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Master’s Degree in English Language from Victoria University
I have a good knowledge of editing and proofreading news stories.
Professional Experience
Worked as a Lifestyle Sub Editor in The Australian, country’s leading national news brand. My responsibilities were creating catchy headlines and according to that developing, and editing news stories, review stories for any type of spelling, grammatical and factual errors; rewrite the content as necessary, according to the newspaper’s house writing style; checking up with reporters on any queries, designing and layout of the, cropping pictures and creating captions for them.Currently, I am working as an online tutor and helping students in learning essay work and writing related projects and assignments. As I hold 5 years of  in online tutoring, help students in proofreading every document, assignment work and writing projects.
Professional Skills
Excellent communication, writing and research skills, I am able to adapt various writing styles which suit the publication, good general knowledge and good observation of world activities.
I enjoy playing paintball. Also, Swimming and Cycling is one of my passions.
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1: Questions: –Eia assignment
Description: – Prepare a report to Council that: a)Defines (eg list) what information is required for an effective environmental impact study (EIS) of this proposal to be undertaken b Explains why that information is required and lastly c)Describes how the information will be used in evaluating the consequences of the proposal. With your planning team you will develop your report to Council via your PLANNING TEAM WIKI. Your planning team wiki will close from editing on 7th September after which your manager will be reviewing your work. Report structure, content and format Define what information is needed for the EIS, covering all relevant aspects. Bearing in mind that any EIS has to tell a coherent story to the decision-makers, define what environmental and social information must be collected in order to provide the required information. Environmental assessment/inventories in various habitats are obvious, but are only a start. Ensure that your report considers the design & construction and operational aspects, such as the effect of the discharged effluent etc. State why the information identified above is needed and how it will be used in evaluating the effects of the proposal. This section of the report is important and should not be missed or done superficially. To best inform your Manager you need, for each item of information required, to first provide the definition, then the reasons why it is needed and how it would be used in an EIA.
2: Questions: –Methods of Environmental Research
Description: – The subject name is Methods of Environmental Research. In the topic section, I mention the module name, under this module I have the assignment.I do not know the title of the assignment till now, I will get that idea after 10th Dec,2012.
3: Questions: –Photovoltaic Energy meets energy needs in UAE
Description: – I need a first draft by tomorrow
4: Questions: –Environmental Management – Pollution Monitoring
Description: – A.Describe the impacts of global warming on natural ecosystems in a country of your choice. b. Control of greenhouse gas emissions will require a global approach. Critically evaluate the approach adopted to the control of greenhouse gas emissions in a developed and a developing country of your choice.
5: Questions: –See the Requirment column
Description: – How CRM is useful for customers
6: Questions: –Socio-cultural issues in urban regeneration in Nigerian cities, a case study of badia in Lagos State
Description: – Your proposal should do a number of things: 1. confirm the topic you want to investigate, and say why it deserves further investigation; 2. give a brief review of existing (research-based and/or policy-base and/or theoretical) literature on the topic; 3. indicate the aims of your study (usually making reference to a question you are going to try to answer); 4. explain the strategy you propose to adopt to accomplish your research aim(s), and briefly discuss the specific methods of investigation you intend to use; 5. comment on any significant ethical or practical considerations that have had to be taken into account; 6. indicate the programme of work (including a timetable) that will need to be undertaken to do the necessary research and complete the dissertation; 7. contain a completed copy of the risk assessment form and the ethical review checklist that have been discussed with and signed by your dissertation supervisor. (Copies of the risk assessment and ethical review forms are the Appendix. They can also be found on the module web page in Blackboard.) The proposal should be between 2000 and 3000 words in length. The proposal is an extremely important part of the dissertation process. It is the point at which major problems can be picked up in time for them to be resolved. NOTE: The dissertation proposal: If you do not submit a satisfactory proposal it is possible you will not be permitted to submit your dissertation. Criteria for submitting a satisfactory dissertation proposal A satisfactory proposal will be expected to demonstrate: 1. A capacity to formulate appropriate research aims or questions, with reference to previous academic (and, if relevant, professional) literature, and to some relevant conceptual distinctions; 2. An appreciation of the relevance of alternative methods for investigating the chosen research problem; 3. A capacity to assess the impact of practical and ethical considerations on the conduct of research, and to plan a strategy for answering a research question within time and resource constraints; 4. A sound understanding of the nature and content of a research proposal; 5. Good use of language, clear presentation and accurate referencing using the Harvard system.
