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Tell Your Core Branding Story

Your core branding story is your means through which you will express the value the brand stands for, through your core branding story, the target audience will be able to develop the needed perception of quality that will make them want to patronize the brand. It is the story that will take the target audience through your brand with highlights on the positive angles such as the advantages to your target audience and how easy it will be to derive these advantages from the brand keeping in mind that they are getting the best quality while patronizing your brand.

To tell your core branding story, you will have to develop a compelling brand statement and a great brand profile which will support the core branding story you need your target audience to know. Crating your core branding story will be done in phases, this will ensure the story completely captures every aspect of your brand you need your target audience to be fully aware of, the stages in creating your core branding story are:

  1. Identifying the basic points that will be used to introduce your core branding story in a captivating way to your target audience. Visit Now : BTEC HND in Business Assignment
  2. It will be smart to consider the message that your core branding story will be passing on to your target audience. It should be a message of encouragement and informative, but should have a very friendly undertone to it at all times, it should also be very engaging to keep the attention of the target audience at the receiving end of your core branding story.
  3. The target audience should be guided and assisted in the best professional manner in a way that they will absolutely understand the message you are conveying through your core branding story.

Your core branding story will convince the target audience of the dedication that the marketing and brand management team have put into ensuring that the brand will meet their needs in the most satisfactory way.

What is a personal Brand Statement?

A personal brand statement is a statement that communicates to the readers’very clear and precise information about your useful qualities and features and how you will be able to use these advantages to serve the target audience reading your personal brand statement.

There have been many creative models proposed to create a captivating personal brand statement, but they all basically will be structured to communicate the same message to the target audience. Your personal brand statement is usually your first and most important chance to create the right first impression you need the target audience to think of you, the personal brand statement should make such a remarkable impression on the minds of the target audience in such a way that they will always remember your brand and support your brand by their patronage. There is hardly a second chance to make a good and remarkable first impression; this means that your personal brand statement must be very good because it will be the image you have chosen to present to the public; it is how your brand will be perceived and accepted everywhere it is found. Many people that make up your target audience will memories your personal brand statement and use it as a reminder whenever they need to make any form of references about your brand to their friends and family and also on the various social media platforms which will be seen by very many other users.

Brand Profile

The brand profile is simply a clear description of your brand. The profile of your brand will be a strong determinant on how your brand is positioned for success. The brand profile must be created in a way that it captures every aspect of your business while highlighting the important information you need your target audience to be aware of. There are many ways through which the brand profile can be used to increase the perception of quality and a belief that the brand will meet the needs of the users, it basically comes down to ensuring you have drafted the right message which you need your target audience to know and ensuring that it is put out in a way that is very easy to read and understand without the target audience having to get confused in which case there will be nobody available to explain the issues with your brand profile that has caused that confusion for them.

Crafting your Brand Statement

The realism that the Brand statement is very crucial to the success of the brand makes it important to ensure that it is created and structured in the most professional manner following the guidelines from marketing principle and branding. The first factor that should be put into consideration is the level of consistency you incorporate into your brand statement. You should be consistent in the information you put in and there should be relevancy to the brand in every area of your brand statement.

Guidelines to crafting your brand statement

  1. The brand statement is a product of long periods of research and studies to determine the right information that will be contained in the brand statement. You will have to clearly identify your goals and your mission before you start crafting out your brand statement. This information should be written down and further analyzed to ensure the information is in order the way you want your brand to be perceived.
  2. Highlight the best features of the brand, this refers to those features that will attract the target audience and keep their attention long enough for the right message to be passed along to the target audience. At this point it should be noted that the information must be accurate to avoid any form of misleading the target audience in a way that they might be confused about the features and the actual use of the brand.
  3. Crafting the brand statement- this can be done in parts that will be combined to form the actual brand statement. Each part will be used to highlight the information you need the target audience to know about your brand.

The three areas which are your brand statement, your core branding story and the brand profile can be used to promote your personal and professional development as concerns your expectations from your brand and how you will meet these expectations with the available resources you have. They can be used to put out the message you need to be out there and create the right amount of awareness needed for your brand to become very successful. The importance of getting them right is crucial to the success of your brand, the best and most experienced members of your branding and marketing team must be included in these exercises as they will be very useful in combining their knowledge and past experiences to create the perfect brand statement, core branding story and the most appropriate brand profile for your brand.

Take action now!

This has been a very revealing chapter that has given you information about branding and the right formula through which your own branding story can be told, also highlighting the importance of your brand statement and how you can use your understanding of your target audience to create a god brand statement that will catch the target audience and support the promotion of your brand.

Now it is the time to take action, by following the principles you have read in this chapter, you will be able to further create a solid basis through which your brand will grow and blossom into the great world class brand that you need it to be. Planning precedes action, the success of every action depends on the intensity of the plans that went on in the background, you have to always have a good plan ready for every turn of events, this will mean you should be thinking on your toes at all times ready for every challenges. Many CEOS have been able to create a system where they are only bothered with the real stuff as concerns their brands; they need to see the figures which will indicate the profits and revenue margins as well as the expenses incurred as running and operational costs. They have created institutions that have think tanks that have the responsibility of thinking about the progress of the brand. These ideas are presented in very organized group meetings and the CEO who has the overall focus, the real owner of the dream that has become manifested into a brand will access these ideas and ultimately make a choice of the idea he thinks will be best suited to the immense success of the brand. You can do this too and you will get away with it very successfully if you have done it right.

