that brands that have shown a high level of consistency in their branding activities have been able to gather a large number of loyal customers to the brand, the reasons for this trend will be that the target audience will develop a strong trust for the brand and this will keep them loyal to a brand they know will always be readily available to meet their needs. This is the confidence that comes from being consistent in your branding strategies. Building a brand communication through physical strategies will have long lasting effects on the target audience, this can be easily seen when the target audience have an actual interaction with the marketing executors, and the materials used for the branding. This can be done in a series of ways, these ways are:

  1. The use of a direct mailing system – this strategy involves the use of cleverly created direct mails that will catch the attention of the customers, these mails can either be advertisements for the brand of they can also contain new information that will push the brands sales in the market. The use of a direct mailing system can also be a means of wishing the customer well during special events like a wedding anniversary, marking their birthdays, and other memorable events. This medium of building the brand communication with the customer will take the relationship between the customer and the brand to a very personal level that will promote a better brand loyalty.
  2. Creating a social caucus of the brand loyalists- brands that have created the opportunities for their customers to form special groups consisting of the brands most loyal customers will create an opportunity for the brand owners to reach out directly and physically to their customers. These arrangements can be done by means of organizing special seminars and leisure meeting where the members of the group get together regularly to discuss the brand and what their expectations are from the brand and how things can be made better.
  3. Always be truthful – being truthful about your brand will eventually win the trust of your customers on a long term basis, the truth will help the customers to make better decisions as regards the brand. It is always better to communicate freely in a flexible manner with the customers this direct communication will draw the target audience closer to the brand.
  4. Be genuinely friendly- initiating a dialogue with your customers will be an amazing experience for the customer, every customer will be thrilled to have a direct conversation with a brand, it will give the customer the opportunity to air their views openly and ask questions that they have on their mind, it also creates a friendship bond knowing the brand is run by friendly minded professionals. There are very many brands that have Facebook accounts, through this account they amass many followers who have liked their brand pages and they often interact with their fans by chatting and liking their pictures. This is very good public relations for the brand. See more about : Unit 33 Data Analysis And Design

The process of building your communication with your target audience is very interesting and enlightening; you will enjoy every part of it and learn a lot too. Give it a shot regularly.

Guide to action

In this chapter, we have touched on very important topics such as the need for you to have a good copy writing work done for your personal brand, and also how you can recognize the best communication tools to be used for your brand to effectively reach your target audience in the right manner and capacity. You should also have a good idea how to get an effective communication plan in motion for the benefit of your brand. Following the instructions in this chapter will lead you to the very highest echelons of the branding industry were you will have a good control of the essential factors that will determine the success of your brand and many other brands that you will be called upon to act a s a consultant for the brands progress.

A good understanding of this chapter will leave you with some very important information you need to push your brand, by doing this you stand the chance of coming across various forms of challenges that will be aimed at strengthening your branding skills and getting better as you efficiently climb up the branding corporate ladder. I have as usual brought up some useful questions that are aimed at refreshing your memory about the information you have just read in this chapter.

Do you know the principles of copywriting?

Having a good idea of what good copy writing is will enable you to always recognize the works done for your brand and how they can be improved on for the best results to be obtained. From the chapter nine, you should know the basic principles that will guide every work that is done under copywriting. If you have any confusions about the principles you can refer to the part in the chapter nine that dealt with these very important principles of copy writing, what you must have in mind when you are undertaking any act of copywriting will be to create a wonderful copy that will be easily sold to your target audience. The copy should be written in a compelling manner that will make sure it is well read and understood in the manner through which your message is passed along to the target audience and your brand will experience a good fortune when the copy is bought and adopted by the target audience.

What you must do is to make the copy compelling enough to sell and you should also ensure that there is no form of plagiarism in your copy; it must be unique and original to your brand for your brand to be successful.

Can you apply the principles of copywriting?

You are actually left with very little options here, if you can get a good and compelling copy you must get it done right, the only way to ensure that your copy will sell is if you apply the principles that will guide the writing of a good copy strictly adhering to the principles every time.

The secret to applying the principles of writing a good copy is to completely understand the principles and how they can make a copy excellent. This is the understanding that will ensure that your copy will sell your brand in a very big way, so take action now and get to know the principles of writing a great copy like the back of your hand, and you will succeed.

How can you use copywriting to promote your brand?

As you already know, when you can get a good copy for your brand, it will sell and this will be a medium through which your brand will become widely known among the target audience. A great copy will push your brand to the heights of success every time; always ensure that you have a great copy for your brand. The process of vetting your copy if it suits your brand can be done by your branding team, which should be a group of hand-picked professionals who will be able to brainstorm the produced copy to understand the concepts that have been used to create it and to identify the ways through which you will be able to use the copy to promote your brand.

With copywriting you can create the notion that the target audience will not hesitate before making their buying decisions. Your copy can be styled in a way that it will create the need to act as quickly as they need to in order to enjoy the benefits of the brand which will be long lasting as it might have been promised in the well written copy.

Can you clearly identify the right communication tools to attract your target audience?

I cannot over emphasize how important it is for you to get this information; you will know the right communication tools to use when you need to attract your target audience by getting a good understanding of your target audience. Once you can completely understand your target audience you should be able to know what they need and their expectations from your brand or the category of brands which your brand falls under that they need to meet their needs. Understanding the needs of the target audience will be a good way of knowing the right communication tools to use when you need to reach out to them. Also a good study of the behavior of your target audience will be essential in finding out the way they respond to the market and every change that is experienced within the immediate markets.