7: Questions: –Nutrition-Phytochemicals
Description: – You will be learning about vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) over a 2 week span. Remember phytochemicals from the Controversy section of chapter 2? They are not vitamins, because we can live without them, but they help vitamins and minerals function in critical ways. Foods contain thousands of phytochemicals. This is one reason food is much more nutritious than relying on supplements. For this assignment pick 2 foods—a fruit, a vegetable, or a nut–not selected by any other class member and report on them. You must pick 1 food from each category—you can have a fruit and a nut, or a vegetable and a fruit, but not 2 fruits for instance. For each food, list its phytochemicals, and write one short paragraph on 3 of them. (It’s fine if you discuss more than 3, but you don’t have to.) State the health benefits of each phytochemical, and explain why it improves health. For example, if a phytochemical reduces inflammation, explain why inflammation can be harmful. Explain uncommon terms, to show you understand the information. You will run across unfamiliar terms. Post words you don’t understand in this discussion area, and I will explain them (Monday thru Friday). That way everyone can benefit. Also use the Help file – phytochemicals in Week 7 in the Content area. The usual submission process applies–Post your “reports” here in this discussion area. You may “reserve” 2 foods in this discussion area–just put them in the subject line. Later, when you are ready to post your info, open your post, click “Edit Message” and add your written paragraphs. Time saver: Use your text. The controversy following chapter 2 is a good starting point for many foods. Use reliable internet sources. Commercial web sources based in the United States or Europe are permissible. (An example is Dole 5-a-Day) Do NOT use the USDA database. Information there is not useful for this assignment. Wikipedia is permissible as a source, but please list the author if available. If you cite Wikipedia, list the sources given by the Wikipedia author as that author’s sources, and not yours. Cite websites in this format (see Example right below). This is the correct format for a site maintained by a corporation, when the author is not provided. For simplicity sake, please use this format for all websites. Name of article Date article was written if provided Date you retrieved article Name of website Exact urls of pages used, so I can go directly to them when grading your paper. If I don’t see your food on the web page you provide, your paper will not be graded. Example: The Roddenberry legacy of human potential: If only, if only. (2007, October 24). Retrieved January 7, 2009, from Star Trek Official Site website: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/editorials/article/2310913.html A Caution sign Caution: Sometimes students get so enthused about their healthy foods, they forget the assignment is about phytochemicals only. Do not discuss vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, or carbohydrates–only phytochemicals. Do not list beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A. Hints for stress reduction: Some sources list a few phytochemicals in a food, others are more thorough. Check a few sources to get a reasonable picture, but don’t worry that you have every single known phytochemical. I do expect you to include all phytochemicals listed in the text for a food. (For a very few foods, after excluding beta-carotene only 1 or 2 phytochemicals are known. If you choose one of those, you will have to start over.) Explanations won’t be available for every phytochemical’s function. Information is more available for some foods than others. I will be mindful of all this when I grade your post. Grading criteria for this assignment: (Reminder: Writing standards specified in the syllabus apply. Material should be expressed in your own words–cutting and pasting is plagiarism, and will result in a score of 0.) 3 pts – Thorough listing of phytochemicals + source citation 5 pts – Clear explanation of health benefits of each phytochemical 2 pts – Thorough and clear explanation of terms used 10 points total for each food Enjoy your research, and eat well. Objective of this assignment: To learn the value of eating foods, and one limitation of supplements.
8: Questions: –Research question
Description: – I need research question only and after i get approval for it i will make onther order for a case study for this question   i need you please to write a research question about any envirnmental management for example solid waste policy in india. after that i will ask you to write a case study about this question. if u have any inquiry let me know please. thanks
9: Questions: –What is planning
Description: – Dear Writer This assignment contects of 10 parts each part has one refernce, If YOU go to Hamed file thats how the structure of this assignment. I uploaded one of the refernce please write about that book( Healey 2010)
10: Questions: –Report on portable drinking supply
Description: – I will scan some theory and notes from my lecturer once I get email confirming that some one do Cheap assignment to provide further details
11: Questions: –Religion
Description: – Assignment
12: Questions: –Env
Description: – As attached
13: Questions: –GE
Description: – I NEED to rewrite Cheap assignment without changing the meaning ( paraphrase only ). thanks
14: Questions: –In Dairy system
Description: – Outline: For one aspect of dairy production systems, write a detailed literature review on the topic. Your review should summarise why the issue is important to the Australian dairy industry, what is currently know about the is sue, what is not know, and what you think are the priority areas for research and/or implementation on farm. Word limit : 2,500 words (plus references). examples of topics include ( feel free to choice one of the only): •Reproduction efficiency of dairy cattle •Review of management for a specific animal health issue •Greenhouse gas emissions from dairy production systems •Forage options for dairy systems •Nutrient use efficiency on dairy farms •Use of milk shed technology on dairy farms (eg automatic milking systems) •Animal breeding objectives for dairy •Plant breeding objectives for dairy The following criteria will be used to assess this assignment: 1. The relevance of the topic to the dairy industry is clearly explained. 2. Relevant literature has been comprehensively covered. 3. The arguments presented are evidence-based. 4. The document has a logical structure. 5. General presentation: the writing is clear and concise, Figures and Tables used are numbered and cited in the text, and a consistent referencing style is used.
15: Questions: –Assignment 1- oceanography
Description: – There are 4Q two have data that i can upload, i need to q answered where the answers show how they are calculated. dont need references. if its unable to be done today before 3:30pm (i have work and need to hand it in early) I can hand it in late by monday 15th am.Please advise if the assignment can be done correctly as i have used a site like this before which guarenteed 75% min grade and i got 5% and how much it will cost. for some reason the file wont allow me to add all three docs.