The following questions I have drawn up will be focused on what you have studied in this chapter and they will test your ability to give the ready answers that will conveniently provide the best solutions for the issues raised.

Do you believe your core branding story?

This is a short question that needs an honest answer, if you answer this question positively then you can go right ahead with your plans. However if your answer is not positive or convincing enough, there is no cause for alarm, in fact you should be happy that you have found this out at the early stages of your brand development. What you must do at this point is to have a reassessment of your core branding story, go back to the very beginning, create the storyline you want and then develop your core branding story in the way you have always wanted it deep in your heart. As a sales man, you need to have a very strong conviction in what you are selling, you need to believe your story absolutely there should be no sort of confusion what so ever about your core branding story so that when you are telling it, it comes out as a compelling story that will reach out to your target audience and create the desired reaction you need from your target audience. This will be a perfect time for you to reevaluate your values and the values you wish to become identified with your brands success. Your core branding story will buttress your core values and present them in a way that your mission for the brand will be believed by every member of your target audience. Read more about : Unit 22 Office Solutions Development

How effectively can you make personal and professional decisions concerning your brand?

As a leader, you will be often required to make very quick decisions concerning your brand and your values. There might be times when you will have to compromise some of your beliefs for the satisfaction for your brand community to be delivered, this is totally allowed. What is important is that you will not shy away from every form of decision making and you will always ensure that your decisions have been made in the most professional manner after all the necessary considerations have been made.

Considering a situation where there have to be some form of experiments carried out and research in order to get the results that will determine the decisions to be made, this can be a more careful method through which your decisions will be made based on facts that have been proven by various methods involving experiments and research. You will have the facts right in front of your eyes and it will be entirely your decision either to take these facts as they have been presented or you make other decisions, but the effects on the brand will be as good as the decisions that have been taken.

From this I urge you to nurture confidence in decision making, try to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible that you can get to make good decisions. These opportunities can present themselves as you are climbing up the corporate ladder in your branding career. Your mistakes will only be a strong indication that you are learning as your will know that it is only very rare to make the same mistake twice especially in the branding field where any mistakes that are made become very obvious as it will manifest in the entire branding campaign that is being undertaken at that time.

How will you create your brand statement?

I wish I could get to know your answers to this question somehow, but I know I will be thrilled with what you will tell me. Your brand statement will ultimately express your goals and every other achievement you hope to get from your brand. When you are given the opportunity to write your brand statement in many cases you will not get it right once, you might need some sheets of paper with which you will try out different brand statements until you can settle for the perfect statement that will project your goals and vision for your brand. Looking at many global brands you will discover that there are many brand statements that have been in existence from the inception of the brand and all through the lifetime of the brand, this is exactly what you should have in mind when you are writing your brand statement. It should be bold and confident, clearly indicating the messages and the points you need to get across to your brand community and your target audience.

Here is a thought, you can be boastful, a very confident sounding brand stamen will echo for hours until the message is finally understood. You can be boastful about your goals and your vision for your brand; if you plan to use this strategy then you have to have an almost perfect understanding of your brand and your ideas for the present and the future of your brand. Many brand statement shave used this idea ad it has worked for the brand, the brand statements have boasted of achievements and feats that no other competition will be able to attain all through the lifetime of the brand. This can have a positive effect on the target audience who will be taken by the amount of confidence expressed in the brand statement indicating clearly that the brand without a big effort can meet the needs of the target audience. The majority of brands that use this method are usually strong alcoholic drinks that throw out a challenge calling out all the real men to come and have a test of how strong they really are by trying the brand. You will be sure to know that this challenge will be taken and the “real men” will show up to know what the brand of alcoholic drink is truly about.

Your brand statement can either be fashioned to buttress your personal brand or your corporate brand. As we all know, everybody is given the opportunity to express their personal brands as they have the knowledge and education to do this. Your brand statement about your personal brand will be created in a way that if flatters your strengths immeasurably and compliments every attribute about your profession and achievements that need to be put out there for your target audience to see. We have discussed about your personal brand reputation earlier in the beginning parts of this book, so you will have a good idea what I am talking about when it comes to relating your brand statement to the nature of your already existing reputation both in and outside your fields of operation.

Take it one step at time, ensure that you fully understand what is expected of you as for your brand statement and make it the best brand statement you have every read, I believe in you.

How will you sell your brand statement?