When you use the wrong communication tools to reach out to your target audience in many cases you will miss the mark and this will lead to a miscommunication in the exercise you have carried out. You need to know the right communication tools to use through which you will be able to directly reach out to your target audience. The mistakes can be such that if you have a target audience that is basically internet users with a large percentage always on the internet almost all of their time and you decide to wrongly use the TV as your medium to reach out to your target audience, you will have made a huge mistake that will be very difficult to correct in the long run, so it is best you avoid this mistake.

What is a communications plan?

A communications plan is the strategy that you will find very useful in communicating the appropriate information you need your target audience to know about your brand in the right manner and also in the right amount of volume. With a good communications plan in the marketing planning mix, you will be rest assured that the right message will hit your target audience and they will have the ability to discern your information after going through the phase of quality perception. The right communication plan will also be very useful in guiding your target audience to develop just the right amount of quality perception towards your brand.

There are very many ways you can structure your communication plan, your strategy should be to make your communication plan very unique to your brand, it will be a disaster to copy the communication plan that has been created for another brand as the brands might be different and used for different purposes, so if you randomly adopt the brand communication plan for just any other brand, there will be a catastrophe at the end of the exercise. What you need to do is to reach out to your former results you have already got from you studies of your brand and then you will be able to identify the best ways to create a unique branding communication plan that will work and also a plan communication plan that can be sustained over a very long period of time.

Can you create a communication plan?

At the end of this book you will certainly be able to carry out a majority of the different branding practices that will see your brand becoming a global brand, but at the moment, with the information you have gathered from the chapter, yes you should be able to create a good and sustainable communication plan.

You just have to keep in mind the basic principles that have worked for other big brands all through the years of their existence as these principles will be used to make your own brand a very successful story and it will eventually become a house hold name.

How can you as the leader execute your communication plan?

You acting as the leader of your branding and marketing team, you are saddled with the responsibilities of being the decision maker, there will be definitely meetings and there will be suggestions and other forms of plans put forward for your branding teams plan to create a good communication plan but it will be up to you who is assumed to be the one with the best knowledge of your brand to make the final decision by choosing the strategies that will work for your brands communication plan. It will be your pet project, this means a project you hold dear to your heart, you know best where you expect to see your brand in a few years to come and you know best what you expect from your brand, so you are in the best position to make the choices when creating the communication plan, the decisions that will put the needs of your target audience first above all in a bid to create the right communication plan that will appeal to your target audience needs.

Do you understand the importance of scheduling your communications plan?

The information from the chapter nine has dealt extensively on the importance of breaking down your communication plan in a way that it will follow a well ordered sequence through which the details information will be passed through the right channels to the target audience.

By scheduling your communications plan, you will be able to break down the dissemination of the information for your brand to be communicated to the target audience in a way that they will receive the information properly without any confusion. The gradual release of information in the right order is essential because it will give the assurance that your brand statement and message has been fully understood by your target audience. You should ensure that this is done properly because a wrong scheduling of your brand communication plan can have some negative effects that will eventually backfire on the entire branding project if not handled very well professionally.

How can you build a physical brand communication plan?

Your physical communication plan will include every direct physical activity that you have scheduled to be included in the promotional activities for your brand. The promotional activities will involve your branding team to get into physical interaction with the members of your brand community to share the right and important information that they will need to know in order for them to continue in their brand loyalty.

There are many ways of executing the physical communication plan, I was once approached by two smart looking young men who offered me a new drink they were selling as for of leverage on an already existing brand I knew, the approach was nice and I didn’t hesitate to indulge them and have a taste of the new drink. It was a very nice drink with a great taste, and after I had my fill, they went on to point out facts about the drink that it was specially enhanced to replenish lost calories burnt during work out periods or strenuous exercises and it was also enhanced to promote the facilitation of oxygen through the entire body by the blood as the medium of transportations. These facts were scientifically proven to me and you can guess that I was completely thrilled by these facts and the drink; I walked out of that store whistling with a crate for myself. That is how effective a physical communication plan system can be, it is very expository and the target audience will learn a great deal of information than they usually would have received if they were just to look at the information printed in a magazine or on an advertisement flyer hand bill.

How can you relate your communication plan with your target audience?

In every marketing and branding project, the communication plan is always regarded as the basis on which the entire business plan for the brand will thrive in the market place. This has been the major reason why many big brands have always ensured that they get the communications plan right from the start as any mistakes in this phase will be very bad for the brand, the damage that will be suffered by the brand will be very hard to repair hence, as they say- prevention is always better than having to find a cure.

One thing you must note is that the target audience always loves a branding promotion; this means that they will always be thrilled any time there is an activity to get them the benefits of a branding promotion especially when it is for a brand they are already infatuated with. The best way to relate your communication plan with your target audience will be to create a system that will effectively tailor your communications plan to directly meet the needs of your target audience. It is easy to understand why the target audience are self-centered, they think little of any other thing than their own satisfaction, and you can leverage on this fact to give them exactly what they need in services and products form the brand, once they are fully aware of this through the communication plan for the brand, they will not hesitate to spend their money to secure these services.

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