I can confidently say that you will enjoy doing this, you will be able to sell your brand statement to your target audience through many e-commerce strategies and methods, but the basic idea I need you to know that will be the winning edge for your branding campaign is that your brand statement should leave the target audience with a strong sense of curiosity that will force them to take the bold step to know more about your brand, it should be well crafted in a manner that is suitable to sell your brand. The target audience and every other group or category of people who see your brand statement should become interested in knowing more. The need to satisfy this curiosity will be the buying decision they will make at the end of the day much to your happiness. Creating this air of curiosity will require professional expertise, the information will be subtle and the message clear enough to keep the target audience guessing until they eventually patronize the brand. This strategy has been used in many branding campaigns and the success rate is really impressive, the good part about this strategy is that there is hardly any limit to how it can be used by you or your branding team. The essence of the strategy thought should not be abused wrongly, and I will also advice that whatever means you have used to create the curiosity, you have to ensure that when your target audience start searching for the missing link to satisfy their curiosity, they should like what they will find at the end of the tunnel, in other words, your brand must fulfill its end of the bargain by providing the needed satisfaction that the target audience will get in return for their patronage. The air of curiosity you will create will eventually become your unique selling point and this must be effectively used to your brands advantage in every possible way.

Your understanding of the dynamics of customer experience when it comes to branding will be a good knowledge that you will be able to use to create the brand statement that will push you brand to the heights of success you need it to be. I urge you to think outside the box always, never become intimidated by the bigger brands, a good majority of the big brand shave very humble beginnings, and they are only as big as they are now because the brand owners did what you are about to do, they never gave up on their dreams, they gathered as much information as they could get about their branding career and they were able to successfully shape their brands into the models they needed for the brands to become globally recognized.

Can you relate your brand story with your target audience?

I was once in a position where I needed a job to be done, I was at a loss as to which company I could give this task to, I needed a company that will give me the undeniable promise of support, consistency and a good quality service. I had to take action so I conducted a little search on the internet and the results came up for the brands that could offer me this service. I went a step further to visit their websites to understand what they were selling and to know how they will be able to give me the service I require and this is when I was faced with the task of reading through the different brand statements. I had a choice to make from seven firms that could offer me this service, at least this was what they suggested from their websites, so I had to start reading through the brand statements, what was I looking for? I was looking for the brand statement that I could relate with, I needed a brand statement that I will be able to use and run with when I think about my project at night and convince myself that it was in the best hands at that very moment. Getting to the last of the brand statements I curiously noticed a similar trend in some of the brand statements, they did not put the customer in the picture, it was basically about them and what they could do, not like this is a bad way to create a brand statement but I needed to know I was recognized as the customer and my interests will be the topmost agenda during the execution of the research project. I finally found a brand statement that looked good. It addressed the customers while it clearly indicated how the brand will be very well suited to meet my needs. I made some further investigations and made some phone calls, the reception I got on the phone was simply professional, I was happy I had made the right choice. The end of the story is that I got a great service and I used their services over and over again whenever I needed them to help me out. I hope you have understood the reason for this story, there are many other customers out there that will easily conduct a little research to investigate and find out a good brand to use for their needs, the manner in which you have presented your brand to relate with the target audience will become a strong factor that will determine the chances of you getting the job or not.

Do you understand the concept of building a good brand profile?

Just like the question above, you need a solid brand profile, you must ensure that your brand profile is water tight and it will pass every test the target audience puts it through. Profiling your brand will be very easy when you have fully understood your brand and everything you need to get from your brand. The packaging is what matters it is what attracts and holds the attention of the target audience. If you have read the chapter carefully you will have a flood of ideas running through your mind at the moment about the different ways through which you can create a very good profile for your brand. Following the basic ethics that will guide a good brand profile you should be able to create your personal brand profile in the way that it will give the target audience a very notable first impression when they read through your brand profile.

What you can do immediately is to identify your dream for your brand and start profiling it from now, this is an activity you can do even while you are still studying. This way when the opportunity eventually lands in your hands, you will be absolutely ready to create your brand profile. So start now.

Can you sustain your brand profile?

Once you have created your brand profile, you need to immediately start finding out the strategies you will use to sustain your brand profile. The reasons why you will need to sustain your brand profile is because your target audience will need a sustained reason to continue patronizing your brand, your brand profile will become the interlinking medium through which your brand will be identified with and a good relation will become established between your brand and the target audience. You have drafted a wonderful brand profile filled with promise and a good one that recognizes the target audience while clearly indicating how you will support them, so you must ensure that these promises of good service and quality are obtained with every purchase made from your brand.

What you can do now is to identify the aspects of your brand profile and statements that might give you challenges, you should clearly identify these challenges and know what it is that can go wrong at any point in time, then once you have understood the risk factors facing your brand, you can easily make the necessary arrangements to ensure that they do not have a lasting negative effect on your brand if you cannot avoid the situations from occurring. This will be done using very good damage control procedures for branding and other marketing activities.

Can you use your brand statement to drive your brand profile?

The answer to this is yes, you absolutely can, and form the chapter you have just read, and there are many ideas through which you can effectively achieve this process. Your brand statement will bea good direction to your target audience to understand your brand profile.

I will encourage you to fully understand the basic concepts that you have read in this chapter before proceeding to the next chapter. What you will understand from branding is that the topics complement each other; a good understanding is what you need to fully comprehend what you need to know about branding.

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